4 Ways You Could Be Saving Money At Starbucks & Should Try Immediately

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If your spending habits are anything like mine, there's a good chance that you spend a little too much moolah on food and coffee. (Mostly coffee, if we're being honest.) It really is a serious problem, and although I've tried to make pacts with myself to spend less on caffeine, Starbucks is the scene of many of my spending crimes. But to help all of us out a little, I've compiled a helpful list of four ways to save money at Starbucks. Trust me: You (and especially your bank account) will thank me later.

Coffee really gets me through the day. Between a few cups in the morning, and then maybe one or two in the afternoon, my coffee addiction never fails to let me know when I need another cup. And oftentimes, a coffee maker isn't available, or I just need to get out for a moment — so that's when I tend to spend on coffee. And since coffee truly isn't cheap —especially when you're running on more than one per day — getting some good old discounts is kind of dire. So grab a notepad, because these tips will seriously help you coffee-lovers out, and it definitely won't mean compromising your coffee intake.

1. Join Starbucks Rewards


According to the Starbucks, coffee fans can sign up for Starbucks Rewards by registering any physical Starbucks Cards on their website or on the Starbucks app, where users will be prompted to create an account. Upon joining the program, users will earn basic benefits, which entail birthday rewards and free refills. Users that earn 300 stars in the first year will reach Gold Status, which include monthly Double Star days and rewards for every 125 stars.

2. Order A Caffe Misto, In Place of a Latte

If foamy coffee is totes your vibe, don't feel obligated to order a latte. This might be difficult news, but even though lattes are super delicious, they're pricey — and TBH, none of us need that kind of negativity in our lives. A Caffe Misto costs less than a latte, according to Business Insider (although, Starbucks prices reportedly vary). Apparently, the two drinks taste almost exactly the same — that's wild, right? So glow up from lattes with a Caffe Misto, because they're equally tasty and hella cheap.

3. Bring Your Own Cup For A "Cup Discount"

According to the Starbucks website, customers who bring in a cup from home will actually qualify for a $.10 discount off any cup of coffee, no matter the size. At the register, customers will get charged based on the cup's closest cup size, minus a dime. And although that doesn't sound like a lot, it definitely adds up, especially if you're a hardcore coffee drinker. The site reiterates that they don't give discounts for their "for here" cups, so make sure it's your own cup from home.

4. Order Iced Drinks With Light Ice

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I'm totally one of those weirdos who's always down for an iced coffee, even on the coldest winter days. It's an obsession, really. That being said, coffee fans can get a much bigger bang for their buck by asking for "light ice," according to All Womens Talk, upon ordering any of their iced drinks. Oftentimes, baristas will fill customers' cups with a ton of ice, leaving less room for coffee. But, customers who ask for "light ice," will receive get more coffee and less ice... which is honestly ideal, right?

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