40 Sister Birthday Puns To Show Your Main Squeeze Some Lovin' On Her Special Day

If your sister's your bestie, you want to celebrate having her in your life on a daily basis. Though, her birthday is when the real party goes down. As her sis, you have the honor of ringing in pretty much every single birthday she's had. Make the most of this year by posting a throwback pic to Instagram of you two with some funny sister birthday puns for the caption. She will appreciate the spotlight, and love the clever way you wish her a happy day.

If you and your sister are long-distance, this is an easy and thoughtful way to show her you care. Even if you're still attached at the hip, she'll love the attention you give her on your feed. Now, all that's left is picking out the right pic. There are a ton of throwback photos of you two together, and they all deserve to be seen, so narrowing it down to the the right one to post may be difficult. Don't sweat the caption, though, because I've got you covered with these 40 sister puns. Everyone loves a good pun, just as much as you love your sister.

1. "Have a toad-ally awesome birthday, sister." — Unknown

2. "Have an otterly wonderful birthday, sis." — Unknown

3. "Hey sister, have an egg-cellent birthday." — Unknown

4. "So, it's your birthday. That's kind of a big dill. I was in a bit of a pickle thinking about what to get you. I was gherkin on it for quite a while. I hope you relish it." — Unknown

5. "Sister to sister we will always be, a couple of nuts from the same tree." — Unknown

6. "Happy birthday, sistar." — Unknown

7. "Oh ship, it's your birthday." — Unknown

8. "You're another year older, but you donut look it." — Unknown

9. "Happy bark day." — Unknown

10. "A-parrot-ly, it's your birthday. Hope it's a great one, sis." — Unknown

11. "Have a soup-erb day." — Unknown

12. "Happy bee-day." — Unknown

13. "You're meow old? Happy birthday to a sister who is one cool cat at any age." — Unknown

14. "It's sherbet day." — Unknown

15. "Avo awesome birthday, sister." — Unknown

16. "I love you to pizzas. Happy birthday sister." — Unknown

Good Vibrations Images/Stocksy

17. "Sis, you are dino-mite." — Unknown

18. "Happy birthday to one cool chick." — Unknown

19. "Orange you glad it's your birthday?" — Unknown

20. "Today, you run the world! Happy birth-Bey." — Unknown

21. "It's your birthday. Turn up the beet." — Unknown

22. "Have an ice birthday." — Unknown

23. "Have a tea-riffic birthday, sis!" — Unknown

24. "I can't espresso how much you bean to me, sis. Happy birthday." — Unknown


25. "I donut what I'd do without you. Happy birthday!" — Unknown

26. "Being related to me is really the only gift you need." — Unknown

27. "Dim sum-body say it's your birthday?" — Unknown

28. "Yoda best sister." — Unknown

29. "You feta have a gouda birthday." — Unknown

30. "Sending you s'more birthday wishes, sis." — Unknown

31. "Have a rawrsome birthday." — Unknown

32. "Hippo hooray, it's your birthday." — Unknown

33. "Raisin a toast to your birthday." — Unknown

34. "Have a pawesome birthday, sis." — Unknown

35. "Happy birthday to one fine-apple from another fine-apple." — Unknown

36. "Have a flan-tastic birthday." — Unknown

37. "I love you from my head tomatoes. Happy birthday sister." — Unknown

38. "Have a wheely good birthday." — Unknown

39. "It's your birthday, lettuce celebrate." — Unknown

40. "Hope you have a flocking fabulous birthday, sister." — Unknown