44 Exceptional Products That Work So Well, They're Always On Amazon's Bestsellers List

By Maria Cassano
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While I wouldn't necessarily call myself a rebel, I try not to do things solely because other people are doing them. Influencers don't hold much sway over me, and I still don't have an Instagram or a Snapchat. That said, if there's one popularity contest that'll pretty much always impact my choices, it's the brilliant products on Amazon's best sellers list.

See, the internet has single-handedly changed the way we shop — and not just because of fast shipping.

More so than ever before, consumers can educate themselves without the help of a salesperson or an advertisement. The vast majority of this education comes in the form of real buyer feedback, and in my opinion, it's the most valuable information we shoppers have. It allows us to differentiate the products that are truly genius from the products that are just designed to come across that way — without actually delivering.

Needless to say, if a product keeps selling out over and over again, I want to know about it. High ratings and rave reviews typically mean that you'll be happy with your purchase, but a permanent spot on Amazon's best sellers list practically guarantees it.

Thousands of real shoppers are buying these 45 products every week, and even the rebels can't help but notice.

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