34 Weird Products On Amazon With More Than 3,000 Five-Star Reviews


Sometimes the word "weird" translates to "unexpected." Sometimes it means "strange," and sometimes it means "utterly random." In the case of these weird but wildly popular Amazon products, "weird" means all of the aforementioned and more.

But despite the bizarre-factor (whatever that may mean to you), these items have thousands of reviews for a good reason. People actually found that they improved their lives on a significant enough level that they felt inclined to leave a five-star review — some of which even have several paragraphs of description to go along with the highest possible rating.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'd assume that most people only take the time to publicly state their love for a purchase if it seriously blew them away. For these products, that happened thousands of times for thousands of different Amazon users.

All of the following products have at least 3,000 five-star reviews. How do I know? I went through every single one of them and did the math — and for someone who was an English major, calculating percentages is a skill I rarely use. Still, it's all worth it if it means more recognition for the best bizarre products with a cult following. After all, I'm a sucker for anything unexpected, strange, and utterly random.

A Top Coat You Have To Put On With Wet Nails

With over 4,600 reviews, Seche Vite might just be the most popular fast-dry top coat on the market. Its formula penetrates through all layers of nail polish to form a solid, durable finish that speeds up drying time. It also enhances shine, resists chips and peels, and is made without parabens, triclosan, sulfates, and animal ingredients. Best (and perhaps weirdest of all) you can use this on wet nails — it even works better that way.

An Instant Handle For Your Favorite Tumbler Or Travel Mug

Your favorite travel mug may prevent spills and keep your coffee hot, but if it's not as ergonomic as possible, cue the F-32 handle. This genius invention is made from strong, BPA-free plastic and fits most major brands of tumblers and travel cups. It slips on to create an instant, sturdy handle, and it's available in two sizes and over a dozen colors.

A Slightly Sentient Can Opener That Magnetically Lifts The Lid Away From The Can Afterwards

A good can opener is hard to find, but a can opener that also protects your fingers from the jagged edges and removes the lid fairly automatically? Yes please. The Zyliss Lock N' Lift locks onto cans of all sizes, has a smooth, stainless steel mechanism that works in seconds, and has a built-in magnet that removes the lid once it's separated. It even has a soft-touch grip handle that eliminates hand fatigue.

A Superhero Sheet Set That Repels Dust Mites

This Mellanni bed sheet set feels as luxurious as silk, but is so much more affordable and hassle-free. It has over 40,000 reviews because the brushed microfiber is resistant to stains, fading, shrinking, wrinkles, allergens, dust mites, and ripping. It comes in seven sizes, over 30 colors and designs, and reviewers say, "I don't want to leave my bed ever." Oh, and it's less than $30 for a fitted, flat, and two pillowcases.

This Electronic Callus Remover That Has A Coarse Diamond Head

Here's what one reviewer writes about the Amope Pedi Perfect foot file: "Within five minutes, it's scrubbed off so much dead skin and my feet feel better than they have in a long time! They feel soft & calloused free again. I'm blown away at how quickly it worked! Very affordable & worth every penny." This tool utilizes a spinning electronic motor and a diamond crystal head to easily remove dead skin and calluses. It's also battery-operated, portable, and comfortable to hold.

These Large Headphones That Reviewers Rave "Work Great, Look Good," And Provide "Great Sound"

With their finely-tuned drivers, noise-isolating ear cushions, and 20-hour battery life, it's no wonder reviewers are obsessing over these Mpow Bluetooth headphones. They're one of the only brands that allow wireless and wired use with their detachable cable, and their foldable design and anti-scratch UV finish make them awesome for travel. They even have a built-in mic and come in six colors.

This Pure Bentonite Clay That's For Your Hair, Your Armpits, And Your Face

Considered a must-have DIY beauty ingredient, this Aztec Secret Indian healing clay contains only 100 percent natural calcium bentonite. As a result, it's extremely effective when it comes to absorbing scalp impurities, unclogging pores, balancing oil production, and cleansing away build-up. People use it for just about everything, including acne masks, home-made deodorants, and deep-cleansing hair treatments.

This Block Of Salt That Doubles As An Air Purifier

This Himalayan Glow lamp is hand-made using genuine salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains and placed on a neem wood base. It also has a dimmer switch and an included 15-watt bulb that heats up the salt from the inside, which releases negative ions that cling to bacteria and allergens in the air. As a result, it doubles as a natural air purifier. No wonder it has over 14,000 reviews.

This Flat Iron That's Supposed To Control Static As Well As Frizz

Where has this been every single winter of my life? The Remington anti-static flat iron utilizes long ceramic plates to straighten strands and reduce frizz, but it's also made with a special technology that's supposed to prevent flyaways and static in especially dry weather. Its digital controls are easy to manage, and it even has a turbo boost button that heats the plates up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Portable Machine For Those That Need To Fall Asleep To The Sound Of Thunder

Block out any and all sleep-disrupting noises with the Big Red Rooster sound machine. It allows you to choose between rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, or summer night, and the soothing sounds can be left on until morning or automatically shut off using the built-in timers. Last but not least, since it can be powered via AC adapter or batteries, it's a great option when you're traveling.

An Amazing Seven-In-One Appliance You Can Make Yogurt

"From the moment I received my Instant Pot, I felt that I had purchased something that not only exceeded my expectations, but will make my life easier (and more delicious)," one reviewer writes, and over 20,000 other reviewers agree. Thanks to its 14 built-in smart programs, this thing functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, browning pot, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer. It's also extremely easy to clean and use due to its stainless steel cooking pot, safety locking lid, and automatic temperature controls.

A Genius Egg Cooker For Automatic Breakfasts Or Hassle-Free Appetizers

"I've used it non-stop since getting it," one reviewer comments on this Dash Rapid egg cooker, while another writes, "This is one of the best investments I've ever made... [It] saves so much time and hassle." Simply choose your preferred style and set the timer. When the eggs are done, the buzzer sounds and the machine automatically turns off to prevent over-cooking. It can make your eggs hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, or scrambled, and can even handle individual omelets or steamed veggies thanks to the interchangeable trays.

A Waterproof Speaker With 27,000 Reviews You Can Take In The Shower With You

It's definitely not your average shape, but its triangular design actually helps the OontZ Bluetooth speaker deliver an enhanced, distinct sound that fills a room or reaches clear across the backyard. Since it's resistant to water, dust, or sand, it's awesome while you're traveling, showering, swimming, or participating in your favorite outdoor activities. It even has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and on-device buttons to help you control your music from a distance.

A Double-Headed Shower Experience For Those Who Like The Spa Experience

Bring spa-like luxury into your bathroom with the Hydroluxe two-in-one showerhead. It features double, full-chrome showerheads, both with five different water settings and personalized angles and pressures. The stainless steel hose makes it easy to reach any body part, while the tools-free installation has reviewers raving, "[it] took less than five minutes and I am the least mechanically inclined person on the planet."

A Brilliantly-Designed Salad Spinner With 4,200 Ratings That People Go Hard For

The OXO Good Grips salad spinner takes a standard kitchen gadget and tweaks it for a design that reviewers call "the best on the market." It has a pump mechanism and brake button for one-handed operation, a collapsible lid for easy storage, and a removable basket so you can use the bowl for serving. Most importantly, everything is dishwasher-safe and it leaves lettuce dry in seconds, so you can move ahead with your dinner prep.

These Space Saver Bags That Keep Everything Safe, Clean, And Extremely Easy To Store

Whether you're using them for packing, seasonal storage, or moving, these SpaceSaver bags are more aptly named, "life-saver bags." They work alongside your vacuum to remove all the air and create an anti-microbial seal that keeps your bedding and clothing in pristine condition. They also protect against water, insects, and odors, and reduce the original volume by 80 percent.

These Super Useful Essential Oil Blends That Relieve Stress, Help You Fall Asleep, And Lift Away Muscle Pain

Made with therapeutic-grade essential oils, this Healing Solutions set is a great starting point if you want to experiment with aromatherapy. It comes with six different blends for headache relief, deep muscle healing, easy breathing, good sleep, immunity boost, and stress relief, and according to reviewers, all of them "smell wonderful" and "actually work."

These Damage-Free Magnetic Clips Mount Your Phone To Your Air Vents

Rather than risking a sticky spot on your dashboard, these WizGear phone mounts clip onto your air vents using a sturdy rubber base. They then attach to your phone with powerful, magnetic heads, so both rotation and removal are a breeze. The installation takes seconds and they come with four metal plates, so you can secure multiple devices to the same mount.

19.The Silicone Bowl That Turns Your Microwave Into A Popcorn Maker

Pre-bagged popcorn usually comes with all kinds of additives, but loose kernels are a pain to cook on the stove. Thanks to the Salbree popper, you can choose all your own ingredients and make homemade popcorn right in the microwave. It's made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe silicone, and it collapses down to less than 3 inches for easy storage.

An Eye Mask That's Kind Of Shaped Like A Bra

This is not your average sleep mask. Bedtime Bliss is made from a soft and comfortable blend of bamboo cotton, and it features a contoured, structured design that blocks out light without putting unnecessary pressure on your face. It also has adjustable Velcro straps and comes with a free carry pouch and ear plugs, helping reviewers to get the "best sleep ever," even "during daylight hours." It's also available in seven different colors.

These Foot Masks That Cause The Dead Skin To Peel Off In Sheets

After soaking your feet, apply these Baby Foot exfoliant booties and wait about an hour. Then remove the mask and wash your feet thoroughly. In four to seven days, the dead skin will literally begin to peel off, revealing baby-soft skin underneath. "This worked really well for me and my feet were a mess," one reviewer writes. "I would recommend it for anyone!"

This Teeth Whitening Powder Is Both Gentle And Really Effective — And It's Made From The Ashes Of Coconut

It has over 17,000 ratings, and nearly 75 percent are five-stars. If that's not enough to convince you that Active Wow charcoal powder actually whitens teeth, then the before and after pictures definitely will. This stuff is derived from the highest quality coconut sources and works to purify and detoxify teeth of stains, odors, and bacteria. It's also way more gentle than harsh chemicals or peroxide formulas.

A Odd Little Protector That's "Effective For Allergies" And Keeps Your Bed "Spotless And Dry"

Guard your mattress against dust mites, spills, sweat, allergens, and bacteria with the SafeRest mattress protector. Its hypoallergenic cotton terry surface has a membrane back coating that's noiseless, breathable, and won't change the feel of your mattress. It's also available in six different sizes for all types of beds.

These String Lights Are Super Convenient Anywhere Since They're Waterproof, Flexible, And Controlled By A Remote

What's so special about a strand of lights? These ones from TaoTronics are waterproof, dimmable, remote-controlled, and safe-to-the-touch even after hours of being lit. The 33-foot strand of 100 LEDs also has various flash, strobe, and fade modes, and can be molded to any shape thanks to its flexible copper interior.

These Flexible Foam Rods That Curl Your Hair Without Using Any Heat Whatsoever

Since they're made from flexible, lightweight foam, these curling rods are super comfortable to wear while you're sleeping, and give you bouncy, long-lasting curls by morning. They can be worn wet or dry, and come in seven thicknesses for different types of curls. The best part, according to reviewers? "No frying my hair with heat."

These Earth-Friendly Single Serve Cups That Have A Pleasant Smoky Flavor

So many determinants go into these San Francisco Bay OneCups to produce the most intense, low-acid, and smoky flavor possible. This company takes a blend of the finest high-altitude, shade-grown coffees from Central and South America. They're then handpicked, ground, and placed into a cup made from wood pulp, corn, and mesh for all of the taste without the waste. They're even compatible with most major single-serve brewers, like Keurig, Cuisinart, Bunn, and iCoffee.

A Contoured Foam Cushion That Can Help You Sit Up Straight — And Protects Your Bum

The cut-out design allows you to take the pressure off your spine while the orthopedic foam structure helps to evenly distribute weight and promote better posture. No wonder reviewers are putting the Aylio coccyx seat cushion on their driver's seats, office chairs, and wheelchairs. Plus, its soft cover is removable and washable, and the entire thing measures only one pound, so it's extremely easy to transport.

An Electric Kettle That's Way Better Than Your Boring Stovetop Version

This electric kettle brings water to a rolling boil within minutes, and the best part is, it's totally cordless — so it's great for RVs, stoveless kitchens, and small apartments. It even automatically shuts off when it's done or it runs dry, and it has a handy blue LED light to let you know when your water is boiling. Choose from six fun colors, including black, white, and pink.

This Shower Curtain That's Resistant To Mold, Bacteria, Leaks, And Rust

Instead of PVC, the LiBa shower curtain is made from non-toxic PEVA, and is specifically designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. The material itself is antibacterial to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, while the metal grommets allow for easy sliding and won't rust. There are even heavy-duty magnets at the bottom to keep water in and cool air out, and you can use it alone or as a protective shower liner alongside a second curtain.

These Large Rubber Bands That Give You A Killer Workout

Since you can use them to intensify your workouts, rehabilitate areas of the body, deepen flexibility, and even ease muscle pain, these Fit Simplify resistance loops are like a gym in a portable bag. They're made from 100 percent natural latex for durability and stretch, and each one has a different resistance level so you can up the difficulty level in stages. "Strong, durable, affordable, no rolling," one reviewer writes. "Perfect match for both home workout and gym workout."

An Easy And Effective Way To Massage Muscles, Loosen Knots, And Stimulate Pressure Points

Entirely sourced and made in the USA, the Body Back Buddy massage tool is engineered for strength and features an S-shaped design with 11 accurately-placed therapy knobs. These knobs use leverage from your own body to massage deep into muscles and trigger points for instantaneous relief and relaxation. "Where have you been all my life?" one reviewer asks. "This is the most 'hurt so good' amazing contraption I've ever been associated with."

These Wool Balls That Make Your Laundry Even Softer

Rather than adding chemicals to your laundry, these Smart Sheep dryer balls soften and control static using nothing other than 100 percent premium New Zealand wool. Each one lasts for thousands of loads and is eco-friendly, helping clothes to dry faster so you can save energy.

This Essential Oil Diffuser For At-Home Aromatherapy

This best-selling diffuser has almost 30,000 reviews — and a near-perfect 4.5-star rating, to boot. It diffuses your favorite essential oils and doubles as a humidifier, so it's not only great for aromatherapy, but for maintaining a healthy air quality, too. It also lights up in seven different colors, has an automatic shut-off, and runs for up to 6 hours per session.

A No-Hassle Spiralizer That Makes Everything From Zoodles To Hash Browns

Whether you're gluten-free, vegetarian, Paleo, low-carb, or just trying to eat more vegetables, the Spiralizer vegetable slicer makes meal prep a breeze. It comes with five interchangeable inserts to make all different shapes, and its powerful crank and stainless steel blades work on everything from zucchini to potatoes. You can even toss it in the dishwasher for a simple clean-up.

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