4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Pickiest About Dating, So Don’t Be Surprised If They Take It Slow

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Back when I was a swinging single, my friends would tell me that I could meet someone if I would just stop being "so picky." They thought the reasons I broke things off with people were unreasonable and small, and that I should just overlook them. But I couldn't! Even when I tried, those little nagging things would grow and grow, and become unbearable for me. Eventually, I just had to accept that I'm one of the zodiac signs who are pickiest about dating, and that the sooner I embraced it and the fact that I have really high standards, the better off I'd be.

Because here’s the thing: When it comes to falling for someone, especially someone you want to have a future with, it’s OK to hold them to exactly the standards that you're comfortable with — whether that's a relatively "low" bar, or a sky-high one. After all, it's your life, right? One thing you might want to consider is why you feel so strongly, and if perhaps the stars are to blame. Maybe you were born under a sign that just has more dealbreakers and less flexibility when it comes to what they want in a partner. And you know what? That's totally fine. Chances are, it also means you're one of these four zodiac signs.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)

Leo has no shortage of confidence. This fire sign knows and believes in every fiber of their being that they are a catch. So, of course that also means they have sky-high standards for the person they're going to give their heart to. Not only do their partners need to have a certain set of qualities, like loyalty, honesty, and kindness, to be the kind of person who Leo would even give a second look to, but they also have to be able to give Leo what they need to be happy in the relationship, too. And by that, I mean they are smart enough to recognize a good thing when they see it, and aren’t afraid to heap praise and attention on their Leo partner. Why should Leo settle for less?


Is it really any surprise that the ultimate perfectionist sign, Virgo, would be picky when it comes to their partner? Not only is Virgo going to have extremely high standards before a potential partner even walks through the door, but they're probably going to feel the need to offer them, ahem... constructive criticism to help that along. Just remember that as hard as Virgo can be on others, they are 10 times harder on themselves. (Source: I am a Virgo.)


For the the Saturn-ruled earth sign Capricorn, everything must have structure — and, as such, they will settle for nothing but the best. This means that their partner should not only fulfill all the qualities Capricorn desires, but their visions for the future should align. This is a sign that doesn't believe in wasting time — either their own or others. So if they get the sense that someone is not the right fit for them, Capricorn will never string them along, and that is admirable.


An independent air sign like Aquarius doesn't really feel any pressure to be cuffed up. Aquarius likes to march to the beat of their own drum, and if they happen to find someone who's the perfect fit, fantastic! But they aren’t in any rush to find that person. They are more than happy to take things really slow, and just let the pieces fall into place if it’s meant to be. This is why Aquarius’ partners so often tend to start off as friends, and evolve into something more romantic. Because rushing a picky sign like Aquarius to settle down is like trying to hold on to the wind. Good luck with that.

While these signs may take a little longer to pull the trigger on the whole DTR conversation, the good news is that once they open their hearts to you, you know they really do mean it. You have been fully vetted and they are in it to win it. So, when that happens, you are safe to open your heart to them as well. Patience, in this case, really can pay off and become a forever kind of love.

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