42 Creepy Things On Amazon That Are Utterly Fascinating

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There are lots of creepy things on the internet. Just look up deep sea creatures, for instance. However, just like the angler fish, those creepy things can be fascinating — and Amazon's got the weird products with tons of five-star ratings that you absolutely won't regret buying. They're creepy, too, but they're actually useful in all of their weirdness. They can de-stress you, they can remove all your blackheads, they can separate your egg yolks from your egg whites — and, perhaps best of all, they can certainly freak out your friends.

From a microwave cleaner shaped like an angry parent, to a box of all-natural nuts that work as detergent for both your dishes and clothes, and even a fun card game where you use bears to battle babies, there are tons of odd, creepy, weird, and random products on Amazon that are straight fire. So please, don't judge a book (or scary deep sea fish) by its cover: These are all useful, slightly bizarre things that you'll find yourself reaching for again and again.

And best of all? They're affordable, and can easily be purchased on Amazon. Because nothing screams the internet more than freaky products you can you purchase while wearing your pajamas.

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