“Childless Millennials” Are Clapping Back At A Rant Claiming They Shouldn’t Go To Disney

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Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on earth, but according to a July 26 article in the The New York Post, experiencing that magic as a millennial is not chill. The article, entitled "Sorry, childless millennials going to Disney World is weird," has inspired an impassioned response from the Twitterverse. These tweets about "childless millennials" at Disney World are going in on the article.

The New York Post article was inspired by an angry Facebook rant about childless millennials at Disney World posted by an anonymous mom, who wrote, "I f*ck*ng hate childless women with a burning passion" after criticizing them for being "immature" and writing that since Disney World is for children, "people without children need to be banned." While the author of the The New York Post's "childless millennial" article, Johnny Oleksinki, didn't applaud the mom's "speech-writing" or "oration" skills, the author believed there was a "glimmer of wisdom contained within her word vomit."

Oleksinki's "childless millennials" article made several claims about millennials' relationships with Disney. As his first claim and criticism, Oleksinki wrote, "Millennials are indeed in an unhealthy relationship with Disney, having granted control of so much of their leisure time and personality to a single, enormous corporate entity meant for children." Oleksinki continued, saying the main problem with letting a brand control adult life is the "stupidity and culture ignorance it leads to."

No scathing criticism of an entire group of people and their choices is complete without some unsolicited advice. The author suggests that instead of going to Disney World, which he calculates will cost $1,664 before food and drink, millennials should take a trip to "Europe, South America or Canada" where they would meet people different from themselves. His suggestions get even more specific when he says millennials should "sit along the Seine drinking rosé" after a $280 roundtrip flight from New York, New York to Paris, France.

Twitter had some thoughts about the article, and most of them weren't particularly sympathetic toward the author's stance. Twitter user @teylor_smirl, for example, was inspired to begin organizing an unofficial Childless Millennial Day at Disney World for all "fellow weird adult babies."

Another Twitter user, @hellolanemoore, also had thoughts about the use of the word "weird," writing, "I went to Disney World by myself recently and had way more fun than the exhausted parents who kept fighting, and their crying, angry, tired children. If it’s 'weird' to actually have FUN at Disney World, I’m totally ok with being that kind of 'weird.'"

Twitter user @amateurliving even pointed out that Disney has apparently been marketing to young childless people since the 1950s.

Overall, most Twitter users just weren't having it.

Regardless of The New York Post author's or the Facebook mom's beliefs about who should and should not attend Disney World, people will continue to visit the theme park as they please and experience magic with or without their own children.