4 Subtle Signs Your Partner Wants To Marry You Someday That Are So Utterly Sweet

More often than not, I find myself out on dates with people who just don't want to commit. And it was only a couple of years ago I was in a relationship with someone, talking about getting married one day. Oh, how the tables have turned. While that relationship was certainly not meant to be, my ex and I had no problem discussing long-term plans with one another. If you're dating someone and looking for signs your partner wants to marry you, they may be subtly letting you know they see you in your life for a long time.

These are all signs your partner wants to marry you in the future – under the assumption that marriage is something they're considering at one point for themselves. There are surely people who want to be in long-term relationships that don't see marriage for themselves (totally valid and OK!) but here, I'm specifically addressing signs from a partner who does see marriage in their future. These signs could happen either before or after you've discussed the possibility of marriage, but even so, hearing any of the following will surely make a smile spread across your face if it's something you're thinking about, too.

They use the pronoun "we" to discuss future plans.

If your partner is talking about the two of you as the collective "we," congratulations, they're definitely thinking about how you fit into their life in their future. They're imagining you there when they think of their life five, 10 years ahead, and depending on the timeline of their lives, that future could include marriage with you.

They ask you about where you want to live in the future.

If your partner is talking about plans down the line – like potentially what job they'd want to have in a few years or what kind of apartment or house they see themselves in – and they ask what your preferences are, that's a good sign for the longevity of your relationship. That means your partner is factoring what you like into the equation when they're thinking of their next step, so marriage is definitely a possibility at that point. Being in a relationship means going through life steps together, so being reminded your partner is thinking of the two of you as a team surely indicates steps toward marriage.

They brainstorm baby names with you.

This can be either done semi-jokingly or actually seriously, but even engaging in this fun game in any capacity indicates that a future is on their mind. Thinking about names for future children is for sure something you'd only talk about with someone you're maybe considering having kids with down the line.

They introduce you to distant family members at events.

What would be the point of them introducing you to random family members they never talk to if they didn't consider you hugely important? If they're making sure people in the family know who you are, that's because 1.) You're important in their life and they want everyone to know you, and 2.) They see you as part of the family someday, too.

So even if you're earlier on in your relationship and your partner is doing these cute signs that assure you of their love, or if you've been together for years and are secure with where you're at, it's still nice to be reminded every once in a while that your partner sees you as just that – a partner – too.

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