41 Popular Products On Amazon That Are Sort Of Creepy

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I get it — at this point you think you've seen all products that Amazon has to offer. And as someone whose job 100 percent revolves around the latest and greatest Amazon products with super-high ratings, I too thought I'd seen it all...

...until this slideshow, that is.

Assuming that you and I have the mutual understanding that nothing featured here will actually make your skin crawl (because if it did, why would you want to buy it?), I can assure you that each of these creepy Amazon products is utterly fascinating. Have you ever found yourself in a mood where you wanted to eat bugs? Check out the potato chips made with protein-packed cricket flour. Or maybe you like using wet wipes when you're in the bathroom, but don't want to risk ruining your septic system — this foam spray for your bum is just what you need. Probably not the creepiest items, but is it plausible that they're sort of creepy to someone? Sure!

And so the next time that you're looking for an easy, fiscally-irresponsible way to shake up your routine, look no further than some of the weird-as-hell products on Amazon that are actually genius. I promise you: they're just creepy enough to be genius.

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