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40 Captions For Throwback Summer Pics & Taking A Hot Break From Winter

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You're already snow done with the cold weather and are counting down the days until your denim cutoffs are back in season. As you scroll through your old summertime photos and feel the memories, you can post some of your favorite snaps with these Instagram captions for throwback summer pictures for a hot break from winter.

You may not have the warm summer sun shining down on you, but that doesn't mean you can't go back to a time when you were relaxing on a white sand beach. Scroll through your summer throwback pictures for a trip down memory lane and find a favorite photo. You may even find an old summer photo or two that you never posted, but should have. Give them the chance to shine bright by posting them on your Insta with a caption like, "Waving back to a beach day."

Bring a little warmth back to everyone's feed with a throwback photo of a summer picnic day with your main squad or a pool selfie in your fave swimsuit. Uncovering old photos might prompt your followers to do the same and post some sunny throwbacks.

Whether you want to enjoy some nostalgia or make your followers LOL at how much you've always loved beach season, these Instagram captions for throwback summer pictures have you covered.

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1. "Oh, to be kissed by the sun again."

2. "Wishin' I could sea my friends in the sand."

3. "I scream for ice cream in the summer."

4. "Winter, winter go away, come back... never."

5. "Wake me up when the sun's back."

6. "If you need me, I'll be pretending I'm on the beach again."

7. "Just waiting to seas the day again."

8. "It's time for winter to set sail."

9. "Missing the beach and every one of you."

10. "Ok winter, pack it up."

11. "Taking a hot break from winter rn."

12. "Sun rays, squad days, and smiley faces."

13. "The resting beach face is strong."

14. "Sand me back to summer."

15. "Throwing it back to summer fun."

16. "It's time to trade in the fuzzy slippers for flip flops."

17. "Bikini weather... say no more."

18. "More popsicles, please."

19. "Summer was calling, so I answered."

20. "Sundresses are my vibe."

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21. "Who else is ready to recreate this day?"

22. "TFW you wish you could time travel."

23. "Just keep swimmin', y'all.'"

24. "Thinkin' about ice cream days."

25. "Grateful for faded tan lines."

26. "Beach days over everything."

27. "Sweater weather? I'm more of a tank-top gal."

28. "Those tropical days were something to Insta about."

29. "Mentally I'm here."

30. "BRB, BBQ-ing."

31. "Remember when we weren't freezing all the time?"

32. "The only freezing I'll be doing is freezing in this moment."

33. "I can almost sea summer on the horizon."

34. "A summer moment in time."

35. "Floating into this memory like..."

36. "Hazy, lazy days of summer."

37. "Never not in beach mode."

38. "Figured I'd heat things up on my feed."

39. "Winter really needs to chill with these temperatures."

40. "Sunglasses on standby."

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