Friends-Themed Group Chat Names

These 45 'Friends'-Themed Group Chat Names Say, "I'll Be There For You"

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The only thing closer than the romantic relationships in Friends are the friendships on the show — and in your squad. Every time you marathon the show with your besties, you can't get over how similar your crew is to the sitcom's. You and your BFFs love to spill the tea (or coffee) in your own Central Perk, get in some quality time every Friendsgiving, and may even room together like Rachel and Monica or Joey and Chandler. Just like the characters from your fave series, you and your besties are there for each other each step of the way, which is why these Friends-themed group chat names perfectly describe your crew.

When you're not swapping Friends GIFs in your chat, your group messages are often filled with #OOTDs that Rachel Green would adore, Chandler Bing-worthy jokes, and college mems that Ross and Chandler could definitely relate to. Basically, your group messages are Friends-themed already. Adding a moniker inspired by the show will only solidify your texts as sitcom-level hilarious.

These Friends-themed group chat names are a mixture of heartwarming titles that say, "I'll be there for you," and funny messages that'll make your crew LOL. Whether you opt for something sweet or witty (or a fun combination of the two), your friends will be so touched at the thoughtful quip you picked out.

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1. Apartment 20

2. The Central Perk Crew

3. The Real Nestle Toulouse

4. Uterus Opinions Only

5. Can I Interest You In A Sarcastic Comment?

6. This Chat Will Never Be On A Break

7. The One With The Best Crew

8. Could This Group Chat BE Any Funnier?

9. How You Doin'?

10. The Smelly Cats

11. Friends That Room Together, Stay Together

12. I'll Pee On Any One Of You

13. You're My Regina Phalange

14. This Chat Is Unagi AF

15. Anyone Need A Huggsy?

16. We Go Together Like Joey And Pizza

17. 'Cause You're There For Me Too

18. Apartment 19

19. Our Very Own Sitcom

20. My Lobsters

21. I'll Be There For You

22. They Don't Know That We Know They Know We Know The Tea

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23. The Monicas To My Rachel

24. Just A Bunch Of Turkey Heads

25. You've Reached The Moo Point

26. You've Been Bamboozled!

27. To The Ones Who Know Chandler Bing's Job

28. Anytime You Need Me, Bing Me

29. When You Say Pivot, I Pivot

30. Chicks And Ducks

31. Hair Claws, Hot Gossip, And Hilarious Jokes

32. The Marcel To My Ross Geller

33. Can't Talk Right Now, Playing With Dinosaurs

34. The Transponster Is Texting...

35. My Apartment Is Your Apartment

36. 24/7 Ugly Naked Guy Updates

37. Fountain Friends Forever

38. Princess Consuela Has Entered The Chat

39. If You Don't Text Me Back... I'll Wear Everything You Own

40. Warning: Chat May Cause Janice-Level Laughter

41. My Right-Hand Phalanges

42. West Village Squad

43. This Chat Is The Central Perk Of Being Your Friend

44. I'd Never Throw Your Leg In A Fire

45. The Days Of Our Lives