4 Sex Moves To Try On An Airplane If You’re Looking For A Thrill

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If the thought of getting frisky in a porta-potty in the sky turns you on, then joining the Mile High Club may be right up your alley. There's no denying the thrill that comes with having a tryst in a semi-public place. So, if you need help coming up with sex moves to try on an airplane, the good news is that you have options. That said, it's important to know that there can be very serious risks and ramifications if you get caught in the act. Unfortunately, according to Jenna Leigh, a flight attendant of 22 years, most people who try to have sex on a plane end up getting caught. "Truthfully, it’s really hard not to get caught," Leigh told The Huffington Post. "However, it’s the couples who act casual that usually have more successful outcomes."

Assuming you are one of the lucky few who manage to fly under the radar, then well done! If, however, you're less fortunate, then you could end up in legal trouble. "The Mile High Club might be exclusive and tempting but consider that while no state law might be applicable if no one sees you, there are surely some number of federal agencies that will find the conduct actionable," Joseph Tully, criminal lawyer and author of California: State of Collusion, told Bustle. "Since 9/11, it’s best not to stretch the limits on airplanes or you risk the unbridled wrath of Homeland Security — not an agency known for a sense of leniency or humor. Destination sex might be a better bet to stay off the no-fly list.”

Generally speaking, public sex, depending on the specifics of each individual situation could result in a Class A Misdemeanor, or a Class B Misdemeanor, with punishments ranging from an embarrassing interaction with a flight attendant to hefty fine, and in some cases, even jail time. If you and bae are willing to take the risk, then here are the best positions to (carefully!) try.


Airplane lavatories aren't known for their abundance of space. So, if you decide to head to the loo for a quickie, then take advantage of every inch you do have. In this position, the receiver is perched on the edge of the sink while the giver thrusts from the front.

Three-Legged Dog
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Another sex position you can try? The three-legged dog. The receiver and the giver stand face-to-face, with the receiver's leg propped up against the door or on the toilet seat. If there's a major height difference, then the receiver might need to stand on their tiptoes.

Standing Doggy

If you're going for a more scandalous, need-you-right-now vibe, then this modified take on a classic favorite should do the trick. The receiver stands facing away from the giver with their hands propped against the mirror or sink for leverage. Meanwhile, the giver enters from behind.


For those who prefer a more traditional approach to getting down, the sitting position is a solid choice. Have the giver sit on the toilet seat while the receiver sits on their lap facing either toward or away from them.

Ultimately, sharing an intimate moment in an airplane bathroom might not be all it's cracked up to be, but if the thrill turns you on and you're willing to deal with the risks, then go for it!

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