41 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Worth Every Damn Penny


There's nothing quite like getting excited about your online order, having the package arrive on your doorstep, opening it up... and finding that what you ordered is nowhere close to what the picture looked like. It has happened to me, and what can I say? I love taking gambles on what appear to be good $5 bargains. But you? You're better than me. You realize that a penny saved is a penny earned, whereas the loose change burning holes in my pockets always puts me at risk of spontaneous combustion. Alas, when it comes time for you to spend money, you know to make sure it's on some of the incredible Amazon products that are so weird, yet genius.

From a hands-free smartphone mount that hangs around your neck, to a fun kitchen gadget that takes the work out of preparing perfect hot dogs, there's no shortage of bizarre-but-brilliant products on Amazon that people are losing it over. Besides, who can resist the heat-resistant oven rack guard that keeps your hands safe from accidental burns? I know I can't!

So, what are you waiting for? I can hear that hot dog maker calling your name, and it's beginning to sound impatient.

Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.

The Cabinet Organizer That Makes It Easy To Store Your Spices

Unlike other bulky, stationary spice racks, the Store It! cabinet caddy is large enough that it can hold taller spice bottles upright. Plus, the pull-out base also rotates so that it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Each order comes with stick-on labels if you'd like to get extra organized, and it's also great for other uses (think: inside your medicine cabinet, your workbench, and more).

A Hypoallergenic Pillow Stuffed With Memory Foam

I actually own one of the Simply Sova bamboo pillows, and being able to adjust the amount of shredded memory foam on the inside is truly a game changer. Not only does this pillow let you decide how firm or soft it is, but its cover is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. And because the material is breathable, you won't have to worry about getting hot and uncomfortable while you sleep.

The Reusable Food Wraps That Are Completely Biodegradable

Organic as well as biodegradable, the ETEE reusable food wraps create a breathable-yet-protective seal around your food that's antimicrobial and helps keep everything inside fresher. Each reusable wrap can last for up to 150 uses, which makes them a great way to save money on wasteful plastic wrap. Should they ever get dirty, a simple rinse is all you need to get them back into tip-top shape!

A Cheese Grater That Collects Your Shavings For You

Whether you're grating cheese, vegetables, or chocolate, Progressive's two-way grate and measure will get the job done without making a mess. Unlike other graters, this one has a built-in compartment that collects your shavings so you're not left with stray bits of cheese all over your countertops. The non-skid backing ensures that it stays in place as you work.

This Multi-Tool That Combines A Hammer, Mallet, & More Into One

This isn't your everyday multi-tool. The Crescent odd job multi-tool combines a hammer, a nail puller, a soft mallet, a reversible ratcheting bit driver, and a retractable knife all into one — and there's even a designated storage space. The hard hammer head is made from durable steel, and the retractable knife is removable so that you can easily switch it out if it ever dulls.

A Gadget That Lets You Quickly Slice Tomatoes, Grapes, Olives, & More

Slicing individual foods can take up a lot of unnecessary time when you could just be using the Rapid Slicer food cutter instead. This handy device lets you quickly slice small round fruits and vegetables, and the non-slip feet ensure it stays secure and stable while you work. You can also use this slicer on larger cherry tomatoes since it's adjustable, and pro tip: You can even use it to cut chicken breasts into thin cutlets.

The Shiatsu Foot Massager That Keeps Your Feet Warm & Snuggly

Sure you could go out and pay for an expensive massage, or you could just use the Relaxzen Shiatsu foot massager in the comfort of your own home. This foot massager helps relieve pain from sore, aching feet, and there's also a heat option you can enable for added soothing power. There are two massage directions to choose from depending on what feels the most comfortable to you, and the detachable fabric cover is super cozy.

An Adjustable Teaspoon That Also Saves You Space

Unlike traditional, bulky teaspoons that can take up a lot of space in your drawers, the Kitchen Art Adjust-A-Teaspoon is a single spoon that can be adjusted from one full teaspoon all the way down to one-eighth of a teaspoon. One Amazon reviewer even noted that the champagne satin finish is "quite modern-looking," and that "if the zombies attack you can use the other end of the measurement tool and stab an eye. You can't do that with an ordinary measurement teaspoon!"

The Emergency Radio With A Built-In LED Flashlight

Personally, I'd rather have the Esky emergency radio and not need it than need it and not have it in an emergency. This radio can be charged via USB, and in the event an outlet isn't available you can charge it using the solar panels on the top, or even by turning the hand crank! The USB ports also allow you to charge your phone, and the built-in LED bulb in the flashlight has a lifetime of 10,000 hours or more.

An LCD Writing Tablet That'll Save You Money

Keep it on the front of your fridge or in your desk, and the Dimi LCD writing tablet is ready to go whenever you need to jot something down. The replaceable battery inside lasts for at least six months, and the tablet itself can be reused more than 90,000 times. This no-mess tablet is also great for kids of all ages, plus each order comes with a protective carrying case.

This Compact Can Opener

Traditional can openers can take up a lot of precious storage space, which is why the Joseph Joseph can opener features a compact design. This can opener automatically grips the edges of the can as you turn the easy-twist handle, and once you're done, simply press the button on the side to release the opener from the lid. Cleaning it is as easy as wiping it down with a damp cloth, and one Amazon reviewer noted that "the unique shape also makes it easy to find in my drawer of gadgets."

A Fun Gadget That Lets You Turn Any Hollow Object Into A Speaker

Instead of lugging around heavy speakers whenever you're going to a party, camping, or even attending a picnic, try using the OrigAudio rock-it 3.0. This handy device turns any hollow object (including boxes, cups, mugs, and more) into a speaker. The battery lasts for more than 10 hours of playtime to ensure you're not left constantly charging it. Plus, the compact design makes it easy to slip right into your pocket.

The Pain-Relieving Oil That's Formulated With Zero GMOs

Not only are there zero GMOs in the Outback Pain Relief topical oil, but the formula contains just four ingredients: tea tree oil, vanilla, blue mallee eucalyptus, and olive oil. It's completely cruelty-free and won't leave a heated sensation on your skin. It's also great for helping to reduce inflammation. One Amazon reviewer who suffers from neuropathy in their feet even raved that "I use it on my feet when I get off work... only a few minutes later the burning and pain is gone!"

A Vegetable Chopper That Keeps Your Hands Safe From Accidental Cuts

Great for home cooks and professional chefs alike, the Zalik Vegetable Chopper Pro lets you mince, cut, chop, and dice your vegetables simply by pressing down on the reinforced plastic lever. And with 11 interchangeable blades, you can even peel, shred, grate, and more. Each rust-resistant blade is made from durable stainless steel, and it's also exceptionally easy to clean.

The Massage Tool That Targets The Trigger Points In Your Neck & Shoulders

Designed to mimic the feel of a real massage therapists' hands, the Gideon neck and shoulder massager targets the trigger points inside your muscles to provide relief from soreness and fatigue. It's also great for helping to increase healthy blood circulation as well as alleviate pain from sprains and migraines. The two massage balls are made from sturdy silicone that feels soft to the touch.

A Durable Dish Sponge Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Made from food-grade silicone that's durable as well as antibacterial, the Angerico silicone dish sponge has thick bristles that power through stubborn dirt and grime without scratching any of your glass or cookware. These sponges are also heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can also use them as small trivets. There's even a built-in hanger hole so that you can easily hang them when not in use.

The Handy Tool That Combines Three BBQ Tools Into One

You use it as a knife, but the Ergo Chef three-in-one grill tool also has a built-in bottle opener as well as a food hook flipper located at the tip. The blade itself is made from durable, high-carbon stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time, and the ergonomic handle has a non-slip grip for added security.

A Gadget That Prevents Laundry Detergent Messes

Laundry detergent spigots tend to drip a goopy mess. However, the Tidy-Cup laundry detergent drip gadget helps. This handy gadget snaps into place and catches the drips from your detergent and fabric softener bottles. One Amazon reviewer raved that "it easily just slides on the tub and holds firm!"

The Weighted Blanket That Helps You Fall Asleep At Night

If you've ever suffered from insomnia — or even had a case of Sunday scaries over the weekend — try using the ZZZhen weighted blanket to help calm your mind and fall asleep at night. This blanket is filled with glass beads that distribute weight evenly, and the premium Egyptian cotton construction ensures that it's breathable and won't leave you feeling sweaty or overheated at night. An added bonus? There's even natural green tea extract stitched into the layers to keep it smelling fresh.

A Fabric Shaver Designed With A Built-In Lint Brush

Without any batteries or electricity needed, it's easy to use the Gleener fabric shaver regardless of whether you're traveling or relaxing at home. Safe for all types of fabric, this shaver has three abrasive edges that gently remove unwanted pills from your clothing. There are zero blades, so there's no chance you'll accidentally cut through the fabric. The built-in lint brush is also great for removing pet hair, and each order also comes with a drawstring travel pouch.

The Handy Devices That Keep Your Bags Cinched Tightly

Tired of using flimsy twist-ties that ultimately go missing after a few uses? Switch over to the reusable OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch. This three-pack is perfect for sealing your bags of rice, nuts, bread, frozen vegetables, and more so that they stay fresher for longer. Plus, the plastic teeth on the inside of each cinch ensure that they remain securely fastened to the bag.

An Inflatable Sleeping Pad That Folds Down To Fit In Your Hand

The Outdoorsman Lab inflatable sleeping pad will help keep you comfortable, no matter where you are. This pad inflates in just a few breaths, and since it weighs less than 1 pound, it's incredibly easy to take with you. One Amazon reviewer even raved that they "had one of the best night's sleep on an ultralight pad I've ever had!"

The Tool That Reaches Deep Into Narrow Tracks To Clean Out Dirt And Grime

Instead of trying to cram a cloth into your grout, sliding door tracks, air vents, and more, why not use the Trycooling groove gap cleaning tool? This handy cleaning brush has extra-long bristles that reach deep into those awkward spaces other tools can't reach. The ergonomic handle keeps your hand out of your field of vision, and unlike other brushes, this one also has a scraper on the opposite end for any particularly stubborn debris.

A Fun Tool That Creates Delicious And Grill-Ready Kabobs

The Easy Kabob grilling gadget makes all types of meats grill-ready in mere seconds. This gadget is made from food-grade ABS plastic that's completely BPA-free, plus it even comes with its own cleaning brush. All you have to do is insert your selected meats inside the tube, press the skewer through, apply pressure to the handle, and poof — dinner is served.

The Massage Roller That Relieves Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Unlike other massage rollers that can lose their shape and become ineffective over time, the Pasnity foot massage roller is made from a durable PVC material that's resistant to warping. Even though it's marketed as being primarily for feet, you can use this roller all over your body, as the raised nubs reach deep into your muscles to relieve soreness. It's great for increasing your blood circulation, to boot.

A Leak-Proof Shaker That's Perfect For Homemade Salad Dressing

Ever try to shake up a bottle, only to have it explode everywhere? That won't happen with the OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker. It has a watertight, leak-proof seal that prevents any messiness, and the extra-wide opening makes it easy to add all sorts of ingredients without having to mash them inside to fit. There's also a pour spout to make it easy to pour your dressings — oh, and the entire shaker is completely BPA-free.

The Device That Lets You Cook Delicious Pasta In The Microwave

Sometimes you just want to come home and not have to dirty up your stove for dinner. Turn to the Joseph Joseph microwave pasta cooker when those moods strike. This handy device lets you prepare, cook, drain, and serve pasta without needing to dirty any other cookware, plus it even has a built-in water level indicator so that you don't wind up with a soggy, mushy meal.

A Cooling Pad That Prevents Your Laptop From Overheating

Not only can an overheated laptop crash, but having one sit on your lap and burn your thighs isn't much fun either. So, why not use the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad to keep your computer functional and your thighs comfortable? This cooling pad fits practically any laptop up to 17 inches in size, and the four built-in fans are completely silent when they're running. The surface is also non-slip so your laptop won't slide off, and you can even adjust the height for when you're watching videos.

The Hands-Free Phone Mount That Hangs Off Your Neck

Whether you're laying on the couch trying to watch a video, or using your phone's camera as a mirror to apply makeup, the Aduro phone neck holder is right up your alley. This handy device is compatible with all types of smartphones up to 7 inches (including the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9), and since it can rotate a full 360 degrees, it's easy to adjust to the perfect viewing angle.

A Fun Frying Pan That Makes Miniature Smiling Pancakes

What could be more fun than a pancake? How about seven smiling pancakes. With the Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake pan, it's incredibly simple to make seven smiley face pancakes since the surface of the pan is completely non-stick. It's designed so that heat gets distributed evenly while you cook. One Amazon reviewer raved that "the construction is very sturdy" and that "it has some weight on it — lighter than a cast iron pan, and heavier than a regular frying pan!"

The Dish Sponge That Makes It Easy To Clean Tall Glasses

Instead of cramming your hand inside tall glasses to clean them with a regular sponge, try using the Full Circle dish cleaning sponge. This sponge is made with a long bamboo handle that makes it easy to clean those spots traditional sponges can't reach. The layered cellulose design is effective, yet gentle, so it won't scratch your dishes.

A Device That Helps Keep Your Beverages Warm & Heated

Why brew another pot of coffee when you can keep your current cup nice and hot with the Norpro decorative cup warmer? This device has a heated plate that keeps your mugs warm so you can enjoy your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more without it getting cold. The plate is also non-stick, so it's exceptionally easy to wipe clean. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it keeps coffee warm and "looks nice on the desk too!"

The Silicone Guard That Protects You From Hot Oven Racks

If you've ever reached into an oven and burned yourself on the rack — or even if you've ever come close to it — then you'll want to keep your hands safe with the Besego oven rack guard. This handy tool is made from durable silicone that's heat resistant (aka it won't melt in a hot oven), and it's exceptionally easy to install — all you have to do is slide it over the edge of your oven rack! It's completely slip-resistant, and you can even trim it with scissors if necessary.

A Tool That Makes It Easy To Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Bottles

You can almost always get another tablespoon or two after your shampoos, salad dressings, and other condiments "run out," so instead of scraping away at the insides try using the Flip It bottle emptying kit. These handy stands allow you to store your bottles upside-down so that you get every last drop out (which helps you save money over time), and the built-in valve means you don't have to remove the stand in order to squeeze out the contents.

The Tape That Keeps Your Carpets From Curling Upwards

Safe for hardwood floors, marble, tile, laminate, and more, the YYXLIFE carpet tape is double-sided to keep your carpets and rugs nice and flat against your floors. Unlike other carpet tapes, this one won't leave behind any sticky residue. It's so heavy duty that you can even use it outside. One Amazon reviewer even found a second use for it, as she used this tape to "block the drafts coming from a decorative gas fireplace "since it creates such a tight seal!

An Exfoliating Brush That Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Not only is it great for preventing ingrown hairs, but the Dylonic exfoliating brush can also help stop razor bumps before they even appear! You can use this brush on your legs, arms, face — and unlike other ingrown hair treatments, this one is completely chemical-free. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you brush, and it's also great for exfoliating away dry, dead skin.

The Portable Door Lock That Requires Zero Tools To Install

If you're looking to add security to your home without breaking the bank, try using the Addalock portable door lock. This lock creates a removable deadbolt in your door that installs in seconds with zero tools required. Since it's portable, you can also use it in an Airbnb, apartment, or any other type of short-term rental.

A Water Flosser With 10 Different Pressure Settings To Choose From

While other water flossers may only feature a few different water pressure settings to choose from — which can be uncomfortable for those of us with sensitive gums — the Waterpik water flosser boasts 10 different pressure settings to choose from. It even comes with seven different types of flossing tips! The water tank is large enough that it can provide up to 90 seconds of water-flossing power. Even better, the LED mode display is easy to read.

The Cleansing Foot Pads That Are 100 Percent Organic

Made with a mixture of herbs, vinegar, bamboo, and without any harsh chemicals whatsoever, the Crescena foot pads are 100 percent organic. They help relieve pain from sore, tired muscles while you sleep and are infused with a blend of lavender and rose oils that aid in calming your mind right before bedtime. Each order is enough for a full 10-day supply.

A Lightweight Towel That Can Be Used For Almost Anything

Whether you're camping, hiking, swimming, or even just laying on the beach, the Wise Owl Outfitters camping towel dries quickly so that you're not left carrying around a soggy towel. The microfiber material is exceptionally soft, and it has a snap loop that makes it easy to hang dry. The best part? It comes with a carrying bag.

The Wine Opener That Uses Air Pressure To Pop The Cork

I don't know how it's possible, but every time I try to open a bottle of wine I just wind up tearing through the cork. The Wine Ziz air pressure bottle opener changes that, though, as it uses intense suction to pull the cork out of practically any bottle. Since there's no pulling or twisting involved, you won't wind up with any broken pieces of cork in your wine. As an added bonus, each order also comes with a blade foil cutter.

Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.