4 Zodiac Signs Who Would Never Hook Up With Their Ex

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Here's the situation: It's a Friday night, and you're out with friends. You're single. You're feeling yourself. And then, out of nowhere, your ex texts, "u up?" For some, getting it on with a former lover is totally harmless. For others, sex with an ex will likely cause even more pain and regret than an impulsive at-home haircut. But if your instinct is to reply, "LOL, bye," then you're probably one of the zodiac signs who would never hook up with their ex. Certain signs are all about moving onwards and upwards, and for them, hitting up a former partner feels like a major step backwards.

Even if you would rather drop your phone in a toilet than text back your ex, you can probably understand the appeal of ex sex. The person you used to date likely already knows your body and what you like, so hooking up with them could feel comfortable and familiar. Maybe getting down-and-dirty with an ex will give you closure. Of course, it could also give you a bad case of the feels. Some zodiac signs would rather not find out, and for these signs, hooking up with an ex is something to avoid at all costs.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
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Aries are friendly, good-natured people — that is, until you mess with them. When someone does them dirty, a ram won't hesitate to kick that person to the curb. An Aries' ego is more fragile than you may realize, so even when a relationship ends amicably, those born under this sign has no interest in rekindling that old flame, not even for a meaningless hookup. For Aries, breakups = failures, and any reminder of that failure isn't welcome here.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Just like their fellow fire sign Aries, Leos take pride in their reputation, and they're not about to let a hookup with an ex tarnish it. The lions of the zodiac are grudge-holders, after all. They may live for scandal (and would love the inevitable drama following sex with an ex), but being the focus of the group text chat isn't worth hooking up with that former lover. It's far more satisfying to remind that ex what they're missing.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
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With Scorpios, it's always too late to apologize. As much as Scorpios love getting it on (especially when it's in secret), horniness can never override bitterness. Those born under this sign don't just delete an ex's number from their phone — they like to pretend that person never existed. A hot hookup may be fun for a night, but a Scorpio can hold a grudge for a lifetime, especially when an ex is involved.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Sensible, rational Capricorns have exactly zero room for instability in their meticulously organized lives. The goats of the zodiac always like to know what's coming next, and hitting up an ex can have totally unexpected consequences. Yes, Caps are pretty emotionally detached and could probably handle a hookup without catching feelings. But Caps are looking for a partner with whom they can build a future, not revisit the past, so for them, sex with an ex is simply a waste of their (very) valuable time.

Whether it's due to pride, spite, or total disinterest, these four zodiac signs def don't mess with exes, and I applaud them for their strength.