60 Random Products On Amazon That Are Straight Fire

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Mascara that tints your eyelashes with mashed-up blackberries, a sink cleaner that shoots nuclear air blasts through your drain, and a gadget that pumps up balloons inside your wine to keep it fresh — there are some seriously weird products on Amazon.

When you scroll through the online retailer’s never-ending list of offerings, many of them seem bizarre at first glance. On top of the bizarre mascara and weird wine gadgets, there are things like pickle jar attachments, beer cooling rods, antimicrobial pillow sprays, charcoal shampoos, and a mask made with snail secretions, because why not?

When you look closer, however, a lot of these gadgets are actually pretty brilliant. I mean, the snail slime sounds a little gross, but it turns out that the shelled creature’s secretions provide sensational hydration, texture, elasticity, and cell rejuvenation. So why not turn it into a facial mask? And that wine device with the little balloon inside? It will keep your Merlot for five days, fam.

It’s a good lesson for all of us in the dangers of judging a book by its cover. Well, judge no more. Here is a list of 60 weird products on Amazon that are bound to change your life.

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