41 Genius Products On Amazon That Are Quickly Racking Up 5-Star Reviews

By Maria Cassano
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For the most part, I like to experience things for myself. I'd much rather get a first-person perspective than make a judgment based on the accounts of others — that is until we're talking about brilliant Amazon products with five-star reviews. If hundreds of people are raving about how mind-blowingly awesome an item is, then odds are I'm ready to click that Add to Cart button.

What makes me so inclined to trust the opinions of Amazon users? Well, for one, I myself am an Amazon user, and I have been since they sold nothing but books back in the '90s. As a result, I know how hard this company works to both encourage users to leave truthful, candid ratings, and ensure that they're actually legit.

Secondly, I also know that Amazon users have come to expect convenience, customer service, and a wide selection of great products. If there's something wrong with any of the aforementioned, you better believe they're going to voice that in the form of a poor rating and a six-paragraph description. So when there's a bizarre yet brilliant product that people are losing it over, it's probably for a solid reason.

Check out these smart and practical products worthy of their five-star ratings, because an influx of great reviews is a near-surefire way to tell that you'll be beyond satisfied with your purchase.

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