41 Amazon Bestsellers That Have Such Enthusiastic Reviews, They Deserve 10 Stars


My mother taught me a lot of things growing up, but the one golden piece of advice she made sure to constantly pound into my head was this: "Make sure you're buying products with lots of positive reviews when shopping online." It was that or brush your teeth — I don't remember. Either way, when it comes to highly-rated products on Amazon, you cannot go wrong. And whether or not you believe my mother said that, the point still remains: you always want to make sure that the reviews on the products you're buying are good.

From a hydrating face mask infused with cruelty-free snail mucin to a stainless steel rolling pin that's not only chic but also rust-resistant, there are thousands of highly-rated products on Amazon reviewers have loved so much they felt the need to leave enthusiastic reviews. And you can tell they're being honest — not only does Amazon not allow paid reviews, but each reviewer has to register a credit card and make a purchase on the site before they can write something up.

So what are you waiting for? Like my mother always definitely said — "With all the four- and five-star reviewed products on Amazon, it's almost impossible to go wrong!"

The Exercise Equipment That Helps You Strengthen Your Abs And Glutes At Home

The Borchent fitness equipment set comes with sliding discs — which allow you to work out your abdominal muscles anywhere — and the resistance bands in the Borchent fitness equipment set are also great for exercising your glutes right in the comfort of your own home. Unlike running, this equipment won't put stress on your knees since it's low-impact, and each order also comes with an included exercise guide to help get you started.

A Shoe Insole That Absorbs Shock To Protect Your Knees

Made with a nylon plate that helps anyone with low arches get more support, these orthotics insoles go the extra mile by featuring air bubbles in the heel that absorb shock as you run, exercise, or simply walk around. They're breathable, hand-washable, and the deep heel cup provides relief and support to tired feet. One reviewer raves: "I have purchased them for others who have told me about their foot pain so they could try them. These people have been just as amazed as I was, something so small can make such a huge difference in one's quality of life. I will never go without these inserts!"

The Umbrella That Won't Invert In Strong Winds

Instead of getting soaked when it's raining with heavy wind, keep yourself dry using the LANBRELLA travel umbrella. This umbrella is both waterproof and wind-proof (which means it's flexible enough that it won't invert in strong winds). Once you're done using it, the inside-out design prevents any water drips from falling on your floors. And for added convenience, there's an automatic button that both opens and closes the umbrella.

A Flat Iron That One Reviewer Calls "The Best Ever"

Made with floating ceramic plates that help protect hair from becoming fried, the HerStyler ceramic flat iron is suitable for all types of hair (including both coarse and thin types) — and even helps reduce frizz while adding shine as you style. It can heat up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it great for thick or curly hair. It's small size and smaller plates make it easy for traveling and for adding curl. One reviewer writes: "Best straightener ever... I tried other popular ceramic straighteners but they don't heat up as high of a temperature or as quickly. This is the same tool you see the kiosks people in malls attempting to sell for so much more."

The Face Cream That's Loaded With Organic Aloe Vera And Jojoba Oil

This cream is packed with some popular skincare ingredients — like Vitamin C to reduce redness and sun damage, plus hyaluronic acid to hydrate — and the added aloe vera and jojoba oil in the Body Merry face moisturizer cream help to even out complexion. Safe for all types of skin as well as cruelty-free, there are zero added fragrances in this cream — and the natural citrus scent is light yet refreshing. It's also made with clementine essential oils and organic shea butter.

A Protector That Prevents Damage To The Back Of Your Car Seats

Whether they mean to or not, kids have a way of screwing up the interior of your car — so try and keep your seats looking good using the Lusso Gear seat back protectors. These kick mats hang off the back of your car seats so that it's harder for kids to cause damage, and there's even three built-in mesh pockets that let you store small items and keep organized.

The Compression Sleeves That Reduce Swelling And Inflammation

Whether your arms are always cold when you're out running or you're trying to improve your blood circulation, the CompressionZ arm sleeves are a great purchase. These sleeves compress along your forearm, elbow, and biceps in order to reduce swelling and inflammation — and because the material is lightweight, they won't leave you feeling overheated as you exercise. Plus, they're also waterproof, so they wick away moisture when you sweat. One reviewer writes that "these things are amazing."

An Anti-Fungal Soap Made With Tea Tree Oil And Aloe Vera

Made with tea tree oil, mint, and aloe vera, the Remedy Wash anti-fungal soap is great for getting rid of stubborn athlete's foot, nail fungus, ringworm, yeast infections, or even just your everyday skin irritations. It also adds intense hydration back to skin with coconut, olive, and jojoba oils — and there are zero synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives used in the formula.

The Toiletry Bag That's Waterproof And Leak-Proof

Whether you're at home or traveling, the Expert Travel hanging toiletry bag is perfect to help keep you organized: it's leak-proof so your cosmetics and shampoos won't spill out into your luggage or your vanity, and it's even waterproof. The included hook allows you to hang it in a closet (or on a shower rod) for convenient storage, and the pockets are extra-deep to store lots of different bottles.

A Handy Tool That Helps You Stretch Your Lower Back

It can be difficult to relieve lower back pain without the help of a chiropractor — so try using the SOLIDBACK lower back stretcher to relieve pain from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or general soreness. It only takes a few minutes of daily use in order to reap the full pain-relieving benefits, and the high-quality dense EVA foam supports up to 300 pounds. It even helps to improve posture over time, as well.

The Hand Mixer That Comes With A Variety Of Stainless Steel Attachments

If you're looking for a kitchen gadget that will absolutely up your baking game — the VonShef electric hand mixer comes with two stainless steel beaters, dough hooks, and even a balloon whisk There are five different speed settings to choose from, so you can get the best whip, whisk, or mix on your chosen ingredients.

The Fun Kit That Lets You Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Sure, you can probably grab a bottle of hot sauce from the store, but if you make one using the DIY Gift Kits hot sauce kit you'll know exactly what ingredients and preservatives are going into each bottle — plus, it's fun. Each kit makes up to seven bottles of hot sauce and comes with everything you'll need to get started, including three glass bottles, four squeeze bottles, ancho pepper blends, chipotles, habaneros, and more. One reviewer writes: "After reading the reviews from other customers, I figured this was the most promising and complete box out there. My expectations were exceeded."

An Expandable Organizer For Your Kitchen Cabinets

It can be difficult to efficiently organize your cabinets without any shelving, so why not use the Deco Brothers kitchen cabinet organizer? This shelf is not only stackable, but it can also expand to effectively fit any wide cabinets you may have. The heavy-duty steel frame is exceptionally durable, and as an added bonus, the perforated design looks great paired with any existing decor.

The Laundry Stain Remover That's Hypoallergenic And Vegan

Other stain removers often rely on harsh bleaches and chemicals to get your clothes extra-clean, but the Puracy laundry stain remover is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and made with natural enzymes that rid your things of stains. It also happens to work on practically all types of washable fabrics — and is strong enough to easily remove stains from grass, berries, blood, oil, red wine, pet accidents, and more.

A Memory Foam Pillow That Won't Leave You Overheated As You Sleep

Unlike traditional memory foam that can leave you feeling overheated or sweaty, the WEEKENDER ventilated memory foam pillow has a ventilated design that allows for enhanced airflow to keep you comfortable all night long. It's even infused with temperature-regulating gel to keep you cool. The cover is removable so that washing this pillow is easy, and the standard size makes it great for beds and couches alike.

The Facial Mask Made With Moisturizing Snail Mucin

Snail mucin great for helping to fade acne scars, and the LA PURE snail facial mask is chock-full of it — it's also full of fruit and leaf extracts that add back moisture to the skin, can minimize the appearance of pores, and helps reduce inflammation. No snails are harmed in the production of these masks which makes them completely cruelty-free, they have no alcohol in the ingredients, and one reviewer writes: "Just rub it in to your skin. It is absorbed quickly, and leaves your face soft and smooth, no stickiness at all."

A Turntable That Helps You Utilize The Storage Space In Your Home

Whether you use it underneath your bathroom sink or in your kitchen cabinets, the Copco Lazy Susan turntable is a great way to maximize your storage space while making sure all your items are easily accessible. The non-skid surface prevents your belongings from falling off as it rotates, and the rimmed edge works as a back-up safety in the event anything wobbles its way towards the outer rim.

The Toe Stretchers That Relieve Pain From Hammer Toes, Bunions, And More

Whether you've got hammer toes, bunions, or even just overcrowded toes, the DR JK original toe pal is a great way to relieve pain — and properly align your toes. These toe stretchers are made from soft medical-grade gel that's stretchy and flexible between your toes, and they're perfect for ballet dancers and athletes.

An Oil That Helps Heal Cracked And Rigid Cuticles

Cracked cuticles and nails are both painful and annoying — but you can heal them and prevent them from again in the first place with this cuticle oil. This oil uses vitamin E to strengthen your nails and cuticles so that they're left looking revitalized and strong, plus the added tea tree oil is naturally healing and anti-fungal. It also adds antiseptic and soothing lemon and lavender essential oils. The pure avocado and olive oils keep things intensely hydrated as well.

The Exercise Ball That Can Hold Up To 2,000 Pounds!

The DYNAPRO exercise ball is designed to be able to hold 2,000 pounds — and because it's so strong and durable, it will never pop. Each order also comes with an included hand pump so that you can inflate the ball within minutes, and the non-slip ribbed body ensures it's easy to stay on top of it without sliding off. The ball itself is a great tool for a home gym: it can help build muscle, work on your lower body, and strengthen your flexibility and core.

A Charging Station For Your Devices Made From Sleek Bamboo

It has enough partitions that can hold a laptop, multiple tablets, and at least three smartphones, but the MobileVision charging station and organizer also has a center cut-out that allows you to easily hide charging cables so that there's more organization in your space. There are four rubber feet on the bottom that prevent this organizer from sliding, and the bamboo construction looks great with any style of decor.

The Grippers That Prevent Your Rugs From Curling Upwards

Whether your rugs keep curling — or they won't stay in place and keep sliding around your floor — the X-Protector rug grippers will keep them securely fastened in place, which can keep you from tripping. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, each order comes with 16 grippers that are reusable — and in the event the stickiness wears off, just wipe the adhesive with a wet cloth and it'll be as good as new.

A Blender That Makes Beverages Directly In Your Drinking Container

Instead of dirtying up a blender and a beverage bottle, use the Supkitdin personal blender. The brilliant gadget make the perfect amount of milkshake, smoothie, or juice for one person — and blends it directly in a portable drinking bottle. The entire unit is completely BPA-free, and one Amazon reviewer raved that "they even included a cleaning sponge and a strainer for little chunks!"

The Bins That Help You Easily Organize Your Refrigerator

Instead of stuffing your groceries into your fridge and hoping for the best, use the Sorbus fridge bins to organize everything — so it's easy to see and find all of your ingredients. This six-piece set comes with two wide and two narrow drawers, one drawer made for cans (which is able to hold up to 10), and another for eggs. And since these drawers are all clear, you can easily see what's inside each of them without having to pull them out and search for things.

A Pizza Cutter That Makes It Easy To Slice Straight Lines

I usually wind up slicing up uneven pieces whenever I try to cut pizza, but with this brilliant pizza cutter, you can easily cut uniform slices — because it's so large it reaches all the way across the pie. Made from high-quality stainless steel that won't corrode over time, you can also use this cutter to chop, slice, mince, and scoop herbs or other ingredients. Plus, it even comes with its own sheath for safe storage.

The Foam Roller You Can Use Practically Anywhere

Now when I say anywhere, I mean you can really use the Trigger Point Performance handheld foam roller anywhere — like your calves, arms, back, and thighs — and it's conveniently lightweight and hand-held. The raised grooves help stimulate blood flow within your muscles in order to relieve pain, and it even comes in two different densities: regular, or extra-firm.

A Cleansing Solution That's Safe For Sensitive Skin

Great for cleansing pores and easily removing makeup, the Bioderma cleansing solution is formulated for sensitive skin and doesn't dry out the skin. There are no parabens in this solution, and it's strong enough that it can easily remove waterproof mascara. One Amazon reviewer writes: "I can definitely see the hype! It takes off every last bit of makeup while leaving my skin soft and not tight and dry at all." And that's just one over thousands of reviews, too.

The Makeup Remover Pads Suitable For All Types Of Skin

These soft Wegreeco makeup remover pads are reusable, making each order the equivalent of buying 2,000 disposable cotton balls. You don't even need to use any cleansers or toners in order for these makeup remover pads, either (but you can) — and they're great for sensitive skin.

An Electric Toothbrush With Three Different Cleaning Modes To Choose From

Most electric toothbrushes only have one operating mode, but the KIPOZI electric toothbrush has three modes to choose from when cleaning your teeth: clean, sensitive, and massage. This toothbrush also has a built-in smart timer that keeps track of how long you've been brushing, and the small brush head makes it easy to maneuver around awkward nooks and crannies in your mouth — plus, it's even great for traveling, as it can last for up to 14 days off of one full charge.

The Caddy That Keeps Your Dish Scrubbers High And Dry

Leaving your scrubbers and sponges at the bottom of your sink is a recipe for mold and mildew — so keep your cleaners away from the water using the OXO sinkware caddy. It has multiple compartments so that you can keep your sponges and scrubbers organized, and the built-in drain holes allow them to quickly dry when they're not being used. It's also incredibly easy to clean.

An Antibacterial Bath Mat with Hundreds Of Suction Cups

With over 300 suction cups that keep this bath mat securely fastened to your tub or shower, it's a great way to ensure your feet stay firmly planted on the ground when wet. This mat is also antibacterial, so you're not left having to constantly wash away grime and bacteria or deal with mold, but in the event you do want to clean it, just put it through a cycle in the washing machine.

The Rolling Pin made From 100 Percent Stainless Steel

The Ultra Cuisine rolling pin is made from 100 percent stainless steel — which makes it way more durable than your current wooden version. You can also keep this rolling pin in your refrigerator or freezer so that it's harder for dough to get stuck to it, and it's also more hygienic — the steel design won't absorb any colors, odors, or flavors.

A Pitcher That Puts Your Water Through Seven Levels Of Filtration

Whether you've got hard water, your tap has a funky taste to it, or you just want to drink cleaner water, the Hskyhan alkaline water pitcher has seven layers of alkaline filtration — so that any chlorine, lead, bacteria, fluoride, or dirt gets removed with ease. Each BPA-free pitcher comes with two filters, the built-in reader on the lid lets you know when it's time to switch them out, and it even removes odors from water.

The Moisturizing Cream That Helps Heal Dry, Cracked Feet Within Days

The O'Keeffe's healthy feet foot cream has over 7,000 reviews for a reason: It heals the driest, cracked heels in a matter of days. The added allantoin helps this cream penetrate deep into the tough areas of your feet, and because it's formulated to create a protective layer on the surface of your skin, it's also great for preventing any further dryness or irritation. Tons of reviewers say the results are "unbelievable."

A Beautiful Table Lamp With Built-In Touch Sensors

Just tap the base in order to change the AUKEY table lamp to soft, moderate, or bright — and the warm white light is great for setting a relaxing mood in your home or office. Unlike other table lamps, this one also lets you choose between a variety of colors (including red, blue, green pink, and more) if you're feeling festive. It's also made with LED bulbs that have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

The Luxurious Pillowcase Made From Hypoallergenic Silk

Made from 100 percent mulberry silk, the ALASKA BEAR natural silk pillowcase has a 600-thread count (which makes it unbelievably soft to the touch), and the silk material also makes it hypoallergenic and breathable. This pillowcase is great for preventing breakouts and hair breakage, and the hidden zipper ensures it won't get snagged on anything while you're sleeping.

A Travel Pillow That Supports Your Entire Torso

Most travel pillows only support your neck or head — but not the Travelrest inflatable travel pillow. Not only does this pillow support your head, neck, and your torso, it's inflatable, so you can also adjust how firm or soft it feels against your body. It quickly deflates when you're done using it so you can easily stuff it into any carry-on bag, and one Amazon reviewer raved that "it really relives the pressure on my neck and allowed my body to relax."

The Handy Kitchen Gadget That Makes It Easy To Slice Ingredients

Slicing vegetables into neat, uniform slices isn't as easy as it sounds — unless you're using the Grocery Art mandoline, of course. This mandoline comes with cut-resistant gloves that keep your hands safe as you prepare meals, and you can adjust the slicer so that your vegetables come out as thick or thin as you like. The stainless steel construction is also resistant to rust, and each order also comes with a blade guard for your fingers for added safety.

A Pillow Designed To Ease Back, Leg, Knee, And Other Joint Pain

Just place the Cushy Form knee pillow between your legs while you sleep, and its contoured and ergonomic design will help ease any joint pain in your back, legs, knees, ankles, hip, and more. The memory foam construction is exceptionally soft to the touch, and as an added bonus, each order also comes with an included travel bag to keep this pillow clean when in transit.

The Salad Spinner That Doubles As A Serving Bowl

The Gourmia jumbo salad spinner's clear bowl exterior works as a server once you're done drying all the veggies for your salad. It's extra-large, BPA-free, and the rotary crank handle on the top of this spinner is designed so that both right- and left-handed people can use it easily. The base is also non-skid, so it stays secure while you're spinning away.

A Handy Tool That Holds Plastic Bags Open For You

Sometimes it's easier to just pitch your trash into a plastic bag than it is to walk allll the way over to the trash can, which is where the InterDesign cabinet plastic bag holder comes into play. It mounts over the top of your cabinet for convenient access, and while the image shows the bag on the outside of the cabinet, you can also mount it facing towards the interior of a cabinet to function as a trash can.

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