If You're Getting Freaky On Halloween, Try These 4 Sex Positions That Feel Scary Good

What's the sexiest time of year? To me, it's no contest: It's definitely Halloween, when we all get to lean into the spooky and primal, and dress up in costumes that let us pretend to be someone else. We let down our inhibitions and get into the holiday spirit, and you know what that means: It’s time to do some tricks and get some treats… of the adult variety. Plus, since it’s a holiday, it makes for the perfect excuse to introduce some new sex positions to try on Halloween. Trust me, if you give these a shot, you won't have any trouble getting someone back in your sack.

If you've been looking for an excuse to (pumpkin) spice things up with your boo, no worries — these positions are sure to do the ~trick~. Or maybe you’re single and getting ready for a spook-tacular holiday mingle. In that case, it doesn't hurt to have a few new moves up your sleeve that'll put your lucky companion under your sexual spell. Either way, if this year you'd like to get a little extra Hallo-weenie (sorry, couldn't resist!), give these positions a shot. I’m willing to bet my last fun-size Snickers that you enjoy them so much, it's scary.

The Bone Daddy

Is your sexual sweet tooth craving deep penetration? Then satisfy it with the The Bone Daddy (aka X Marks the Spot). To achieve this position, the receiving partner lays on their back on the edge of the bed (or whatever flat surface on which the festivities are about to take place) and the penetrating partner stands in front of them. The receiving partner can then rest their legs on the penetrating partner’s shoulders, who, once they enter their partner, then takes the ankles and crosses them and begins thrusting. This position creates a tighter fight and is great for G-spot stimulation.

The Pumpkin Snatch

Want to celebrate All Hallows Eve with some serious clitoral stimulation? Then I recommend The Pumpkin Snatch (aka Open Legged Spoon). No doubt you’re already familiar with the spoon position, in which both partners lay on their sides, with the penetrating partner entering the receiving partner from the back. It’s great for slow, easy love making, but it's not exactly an orgasm machine if you need clitoral stimulation. So, treat yourself this Halloween to the modified version, in which the receiving partner, opens her leg and drapes it back over their partner’s thigh, allowing both partners easy axis to the clitoris. It's a holiday miracle.

The Skull And Boner

Why is this position called The Skull and Boner (aka The Melody Maker)? Because it’s a real head rush. To assume this position, you will need a chair or some kind of furniture, like a foot stool, that the receiving partner can easily drape themselves over — while their partner penetrates them. This position is incredible because it allows for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation, as well as easy clitoral access, but also because, with your head back and lowered, it gives you an incredible head rush. Hot stuff.

4. Bobbing For Apples (aka Modified 69)

If you’re looking for something of the oral variety, then Bobbing For Apples (aka The Modified 69) is exactly the treat you’re after. To participate in this very adult version of the holiday tradition, both partners assume the usual 69 position, except instead of being stacked on top of one another, both are laying on their sides. Trust me, this will have you bobbing for apples all year long.

Is it just me, or did we just start four new holiday traditions? Talk about a celebration! Bonus points for any of these done in your Halloween costume.

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