48 Bargain Finds On Amazon You'll Use Again & Again

Sometimes when you see a price tag that's super low, it makes you think twice about the item's effectiveness and quality — and that's justified. Everyone gets a dud sometimes, but not here: These bargain finds on Amazon are so useful, you'll find yourself reaching for them over and over again.

Take this laptop sleeve, for example: It has three layers of protection to ensure that your computer is well-guarded, and it's lined with microfiber fleece for further insurance against scratches. Plus, it has pockets both on the inside and on the outside for the rest of your stuff. The best part? Even with all these features, it comes in at just $15 — and despite the price, it has shockingly high ratings, too.

Commuter accessories not your cup of tea? No problem; this list truly has a bit of everything, like beauty favorites, kitchen gadgets, organizational must-haves, and genius tech items. Take a look at this portable solar charger that's ideal for use on the trail and at the campsite — but it's also a life-saver for emergencies and daily use. Just give it a little sun, and you'll never again be without power for your smartphone and other important devices.

Basically, this list is a smorgasbord for the budget-conscious shopper. It spans every category, but this list delivers one additional thing that you don't see pictured: Savings, so you can buy yourself a little something extra. Enjoy!

Healing Elements From A Trusted Name In Natural Skincare

A treat from Burt's Bees is always welcome, and this full-featured set is no exception. Designed to offer moisture and healing from fingers to toes, it includes lip balm, two hand creams, a hand salve, a cuticle cream, and a foot cream. Each item in the set is crafted from all-natural ingredients including beeswax, vitamin E, and botanical oils. It even comes in an attractive box for gifting.

This Insulating Lunch Bag That Looks Like A Stylish Tote

Lightweight and portable, this bag draws rave reviews for its huge capacity: It's roomy enough to carry 10 standard-size soda cans, so it's more than large enough to carry lunch, drinks, and a water bottle. Crafted from all BPA-free materials, the interior uses food-grade aluminum foil that provides an insulating component while also wiping clean — and it comes in over a dozen fashionable designs.

These Pocket Storage Units For Over-The-Door Organization

Made with three large pockets designed to hold a wide array of stuff, these over-the-door organizers are great for keeping clutter to a minimum. Crafted from stiff linen cotton fabric that maintains its shape even when not loaded, the pockets are also waterproof to ensure that their contents stay in good shape. Use them in the bathroom, closet, or bedroom.

This Colorful Wallet With RFID-Blocking Technology

I'll never forget the day I was given my first business card holder ... I felt like such an adult. This wallet is designed to hold not only business cards, but also credit cards, debit cards, and IDs. With its choice of bright colors in sturdy leather, this one is both attractive and durable. The big news, however, is that it incorporates RFID protection, so your sensitive personal information won't be susceptible to hackers.

A Specialized Cross-Body Purse For Your Phone

With two straps (including one long version), this purse can easily be worn as a cross-body, so it ensures that your smartphone is right by your side. The plastic cover is also touchscreen-friendly for emails, texts, calls — and even playing Pokémon Go, according to one reviewer. Meanwhile, the front pocket is designed to hold all the essentials, like cash, cards, keys, and even a lipstick. Get it in six colors.

This Multi-Functional Laptop Sleeve That's Built To Last

I'll tell you my dirty little secret: I carry my laptop loose in a big tote bag, vulnerable to spills, scratches, and environmental damage. Or at least I did, until I ran across this laptop pocket. Its three-layer design includes a center sponge layer for padding and an inner layer of microfiber fleece to prevent scratching. It also has a separate pocket for a notebook, not to mention the three exterior pockets for charging cords, earbuds, and your phone — or whatever else you need.

The Egg-Cup Shaped Gadget To Hold Your Favorite Beauty Tool

Shaped like an egg cup, this device has a very particular function: It's designed to hold your makeup sponge so that it's dry, clean, and at the ready next time you need it. Crafted from stainless steel, these holders are highly durable and don't leach out anything into your sponges.

This Water Bottle Carrier For Hands-Free Hydration

Available in a range of styles, this water bottle carrier is fashioned from neoprene that's lightweight and designed to accommodate a wide variety of bottles. The carrier can be worn as a cross-body or over the shoulder, so it's great for use during sports, hiking, camping, and the like. It's even washable for easy clean up, too.

The Inflatable Travel Pillow That Goes From Compact To Supportive

Coming in at just 230 grams in a package no bigger than your smartphone, this travel pillow inflates in seconds to provide superior head and neck support with its ergonomic design. It's crafted from ultra-strong PVC that's accompanied by a soft, brushable, washable velvet cover, and it inflates through the use of the built-in air pump — no blowing-up necessary.

This Rechargeable, Burn-Preventing Lighter For Candles

Lighting candles can sometimes be a real chore, given traditional lighters' inability to bend. The solution for this problem? This flexible arc lighter, which bends to reach into the candle. Lighting via plasma pulses, this device offers up to 350 lights on one charge, then recharges for nearly infinite usage via a standard USB port. It contains a flashlight, too, for use outdoors after dark.

These Insulated Tumblers With All The Best Features

Crafted from food-grade stainless steel and designed with vacuum insulation technology, these cups are both sturdy and attractive — and their sweat-resistant powder coating is available in more than a dozen colors. Cold beverages remain cold and hot beverages remain hot (since the cups retain temperature for 24 hours), and they come fitted with removable sliding lids to help prevent spillage. You even get four dishwasher-safe stainless steel straws and a cleaning brush.

A Full-Featured Set Of Makeup Brushes

Made with cruelty-free synthetic fibers that won't shed, this makeup brush set features a remarkable 24 pieces — one for every beauty need. Finished with champagne-colored wood handles and a chrome ferrule for a real upmarket look, these brushes even come with their own case for easy storage.

These Glittery Bags For Both Errands & Gift-Giving

In the move to more Earth-friendly materials, these tote bags are a glamorous choice. Their coated non-woven construction is far more durable than even the strongest store bags, so they're great for errands and shopping trips — or use them for gift-giving. The glossy body sparkles and shines, and the convenient handles mean they're designed for reuse, so it's almost like you're giving a gift packaged in a gift.

A Pair Of Scrub Mittens Designed For Gentle Exfoliation

Crafted from high-quality natural vegetable fibers, these mittens are your best friend in the shower. Not only are they excellent at sloughing and detoxing, they also encourage soap to foam up into a luxurious lather. "Well made...Great price for the nice quality of the mitt," says one five-star reviewer.

An Infusion Bottle For Delicious, Fresh-Tasting Water

Made from shatterproof Tritan plastic, this water bottle has a big difference built right in: It features a core that's designed to accommodate fruits, herbs, and spices so you can flavor your water naturally. The BPA-free bottle also has a handled cap that incorporates a leak-proof silicone seal, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

This AirPods Clip Case For Your Keys

Sure, its a keychain, but to Apple AirPod wearers, it's a safety system, too. This keychain has an AirPod case built right in, and it suits both generation 1 and generation 2. It's available in 19 different colors and it incorporates a large fur pompom so that it's easily distinguishable inside a backpack or a handbag.

Keep Hands Safe While Using The Stove Or Grill Thanks To These Gloves

Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees thanks to their silicone construction, these oven mitts protect hands whether they're retrieving cookies from a hot oven or flipping burgers over a fiery grill. They also feature a honeycomb design so they're non-slip, and the gloves have a cotton cuff for additional protection.

The Lights Designed To Create Ambience Around Outdoor Umbrellas

These under-umbrella lights make every outdoor gathering a party. Easy to install and battery-powered, the entire assembly is waterproof for worry-free outdoor operation. It comes with a remote that cycles through a variety of settings, and also includes dimming options for added atmosphere.

This Affordable (But Luxury) Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall-style shower heads can be expensive, but you get luxury for less with this shower head that comes in at just $17. It's a full 8 inch-square to cover nearly the entire body at once, and it features silicone nozzles that are self-cleaning, so it's actually less trouble than your conventional shower head. Plus, it installs in just minutes with no tools needed.

These Microfiber Hair Wraps That Dry Quickly Without Breakage

Made from 100 percent microfiber, these towels are designed to gently cradle the hair while it dries — and they're extra absorbent to soak up moisture while minimizing friction and frizz. The towels feature a solid wood button to ensure they stay in place, plus they're machine-washable for easy cleaning.

This Pint-Sized Diffuser That's An Asset To Any Room

Roughly the size of a standard smartphone, this diffuser packs a lot of functionality into its diminutive body. Designed to disperse essential oils, it also humidifies and serves as a night light with 7 LED colors. Its ultrasonic motor makes for quiet operation, and the unit features an auto shut-off function for safety.

These Bins Are What You Need To Declutter And Organize

Made from reinforced, mold-proof non-woven fabric, these boxes will make short work of even the messiest drawers. The set includes two large boxes for dress shirts, t-shirts, and bras, two medium boxes ideal for underwear and heavy woolen tights, and two small boxes for scarves, ties, and socks.

This Cloth That Helps You Clean Better With Just Water

Thanks to its contaminant-trapping fabric and non-scratch scrub corner, this cloth is made to eliminate everything — including dust, grease, fingerprints, spills, bacteria, mold, and pollen — using only water. It keeps your house cleaner without the use of potentially harmful chemicals, and it's almost infinitely reusable, so it's a terrific addition to your eco-friendly cleaning kit.

These Trigger Point Balls For A Soothing, Rejuvenating Massage

With three pieces to ensure the widest range of relaxation possible, this massage set includes a large and medium ball with textured nubs and a standard lacrosse ball. The firm "porcupine" balls are designed to offer trigger-point massage when placed under a foot, shoulder, hip, or any aching body part, while the lacrosse ball is a time-honored tool for self-administering deep tissue massage across the shoulders and under the back.

A Brilliant Desk Lamp With A Flexible Neck & USB Charger

Available in six colors, this desk lamp incorporates bright LEDs that are dimmable by touch —plus a swing-arm neck, which makes it easy to get light exactly where it's needed. It also features a USB port to charge all your devices and it's a real space-saver, too.

This Phone-Charging Device That Keeps Hands Toasty Warm

Not only does this palm-sized device keep hands toasty warm, but it's also a portable power bank to keep electronics topped up on the go. Available in three colors, it heats up within seconds and features three settings to provide just the warmth you want. The large capacity can fully power most mainstream devices on the market, and three indicator lights ensure constant awareness of remaining power level.

This Motion-Activated Toilet Light That Changes Colors

With a flexible arm designed to clip onto any toilet, this light contains a motion sensor that triggers when it detects body heat. It then displays your choice of 16 LED lights or cycles through the lot of them for a disco show while you go. It even incorporates a five-stage dimmer, and it deactivates as soon as it senses you've left the room or a light has been turned on.

This Toothbrush That Delivers Optimal Dental Health For $24

Using ultrasonic vibration to provide 40,000 strokes per minute, this toothbrush is the ultimate weapon against plaque and decay. Multiple modes meet every need, from daily cleaning to caring for sensitive teeth, and the set comes with four replacement brush heads to last for one full year. A specialized head is also included for orthodontic cleaning and accessing hard-to-reach areas.

The Perfect Beanie For Active Music Playback

Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, this beanie is the ideal device for listening to tunes or catching up on the latest podcast — all while your noggin stays toasty warm. You can even take calls, since this hat is equipped with a wireless mic and syncs to any Bluetooth-enabled device. In addition to this fine gray version, it comes in a slouchy black model — and both have a built-in rechargeable battery and operate over an impressive 33-foot range.

This Charging Device That Makes Your Car Bluetooth-Enabled

Sure, this device looks like a dual USB car charger — and it is — but it's also a lot more. The ports automatically sense whether they're charging Apple or Android devices and dispatch power automatically, plus the device acts as a wireless Bluetooth transmitter that can direct your calls, music, and mobile navigation to your car speakers. Finally, it features a hands-free microphone with automatic noise suppression technology.

The Premium Fleece Throw That Comes In A Rainbow Of Colors

Crafted from extra-warm micro-plush polyester, this throw is exactly the soft, fuzzy companion you need when the couch is calling. Thick but lightweight, it's available in 11 colors, and since it's machine-washable, it's the perfect blanket to take along to those chilly outdoor events.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King, Travel
This Clever Gadget That Makes Personalized Popcorn In The Microwave

Who doesn't love controlling the ingredients in their food? This popper is made from shatterproof borosilicate glass and makes 1.5 quarts of corn — while you control the ingredients, seasonings, and servings. It's outfitted with a heat-safe silicone handle and a silicone lid that can also be used to melt butter right down onto the popcorn, but the whole assembly is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

A Set Of Silicone Wine Glasses That Are Great By The Pool Or At The Beach

You'll never have to be without your vino again thanks to these silicone wine glasses. Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, they're the same size as a traditional stemless glass, but they're virtually indestructible — and they're flexible so they fit in your pocket. As a result, they're a terrific substitute for the breakables when you're headed to a picnic, the pool, the beach, or a sporting event.

Get Charged On The Go With This Solar Panel

Thanks to this solar charger, your devices will never again be without power. It requires only five hours of exposure before it can charge two devices simultaneously — and it has multiple USB/micro USB ports for convenience. Finished with a rubberized cover so it's extra durable, waterproof, and dust-proof, this unit is also a flashlight with three modes: normal, SOS, and strobe.

This Phone Mount That Offers Protection On 4 Sides For Steadiness

With quadrilateral protection to ensure steadiness, this phone mount offers unparalleled protection and effortless usability. Designed to be compatible with almost every cell phone, it installs easily on the car vent and maintains a steady viewing angle regardless of twists and turns. Despite that, it releases easily and with one hand when you need it.

Ease Your Aches And Pains With This Tens Unit

Now immediate, customizable pain-relief is available for $30. This tens unit delivers healing electric stimulation wherever it hurts. It has five programmed massage settings administered via its electrodes, and within each program, intensity settings can be adjusted from one to 10 depending on the level of relief you need. Best of all, reviewers can't stop raving about it.

The Pillow That Makes Relaxing In The Bath That Much Better

With deluxe back and neck support, this bath pillow is designed to make every bath a real spa experience. It's structured in two joined pieces: a roll to cradle your neck in comfort and a rounded-off square that cushions your back. Best of all, it's crafted from a special mesh material that's resistant to mildew and held in place with ultra-strong suction cups.

These Stylish Diffusers That Clip Onto Your Car Vents

These vent-mounted diffusers contain felt pads that are ready to be scented with your favorite essential oils. With 12 pads to choose from, you can customize your diffusers for the season or match them to your car decor. Finally, the sturdy stainless steel cases have a magnetic closure, so they're easy to switch.

39.This Collapsible Colander With Multiple Uses

Designed to fold flat for easy storage, this colander spans the sink for rinsing produce and straining pasta — but those with cramped kitchens also use it as a temporary dish drain. With a body made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone that's heat-resistant to over 150 degrees, it's a versatile workhorse in the kitchen. It has all the bells and whistles, too, like expandable handles so it fits any sink and non-slip engineering on every surface.

This Pour-Over Pot That Brews The Tastiest Coffee

Combining a shatterproof borosilicate glass carafe with a stainless steel dual mesh filter, this brew-through coffeepot might very well deliver your best cup of coffee yet. Just load the filter with grounds, then pour hot water slowly over them. Enthusiasts maintain that this manual brewing method is the best way to get a delicious, bold cup of coffee tailored to your particular tastes.

This Hands-Free Phone Case For Work — Or Working Out

With a range of sizes that are suitable for most Apple and Android smartphones, this arm-band-style case is great for phone-use on the go. Its expandable armband fits most arms and buckles in tightly to prevent slippage, while the clear, waterproof polyurethane permits the use of the touch-screen. The band even incorporates a key pocket as well as a cord holder to keep headphones from getting tangled.

This Kitchen Tool Set For Grillers, Boaters, & Campers

All packaged up into a woven cotton pack, this kitchen set is inclusive of everything you need for grilling, camping, and boating. The set includes a cutting board, rice paddle, tongs, scissors, a knife, and a bottle opener — what more do you need when you're cooking on the fly? The case is even waterproof to protect its contents.

This Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet For $19

I have three cast iron skillets, all of which were handed down to me — and I'm still yearning for this model, which comes pre-seasoned and ready to go. The bottom is thick to retain heat and spread it around evenly, and the design is also complemented by a helper handle and a pouring lip.

This Three-Tier Salt Box Is Made For Smart Seasoning

Crafted from pure bamboo, this three-tier salt box is almost sculptural in its construction — but it's still extremely practical. Small magnets ensure that the sections stay fully closed when not in use, and it's ideal for all types of salts, herbs, and seasonings so your essential ingredients are always within reach.

Easily View Your Smartphone Or Tablet With This Stand

Made from strong and stable aluminum, this stand is compatible with most smartphones and tablets thanks to its durable, solid construction. It features silicone padding on the arms and back of the stand, as well as a silicone anti-skid pad on the bottom. Available in five colors, there's one for everyone in your household.

This Portable Speaker That Projects Big-Time Sound

Ensconced in a frame that's just 3 inches around, this speaker delivers HD-quality sound with a boosted bass. Designed for wireless operation with any Bluetooth device, it also supports use with a 3.4-millimeter aux cable or a high-capacity TF card. It even features a high-powered battery that recharges via the included standard micro-USB cable.

The Tiny Vacuum That's Great For Desks And Car Messes

Battery-powered so it operates without a cord, this sweeper is the perfect size to clean off a desk top, remove crumbs from a tablecloth, or detail a dusty car interior. Even though it's capable of picking up a surprising amount, this unit features a high-quality engine that keeps noise to a minimum as it works. It's available in three fun colors, too.

This Precision Chopper For Quick, Convenient Food-Prep

Handheld and easy to use, this gadget comes from the same folks who made your big food processor, but it chops and minces manually for quick, effortless food prep. Crafted with a stainless steel blade, it features an easy-to-use push-down handle that chops everything from soft herbs to a block of rock-hard Parmesan — and it's dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

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