45 Odd And Brilliant Products On Amazon That'll Be Your New Favorites


In my humble opinion, normality is overrated — especially when it comes to items on Amazon. Sure, you could shop for the same housewares and cosmetics you could easily get in-store — but you could also opt for the weird-as-hell products that are actually genius, and you probably won't find those anywhere else. As someone who does all her shopping online and writes about products for a living, I can assure you that the latter is way more interesting.

In fact, when it comes to hidden gems on Amazon, it's the bizarre, under-the-radar stuff that truly ends up improving your life. I'd never think to type "easy-spread butter knife" or "socks with built-in ice pockets" into the search bar, and yet, these are the types of items that reviewers can no longer live without. They may be weird and unexpected, but whoever invented these things had real, everyday solutions in mind.

So whether you're in the market for some products that'll make your life easier, or you're just one of those people who likes to stay on top of strange trends, these 46 odd but brilliant Amazon products are definitely worth the read-through. According to reviewers, they'll be your new favorites in no time.

This Clip To Create Dual Monitors Using Your Phone Or Tablet

Studies show that dual monitors boost productivity up to 44 percent — but if you don't have the room or the money to invest in a second screen, this IUME side mount clip is the next best thing. It allows you to attach your phone or tablet to the side of your laptop so you can extend your screen or double up on tasks. (It's also great for watching movies or texting while you work.)

A Starter Kit With Everything You Need For DIY Kombucha

Store-bought Kombucha can be $4 a pop at the supermarket, but if you brew your own beneficial bacteria with this starter kit, it comes out to 19 cents a serving — and you can reuse the scoby for future batches, too. It comes with almost everything you need from start to finish, including the tea leaves, cane sugar, ingredients, and testers. Reviewers say it's "super easy" and "tastes delicious."

An "Excellent" Roller Stick For A Deep-Tissue Self-Massage

"I love this new recovery tool," one reviewer raves about the CR-V massage ball stick. They say "the ball is small and dense enough" to produce targeted pressure on hard-to-reach areas, and the handles are "surprisingly sturdy" as well as "lightweight and compact" for a satisfying self-massage wherever you happen to be.

A Brilliantly-Designed Knife That Easily Spreads Cold Butter

No more waiting for the butter to soften — the Simple Spreading butter knife has a serrated edge and a row of tiny slotted holes, which turn the butter into easy-to-spread ribbons. It's made from stainless steel and has an ergonomic design that reviewers write "works very well on hard butter."

This Waterproof Solar Flashlight That Can Also Charge Your Phone

If there are any two things you should definitely have in an emergency, it's a reliable light source and a fully charged cell phone: The Hybridlight journey flashlight takes care of both. This gadget is rechargeable and solar-powered as well waterproof, capable of floating, and incredibly durable. The bright LED runs up to 25 hours on the lowest setting — and it even doubles as a power bank, thanks to the built-in USB port.

This Precision Trimmer To Tackle All Unwanted Facial Hair

The Conair Satiny Smooth precision trimmer comes with four interchangeable heads: a wide blade for full-body trimming, two eyebrow combs for shaping and detailing, and a rounded rotary blade for nose and ear hair. Since it runs on a lithium battery, it's also cordless, portable, and has a longer battery life than most other grooming tools out there.

A Drying Lotion That Aims To Shrink Pimples While You Sleep

Using ingredients like salicylic acid and sulfur, this Bye Bye Blemish lotion aims to exfoliate dead skin, tackle bacteria, and suck the gunk out of a pimple overnight. Just dab some onto the spot using a cotton swab — by morning, reviewers say the blemish will be smaller, less irritated, and nowhere near as painful.

These Gadgets That Are Way "Better Than Trying To Save Your Avocado With Plastic Wrap"

According to past buyers, Evriholder Avo Savers are not only more effective than plastic wrap and tin foil, but they're more eco-friendly, too. After eating one half of your avocado, place the other half flesh-down under the strap. The casing will slow the oxidization process, which will keep your avocado from browning right away. These come in a pack of two, and they're even dishwasher-safe.

This Modern Organizer That Uses Magnets To Hold Your Cables

Made from scratch-resistant, modern-looking materials, this MOS cable organizer uses micro-suction padding and a mounting circle to adhere to the desk or a wall. It then grasps onto your chargers and cords using a magnetic interior, so they're always within reach when you need them. It's available in black, aluminum, or white, and even comes with color-coded magnetic cable ties.

A Pure Magnesium Spray For Cramps, Pain, And Sleep Issues

Magnesium is an essential mineral that's necessary for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body — and if you're deficient, you may experience muscle cramps, restless limbs, or trouble sleeping. Pure Vitality Minerals magnesium spray addresses these issues with its topical, easily-absorbed oil. In fact, reviewers say its effects are "almost unreal" when it comes to lessened tension and an easier time sleeping.

This Healing Cuticle Oil In A Convenient Pen

The solution inside this Bliss Kiss nail oil pen is nourishing and strengthening as well as antibacterial and anti-fungal. As a result, it softens cuticles, promotes nail growth, and tackles infections all in an easy-to-apply brush pen. Hundreds of reviewers report that their toe and fingernails "don't flake anymore," "look so much better," and are now a "nice, healthy color."

An Inflatable Disc Cushion That Promotes Better Posture

Because the Gaiam disc cushion requires that you mindfully engage your muscles — it aims to improve your posture, strengthen your core, and create an active seat that may help with fidgeting and excess energy. It measures 16 inches in diameter, deflates for easy storage and travel, and has reviewers saying that it's the "perfect solution for active sitting in an office setting."

These Adorable Clips That Keep Your Beach Towel In Place

Keep your beach towel securely mounted to the back of your lawn chair using these adorable BocaClips. They come in a set of two and feature a durable, wide-mouth design that fits most chairs — plus, you can get them in various adorable designs, including sea turtles, Disney characters, and slices of pizza.

These Nesting Colanders That Save You Some Serious Cabinet Space

Because you can stack them one inside of another, these BPA-free nesting collanders are space-savvy and easy to store — but they also work alongside each other for various jobs. The white has double-straining slots, the light green has single-straining slots, and the dark green doesn't have any slots at all, so you can soak or strain your ingredients at all different speeds.

The Moisturizing Serum Made From Real Rose Essence

You've probably heard of the many benefits of rose water — but this oil from BREYLEE is concentrated into a serum for even more hydrating, nourishing, and skin-penetrating properties. It's made with real rose essence and essential oil, as well as a bit of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. The results, according to reviewers? Smoother skin, a more even complexion, and no more dry patches.

This Automatic Egg Cooker That Might Just Become Your Favorite Kitchen Appliance

Whether you're making an elegant appetizer for your guests or a well-rounded breakfast for your family, this gadget automatically prepares six eggs at once in virtually any style. According to reviewers, the Dash rapid egg cooker is a "lifesaver" and the "best investment" when it comes to small kitchen appliances. It's also available in five colors and comes with a measuring cup, a recipe book, and various trays that are all dishwasher-safe.

A Water-Activated Facial Cleanser Made From Exfoliating Powder

Unlike your average facial cleanser, Hanalei comes in a powder form. It's made from charcoal, grapefruit seed extract, and papaya enzymes, which (when activated with water) help to clean, exfoliate, and nourish without stripping skin of moisture. And yes — believe it or not, reviewers say it "removes all [your] makeup," leaving your face feeling "clean and soft."

These Brilliant Socks With Built-In Pockets For Ice Packs

Over 1,400 reviewers have rated these NatraCure cold therapy socks, and so far, they have an incredible 4.4-stars. That's because, in addition to their soft-to-the-touch fleece material, they also feature double-sided built-in pockets and bonus freezable gel packs. Buyers say that if you suffer from itchy, hot feet or sore arches, these are the "best invention ever."

This Moisture-Infused Shampoo For Super Dry Hair

If your hair feels overly dry due to color treatments or heat damage, reviewers say that GIOVANNI ultra-moist shampoo "really made a difference" in their hair texture. It still cleanses the scalp and removes build-up from strands, but it does so without stripping color or necessary moisture. In fact, the olive and avocado oil penetrate deep into follicles to boost hydration, shine, and flexibility.

An Adjustable Spice Rack That Fits Right In Your Drawer

Forget stackable cabinet racks that render most of your spices unreachable. The mDesign spice organizer is adjustable to fit into virtually any drawer — and the three slanted, tiered rows keep all your bottles accessible. Most reviewers love it in their kitchens, but some also use it for art supplies and cosmetics.

These Flexible Ice Trays So The Cubes Pop Right Out

Since they're made out of silicone instead of plastic, these Korlon ice trays won't crack, warp, or hold your ice cubes hostage. Instead, the flexible material bends for easy removal and even comes with a lid to prevent spills and odor transference. These come in a pack of three colors and stack inside each other for effortless storage when not in use.

This All-Natural Balm That Penetrates Tough, Cracked Feet

Read the back of this restorative foot balm, and you'll find only natural, pronounceable ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, meadowfoam, and neem oil. All of the aforementioned soften and hydrate calloused feet, but they also soak deep into the skin to create a significant difference "within three days," reviewers say. They also love it because it conveniently rolls on and "smells wonderful."

This Exercise Ball/Balance Chair With A Built-In Stability Base

Most exercise balls roll away if you don't purchase a stability ring to go along with them. The GalSports Tumbler exercise ball, on the other hand, has an extra-thick non-slip coating and a weighted base to keep it in place. It's also made from BPA-free, anti-burst material that can support up to 660 pounds — and it's available in four dual-color combinations.

These Grippers To Keep Your Rugs Flat And Secured Down

Because they have three layers made from thick plastic, reusable gel, and non-damaging adhesive, X-Protector rug grippers are much more durable and reliable than other brands. They not only hold rugs down to stop them from curling, but they also prevent slipping and sliding on virtually any floor surface. Even though you can remove them and reuse them, buyers say they stay put in households with pets, children, and countless guests.

A Special Hanger For Scarves, Ties, Or Belts

Rather than attempting to hang scarves on a traditional hanger (or worse — shoving them all into a box), the AURALEAP scarf organizer has 28 attached rings covered in a slip-resistant material. For that reason, it's a "sturdy" and "space-saving" closet organizer that's great for accessories, ties, belts, and even jewelry.

A Light-Blocking Sleep Mask Made From Real Silk

Reviewers say that the Babo Care silk sleep mask has the "biggest dimensions [they] could find on Amazon," so it "really does block out the light." That said, since it's made from real mulberry silk on both sides, it's lightweight, hypoallergenic, and won't put any unwanted pressure on your face. It even has an adjustable strap and comes with free ear plugs — so it's no wonder buyers are saying it's the "best choice" for "naps during the day" or "trouble-free sleep at night."

This Microwave Gadget That Steams Vegetables In Minutes

Pour in the water until it reaches the fill line, put your fresh or frozen veggies into the cooker, and put the whole thing in the microwave. Within minutes, the Rapid Veggie steamer has your vegetables evenly-cooked and ready to eat. In addition to being BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, it also has heat-resistant handles and saves you time — as well as dirty pots and pans.

These Pour-Over Espresso Bags For A Cafe-Quality Coffee Anywhere

Whether you're camping, enjoying a Sunday morning in your pajamas, or running too late to hit the coffee shop, Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese pour-overs are a "work of genius," according to reviewers. Simply clip the bag of dark-roast espresso grinds over your mug and just pour your boiling water through the filter. They even come with pouches of sweetened condensed milk, so the end result tastes "just like the real thing." In fact, some reviewers say they're so delicious, they've made them a part of their daily routine — but the beauty of these is that you can use them virtually anywhere.

A Portable USB Humidifier That Fits In Your Cup Holder

Even though the MZTDYTL miniature humidifier fits in your car's cup holder, its capacity tank is big enough to produce a consistent mist for up to four and a half hours. It also runs off a USB plug, so you can power it during your commute or through your laptop. Reviewers call it the "best portable humidifier [they've] had" because it's quiet, has a soothing built-in LED light, and automatically shuts off when the water runs low.

These Eyeliner Stamps For Quick And Easy Matching Wings

Whether you're looking to master the elusive winged-liner look or shave a few minutes off your morning routine, the iMethod eyeliner set is brilliant. It comes with two double-sided pens — with a stamp on one side and a regular felt tip on the other — so you can make sure both eyes are even, symmetrical, and effortless. Even better, the liner formula is waterproof, smudge-resistant, and "stays on all day," reviewers say.

This Adhesive Shelf That Works On Almost Any Material

Forget drilling holes in the dry wall — or worse, the tile. This strong, self-draining shelf attaches to any flat surface using a transparent adhesive, and when it's time to remove or relocate the shelf, it detaches without marks or a sticky residue. It's a great organization solution for tiny bathrooms or cluttered showers, and since it's made from ABS material, it wipes clean easily.

This Multi-Purpose Kitchen Utensil With A 4.7-Star Rating

"Everyone needs one of these," writes one of many five-star reviewers of this Joseph Joseph scoop. It's made from tough, non-stick, heat-resistant nylon — but people really love it because of its versatility. This useful kitchen gadget has built-in colander holes to drain, a deep concave design to scoop, a wide capacity to serve, and a tapered edge to scrape.

An Inflatable Wedge So You Can Put Your Feet Up Anywhere

The Koala Kloud foot rest weighs less than 1 pound, fits in the palm of your hand when folded up, and takes less than 90 seconds to fully inflate. After that, it fills the gap between car and plane seats so you can extend your legs. (It also stands up on its own, so you can use it as an impromptu ottoman anywhere.) Some adults have bought it for themselves, but parents especially love it because it creates a flat, elongated surface where a child can sleep for the entirety of the flight.

These Circulation-Boosting Socks That Make A "Huge Difference"

Athletes, nurses, surgeons, pregnant people, those with foot pain or leg swelling — the reviews section is a diverse place, but the general consensus? People love these Crucial compression socks. They're made with moisture-wicking, breathable material that absorbs shock and boosts circulation, which in turn lessens foot and leg pain and keeps you moving. They're also available in three sizes and 11 colors.

This Adult Party Game That's "Not For Anyone Without A Sense Of Humor"

If you have a sneaking suspicion that your friends are disturbed, but you'd like some confirmation, Disturbed Friends is the game for you — but heads up, because it's definitely NSFW. Basically, the deck is filled with horrible situations and messed-up responses. All players take turns reading them out loud, and the reader has to choose which multiple-choice response they'd opt for in that scenario. Meanwhile, all the other players have to predict which option they think the reader will pick. If you predict correctly, you get a #WINNING card, and the first to 10 wins the game.

A Refreshing Lemon Face Mask To Cleanse And Tighten Pores

The O Naturals face mask is loaded with real lemon (so it acts as a pore-cleansing astringent and nourishes your skin with antioxidants), but the great ingredients don't end there. It also has vitamin B, turmeric, red seaweed, green tea, and chamomile to give you a well-rounded facial that also softens, moisturizes, and boosts collagen production.

Some Weighted Magnets To Keep Your Sous Vide From Floating

The worst part about cooking your food in a plastic bag? It floats. If you're experimenting with a Sous Vide cooker, these brilliant KORE weighted magnets can be used on the bottom and sides of your container to keep the bags fully submerged. "We were a bit skeptical at first and unsure if the weights would be heavy or strong enough to keep our fatty meats and veggies from moving," one reviewer writes, but "they're compact, heavy and strong, and I'm amazed by how effective they are."

This Stretchy Wallet That Adheres To Your Phone

Stick the Gecko travel wallet to the back of your phone and travel light with all your essentials. The elastic fabric stretches to fit your cash, cards, and keys, while the self-adhesive feels "strong and solid," according to reviewers. It's available in several colors with all different icons, and it even comes with an RFID-blocking sleeve, a phone stand, and an earbud wrapping card.

A Compact, Handheld Spiralizer That Makes Three Different Shapes

Rather than investing in a full-sized spiralizer that'll take up a good portion of your countertop, hundreds of buyers are instead opting for the Adoric three-in-one handheld. Even though it fits in your palm (and your utensils drawer), this little gadget has three buttons that allow you to effortlessly switch between shapes and thicknesses. That way, you can make noodles out of zucchini, curly fries out of potatoes, and ribbons out of carrots, all with one simple tool.

These Shatter-Proof Wine Glasses That Glow In The Dark

Since they're made out of durable silicone, these Mofason wine glasses are eco-friendly, non-toxic, reusable, dishwasher-safe, and virtually indestructible. Oh, and they glow in the dark: "These are great for a pool area or beach areas where glass is not allowed. Glow is the dark is a nice added bonus," one reviewer writes. "My friends ask about these all the time."

A Collapsible Water Bottle You Can Stash Away When It's Empty

Avid water drinkers know that the worst part of a reusable bottle is having to carry it around once you're finished. The Anntrue collapsible water bottle, on the other hand, has an accordion design that shrinks down to less than 5 inches tall so you can just slip it in your bag. It's also BPA-free, leak-proof, and "ideal for traveling," "commuting," and "[staying] hydrated at the gym," reviewers write.

A Simple Tool That Makes Egg Separating So Much Easier

This egg yolk separator is easier and much more efficient than separating eggs by hand — and you don't have to worry about rogue shells, either. Just break your eggs into a bowl, touch the clear nozzle to the yolk, and squeeze the silicone bulb. In seconds, you've got yolk-free egg whites for a health-conscious breakfast, or white-free egg yokes for baking.

These Brilliant Light Bulbs That Stay On When The Power Goes Out

Buyers call these JackonLux emergency light bulbs "absolutely fantastic" and a "great idea." They work just like your average bulbs when plugged into a lamp or fixture — but while they're lighting your house, they're also recharging, so when the power goes out, they've got up to four hours of illumination left. You can also unplug them and keep them lit using your finger or a wet cloth, and they come with convenient hooks so you can hang them anywhere.

A Clip-On Ring Light For Bright, Instagram-Worthy Selfies

Filters and phone flashes only go so far when it comes to bright, gorgeous selfies. The KobraTech light ring clips onto virtually any phone to provide a circle of face-illuminating LED lights. It's also portable, rechargeable, and has three separate brightness levels — plus, it even comes with a bonus Bluetooth remote that lets you snap pictures and start recording videos from up to 30 feet away.

This Genius Heated Hand Mixer That Softens The Butter For You

Tired of waiting for your butter to soften? The Oster Heatsoft hand mixer allows you to bake at a moment's notice thanks to the built-in heating technology that brings the butter to room temperature as it mixes. It also has seven speeds, a one-touch eject button, a removable magnetic nozzle that's dishwasher-safe, a built-in stand, and a brilliant storage case that holds all the included tools.

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