42 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Worth Every Damn Penny

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There's nothing quite like getting excited about your online order, having the package arrive on your doorstep, opening it up... and finding that what you ordered is nowhere close to what the picture looked like. It has happened to me, and what can I say? I love taking gambles on what appear to be good $5 bargains. But you? You're better than me. You realize that a penny saved is a penny earned, whereas the loose change burning holes in my pockets always puts me at risk of spontaneous combustion. Alas, when it comes time for you to spend money, you know to make sure it's on some of the incredible Amazon products that are so weird, yet genius.

From a hands-free smartphone mount that hangs around your neck, to a fun kitchen gadget that takes the work out of preparing perfect hot dogs, there's no shortage of bizarre-but-brilliant products on Amazon that people are losing it over. Besides, who can resist the heat-resistant oven rack guard that keeps your hands safe from accidental burns? I know I can't!

So, what are you waiting for? I can hear that hot dog maker calling your name, and it's beginning to sound impatient.

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