A group of friends sit on an inflatable swan pool float in the pool during the summer.

40 Throwback Captions For Summer Snaps Your Friends Need To Sea Again

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There’s no denying that some of the best memories you made as a kid happened over the summer. Those carefree days were packed to the brim with family vacays, trips to the beach, running to catch the ice cream truck, and backyard barbecues. Sharing those great memories on Instagram is made easier with the help of some throwback captions for summer. Even though the image itself can make you nostalgic, you still need some quality captions for your 'grams.

Your throwback summer pics likely range from when you were a kid spinning in the teacups at Disneyland, to last summer when you and your besties snapped selfies on your oversized pool inflatables. That means you need a range of throwback captions that can go with just about any photo you want to share. It could be a photo of you showing off your '90s summer style at the beach or sleeping in the back of car on a road trip to Grandma's house. Either way, along with a throwback hashtag, use any of these 40 summer captions.

Pair a funny pun with a silly snap or something heartfelt for a photo that brings back all the good memories. Be inspired to have the best summer ever this year so you can have even more throwback pics you'll want to share later on.


1. "My summer vibes have never changed."

2. "Wishing I could recreate this lewk."

3. "These were the best days with the best people."

4. "It took me forever to get the sand out of my beach bag from this day, but it was worth it."

5. "Who wants to play Marco Polo with me again?"

6. "Summer days before Netflix existed."

7. "Where's that time machine so I can go back to this day?"

8. "Apparently, I was always mermaid for summer days."

9. "I'm pretty sure I still have tan lines from this day."

10. "The summer and I go way back."

11. "This was the summer I met my favorite pair of sunglasses."

12. "I'm so glad we got pictures, or else it didn't happen."

13. "Summer, I miss you so much."

14. "This was my beach hair, don't care look."

15. "All aboard the throwback express."

16. "This proves I've always been a mermaid at heart."

17. "Every summer has a story."

18. "Oh hey vacay, I missed you."

19. "Shell we go back?"

20. "Sea you on the next wave."


21. "How could I ever forget about this outfit?"

22. "Remember when we were kids and couldn't wait to grow up? Yeah, what were we thinking?"

23. "This was peak summer right here."

24. "You can find this picture in the dictionary next to 'best summer ever.'"

25. "Shore do miss summer days like these."

26. "I've always been a summer babe."

27. "I can still smell the ocean air."

28. "An oldie but goodie."

29. "Should I try this hairstyle again?"

30. "I miss road trips when I could sleep the whole time."

31. "Dear mom, sorry for asking 'are we there yet' the entire time."

32. "These pictures say more than my diary."

33. "This photo makes me want to listen to *NSYNC and drink Capri Suns."

34. "'Hot in Herre' is still the song of the summer for me."

35. "Mom: Smile! Me: *Cheesing way too hard*"

36. "Just avoiding today by looking back on my favorite memories."

37. "Let's redo this trip again, please."

38. "If I meet a genie, my first wish is to go back to this summer."

39. "A summer I'll never forget."

40. "If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to take more photos because these are my favorite."

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