A couple takes a selfie while holding glasses of wine and watching a movie in their backyard.

40 Insta Captions For Outdoor Movie Nights & Getting Cozy Under The Stars

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You don't need to travel very far when you want to go out for date night. With a cozy backyard movie setup, you and your partner can enjoy a romanic and easy-to-put-together evening. All it takes is a good movie projector, screen, throw pillows, and Instagram captions for outdoor movie nights to get everything just right. Then, you just need to get comfy and decide which movie to watch.

Having an outdoor movie night is highly underrated, and it's honestly the perfect summertime activity. The weather is just right to curl up under a light blanket with your partner and gaze up at the stars. It can also make you nostalgic for summer camp days with your bestie. If that's the case, be sure to choose a movie that reminds you of your fave summer memories like The Parent Trap.

The perfect movie setup is filled with Instagram-worthy moments. Put together a full picnic spread of snacks to eat during the movie, and make sure to snap a tasty foodie pic. String up some fairy lights for a dreamy glow in your couples selfie. Or, if you've got your entire family watching a movie together, make sure to snap a group pic of everyone getting cozy in front of the screen. When the time comes to post those pics on the 'Gram, use any of these 40 outdoor movie captions.

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1. "You oughta be in pictures." — Rudy Vallée, "You Oughta Be In Pictures"

2. "What's popping? [popcorn emoji]"

3. "We decided to go out to the movies tonight."

4. "This is my favorite movie theater."

5. "Watching movie stars under the stars."

6. "I've got the best seat outside of the house."

7. "See you at the movies." — Roger Ebert

8. "It's showtime."

9. "We go together like movies and popcorn."

10. "When the sun sets, the movie begins."

11. "The actors aren't the only stars I'm seeing tonight."

12. "Lights. Camera. Action."

13. "Now showing in my own backyard."

14. "Sit back and relax. The show is about to begin."

15. "Life is butter when you're watching a movie."

16. "It may sound corny, but movie nights with you are my favorite."

17. "I reely love watching movies outdoors."

18. "Now playing: [insert movie title here]."

19. "Felt cute. Might watch a movie outside later."

20. "This is my favorite movie theater seat."


21. "I apologize in advance for quoting the entire movie."

22. "Lay out your sheet and grab a seat."

23. "I don't know if I can ever go back to watching a movie inside."

24. "The dreamiest way to watch a movie."

25. "Join me under the stars."

26. "Shhh, the show's about to begin."

27. "There's no place like home." — The Wizard of Oz

28. "This night feels like a movie."

29. "Everything I learned, I learned from the movies." — Audrey Hepburn

30. "Every time I go to a movie, it's magic, no matter what the movie's about." — Steven Spielberg

31. "Pass me the popcorn, please."

32. "Feeling like I'm in a movie rn."

33. "I could stay out here forever."

34. "Movie night outdoors? As you wish."

35. "This is the coziest I've ever been for movie night."

36. "Let's make this a double feature kind of night."

37. "Welcome to my movie theater."

38. "Here's a little kernel of wisdom: Have more outdoor movie nights."

39. "Not wine-ing about this view."

40. "I never want this movie to end."