You Only Need $20 To Snag These Clever Amazon Products Flying Off The Shelves

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There's a ton of things you can do with $20: buy 20 McDoubles, snag any given "As Seen On TV" product since they're all conveniently priced at $19.99, OR — you could grab one of these bargain Amazon products under $20.

And while I may seem a little biased since writing about Amazon products is literally my job, it's pretty hard to deny that the selection of great products at low prices is almost infinite on Amazon. Not only can you grab a pair of silk pillowcases that help eliminate frizzy hair while you sleep, but there's even a cruelty-free mascara with over 2,200 positive four- and five-star reviews that's priced at only $5!

That's right — this isn't one of those clickbait lists where most of the items included are just barely under $20. We've included tons of highly-rated Amazon products that are less than $10 so that you can easily satisfy your inner impulse-shopper without breaking the bank, plus I counted at least three organic beauty creams that are great for people with sensitive skin — something you'd expect to have to pay extra for, yet Amazon manages to come through with the win.

So whether you're looking for a vitamin C serum that helps reduce the appearance of scars, or you're in the market for a quesadilla maker because you can't cook without setting something on fire, there's something for everyone when it comes to shopping for awesome products on Amazon.

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