These Activities For Millennials At Disney World Prove Adulting Can Be Magical

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With adulting being as hard as it is, many millennials flock to Disney's parks to bring out their inner child and temporarily let go of their responsibilities during a fun day at the park. Considering that Walt Disney World currently reigns as the most visited vacation resort in the world, it's not surprising that of the estimated 52 million visitors every year, a considerable number of them are adults without kids who believe that the magic of Disney can be enjoyed at any age — contradicting a recent viral post about how "childless millennials" should be "banned" from visiting the parks. If you're over the age-shaming and ready to live your best, most Mickey-approved life, here are four things for millennials without kids to do at Disney that'll give you some extra inspiration for your next visit.

As a Disney fan who's visited the franchise's parks in Anaheim, California, and Orlando, Florida, as both a child and an adult, I try to plan my itinerary with both a mix of the stuff that I enjoyed when I was little (i.e. taking a ride through Storybook Land's canals by boat) as well as the activities reserved for the 21 and older crowd, such as sipping on some of the boozy confections at Epcot. Unlike when you were a kid, you don't have parents deciding what you can spend your money on and where to go, which I think makes visiting the park as an adult even better. Keep scrolling for some ideas on what to do during your next visit that prove that Disney adulting comes with some magical perks.

1. What Everyone Else Does

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When planning your day at the park, I think it should go without saying that, no matter your age, you should feel free to do whatever you want at the park as long as it's legal and doesn't disturb your fellow visitors. So, yes, if that involves taking photos with your favorite Disney princess or wearing some Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears around the park, you should feel free to do you and proudly snap a shot for the 'Gram while you're at it.

2. Check Out Events Such As Epcot’s International Food And Wine Festival

While there's plenty of family-friendly fun to be had at the park, childless adults and millennials can also enjoy some of the things geared to people over 21. I'd recommend checking out Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival as well as some of the other events that specifically cater to adults.

3. Get A Buzz

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Speaking of wine, there are plenty of places you can visit if you want to get a buzz during your park excursions. In addition to a variety of watering holes in Disney Springs and Downtown Disney, both of the parks also have treats such as booze-infused Dole Whip cookies and a variety of on-theme cocktails that they serve inside.

4. Enjoy Fine Dining Options (Or Eat Your Weight In Churros)

Now that you're an adult, you can choose when and where you want to eat when you're visiting the parks. Whether you're feeling like getting your third Dole Whip that day or you want to treat yourself to some of the more upscale dining options that are on offer, the choice is up to you. The best part? You don't have to ask your parents before making the decision.

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what both Disney parks have to offer to the millennial crowd, but it's a good reminder that both people with kids and without kids can have a magical time.