Cancer is one of the zodiac signs who hate not sleeping next to their partners
4 Zodiac Signs Who Hate Not Sleeping Next To Their Partners

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For some people, it doesn't matter if their partner snores. It doesn't matter if they steal the covers, or talk in their sleep, or generate more heat than a piping hot latte. For cuddle-lovers, not even a California king-sized bed with Egyptian cotton sheets could make them sleep as well as when they're the little spoon to their boo's big one. There are a few zodiac signs who hate not sleeping next to their partners, and it's not because they're needy — it's because they're all about physical affection. For them, cuddle buddy > weighted blanket any day.

In "Hate Sleeping Alone," Drake sings, "Hotel to hotel, girl, I could use your company. Full name and birthday, I book a flight, you come to me," and that's some major cuddle bug energy right there. But as a Scorpio, Drake isn't even born under one of the four signs who loves cuddling more than anyone. Snuggle-loving signs don't know the meaning of ~personal space~ because for them, nothing feels quite as sweet as treating their SO like a teddy bear. If your dream marital bed is a bunk bed, then you're likely not one of these zodiac signs who can't stand snoozing without their boo.

Taurus (April 20—May 20)
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Taureans are the ultimate snuggle bugs, so for them, sleeping without a warm body next to them is basically like trying to sleep without a pillow or blanket. As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, their love language tends to be physical touch, which means they can't get enough of physical contact. This earth sign may be self-reliant, but Taureans also tend to have a deep-seated desire for security and certainty. Believe it or not, the stubborn bulls of the zodiac are secret softies, and they're happiest when they can spoon with their partner until the sun comes up.

Cancer (June 21—July 22)

As one of the most sensitive and sentimental signs of the zodiac, it shouldn't be a big surprise that Cancers are always down to cuddle. While some people may accuse this water sign of being needy or clingy, they can't help themselves — when they're into someone, they're all the way in. A Cancer in love wants to spend all the time they can with their partner, and even when they're unconscious, it gives them comfort to know their partner is beside them. Cancers crave assurance, and few things feel better than sharing a bed with their one-and-only.

Leo (July 23—Aug. 22)
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Leos love to feel loved — it's as simple as that. And though they're never afraid to engage in some PDA, their penchant for physical affection isn't just for show. From hand-holding to hugging to kissing, Leos like to be showered with all the attention, both out and about and in the privacy of the bedroom. This fire sign may not be a touchy-feely person when it comes to expressing themselves, but that won't stop them from touching and feeling their partner. Though they likely won't admit it, the lions of the zodiac tend to feel the most comfortable when they're wrapped up in an SO's arms.

Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22)

Like Cancers, Libras have a reputation for being just a touch overbearing. Often considered the most romantic sign of the zodiac, this air sign may not get handsy in public, but in private, they love nothing more than to be held close by their boo. Libras tend to overthink things, so if a partner opts not to stay the night, a Libra can't help but jump to the conclusion that something is amiss. Once they find someone they really care about, they want to lavish them with attention and affection, and they'll likely expect a partner to return the favor with a nightly spooning sesh.

Liking your space when you sleep doesn't mean you love your partner any less. However, for these signs, sleeping next to their SO isn't just preferable — it's essential.