A woman points to the sky, while stargazing with a telescope at sunset.

40 IG Captions For Stargazing Pics With Your Special Someone

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A simple, romantic date night is a yummy picnic in the backyard with a side order of stargazing. Set up a big blanket and some pillows so you and your partner can get as cozy as possible while you gaze up at the night sky. Pack some star-themed snacks and Instagram captions for stargazing, and you're good to go. You don't have to do too much when Mother Nature is doing all the work for you, providing the most beautiful view.

If you need a little assistance with the menu, consider whipping up star-shaped Nutella bread and hand pies. Then, pop open a bottle of champagne to make some sparkling cocktails. When you and your partner are cuddling close together, that's the perfect time to snap a selfie. Get an overhead shot of you staring up into space, and some candids of bae looking all cute while they peek through the telescope. Try to get some long-exposure shots with a tripod, too, so you can really see the stars glowing.

Since you never know when a shooting star might pass by, you'll want to be prepared to post your pics with ease. That way, you don't have to look away for too long. After choosing your fave photos, use any of these 40 stargazing captions to post them.


1. "Cuddle, stargaze, and chill."

2. "Stars don't disappear. They keep blazing even when the night is over." — Kygo, "Stargazing"

3. "Catch me under the stars."

4. "Wishing upon a star."

5. "Never stop looking up."

6. "The second star to the right, and straight on till morning." — Peter Pan

7. "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you." — Coldplay, "Yellow"

8. "I just need a little space."

9. "I’m over the moon for you."

10. "Tonight was out of this world."

11. "Sending this selfie to NASA, because we're a couple of stars."

12. "We'll be counting stars." — OneRepublic, "Counting Stars"

13. "Baby, you're a star."

14. "I love people who also get excited about stars."

15. "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars." — Ed Sheeran, "Thinking Out Loud"

16. "And we were dancing... like we're made of starlight." — Taylor Swift, "Starlight"

17. "Wishlist: watch the stars with you."

18. "Pumbaa was right about the stars, you know."

19. "My favorite place to be is beneath the stars."

20. "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." — Theodore Roosevelt


21. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." — Norman Vincent Peale

22. "A sky full of stars and he was staring at her." — Atticus

23. "Do you think the stars are jealous of how much I sparkle?"

24. "When it's dark, look for stars." — Oscar Wilde

25. "If you can point out any of the constellations, I will be impressed."

26. "I know which one the Big Dipper is."

27. "Felt cute, might keep stargazing forever."

28. "Shine bright, shine far, don't be shy, be a star." — Life-Size

29. "Major weekend mood."

30. "If you ever need a stargazing partner, I'm right here."

31. "OK Mother Nature, you didn't need to flex that hard."

32. "The sky's got more stars than Hollywood."

33. "It was a star-studded evening."

34. "You and I were written in the stars."

35. "Getting lost in what I love."

36. "I like moments that will become stories for another day."

37. "I'm a certified stargazer."

38. "Sa-turn down for what?"

39. "Space is lit."

40. "What a bright idea this was."

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