4 Unique Ways To Visit Santa With Your Friends, Because You're Still Kids At Heart

by Ciara Johnson

Christmas is right around the corner, and you couldn't be more excited. It's time to kick off the celebrations if you haven't already, because the season will be over before you know it. During the holidays, there are so many places to be and so many faces to see. Your schedule is likely jam-packed with festive plans, because it's prime time to live it up. Get nostalgic and experience Christmas like a kid again by making fun a priority. Here are some unique ways to visit Santa with your friends, because you're still kids at heart.

Somehow, the magic of Christmas looses a bit of its sparkle once you become an adult. Reality creeps in, and it can suddenly be difficult to focus on the simple, yet most important things in life. During the holidays, it's the best time to spend special time with family and old friends. So, why not plan something unique that will help bring out your inner hild? This could be the ultimate bonding experience and chance to simply focus on having good, old-fashioned fun.

You are never too old to enjoy Santa and all of the things that go along with him, but it's never too late to get into the spirit at every stage.

The Polar Express
James Toomey on YouTube

I think most of us can all agree that The Polar Express is a holiday classic that brings on all the Christmas feels. If you want to experience this favorite holiday film in real life, consider hopping aboard The Polar Express train ride in Rhode Island.

This 90-minute train ride will have you embracing the magic of Christmas in just about no time. You'll have the opportunity to sip hot chocolate, enjoy delicious cookies, and even pose for a photo with Santa himself. This will be a train ride you'll never forget!

See Santa On A Motorcycle

This isn't your typical Santa sighting, but it's a unique way to celebrate the Christmas season in Wisconsin. You can visit the Harley Davidson Museum to see Santa on the back of a motorcycle, sans reindeer, of course.

You can snap a quick photo, or go all out and enjoy a Bloody Mary with the man of Christmas himself. You'll definitely have the coolest Christmas card around.

Attend A Teddy Bear Tea
Denise Dema on YouTube

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans hosts a yearly Teddy Bear Tea throughout the month of December, and it's the best holiday treat. You can meet Santa, dance to live music, and taste holiday treats at the tea. While you're there, you can enjoy wandering through the museum, as it's certainly worth the visit.

Board The North Pole Express
Fillmore & Western Railway on YouTube

If you want to experience an unforgettable Christmas in California, then consider taking a joy ride on the North Pole Express. You'll spend an hour riding the train, and can enjoy milk and cookies with Santa during your journey. Needless to say, you're certainly in for a treat.

Remember to bring your best Christmas pajamas and your camera to capture memories with Santa and post some seasonal Instagram pics!

Age shouldn't stop your from experiencing all of the magic that comes with Christmastime. You only live once, so why not join in on the fun? You'll be so glad you did.