40 Genius Things That Cost Less Than $30 On Amazon

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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like money is always tight in the summertime. Between traveling, hitting up rooftop bars, and paying extra to crank up your air conditioning, it's incredibly crucial that you cut costs in other areas so you can enjoy the perks of summer. That's why now that the season's here, I try to limit my spending to all the genius things under $30 available on Amazon.

Normally I'd balk at giving myself a price limit when it comes to all the clever products flying off the digital shelves, but I have to admit: it's been doing wonders for my checking account. From a pack of acne patches that blend in with your skin to a toilet night light so you'll never be blinded during a trip to the bathroom, there are tons of cool products available on Amazon that won't break the bank — but they'll still scratch that impulse-shopper itch.

And besides; where else can you find an over-the-sink dish rack, a bagel slicer, and a soothing bee-extract throat spray, all with free two-day shipping? It's almost as if Amazon wants you to save money so you can afford that lazy river rafting trip — and what a coincidence. There's even an inflatable cooler on this list.

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