63 Things Under $20 With The Highest Amazon Ratings

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Shopping on a budget can be downright anxiety-inducing. For example, you could be standing in a store, under the glare of fluorescent lights, trying to determine whether the $15 waffle maker you're holding in your hands is too good to be true. After all, with a price that low, you run the risk of buying a poorly-made product that ends up breaking in a week or two. That's why I'm in favor of doing my budget-friendly shopping on Amazon, where I can read reviews from actual customers. And all of these things under $20 with high Amazon ratings come backed with hundreds — if not thousands — of glowing reviews.

From beauty products to books to electronics to kitchen gadgets — there's something for every wallet-conscious shopper on this list. (Yes, there's even a $15 waffle maker, which means you can forego the aforementioned stressful experience of making that buying decision under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights.)

And at $20 and under — none of these items will break the bank. So go ahead and click through — with ratings as high as these, you can rest assured your purchase will be a savvy one.

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