4 Reasons A Church Wedding Is The Perfect Way For You To Tie The Knot

Deciding where to host your wedding is a big step in your wedding-planning process. This is because you're not only deciding on where to say, "I do," you're also making a choice on the meaning of the space to you, the aesthetic of your photos, and the appropriate location for your guests. That can be a lot to take into account at once. One location that actually has a lot of pros is a classic church wedding. There are numerous reasons to have a church wedding that range from symbolism on your special day to accessibility for guests.

The location of your wedding is important for a lot of reasons. More contemporary locations like rustic barns, beaches, or repurposed warehouses can be attractive. But because of their nontraditional qualities, there are numerous variables you have to add to your list with these venues. Getting married in a church can ensure that you don't have to worry about restrooms, seating, accessibility, or the outdoor elements. When you think about it, that's a lot of factors that could end up taking precedence over the more important wedding-planning tasks on your to do list. It's also an ideal choice if you'd like to wed in a religious setting.

If you haven't exactly made a decision about where you want to plan your wedding, check out the following reasons a church wedding just might be right for you.

You don't have to stress about weather.
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One reason to have a church wedding is that it's indoors. The weather is incredibly fickle, so if you're someone that stresses out about factors like rain, a church wedding could be right for you. Choosing an indoor location like a church can eliminate a lot of worry about the weather ruining the ceremony. And it doesn't mean you can't take your photos outside.

You could get married in a church you've gone to or been a part of.
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If you or your partner have regularly attended a church, you could consider getting married there and it could end up meaning a lot to the both of you. This could be a church that you both have gone to or a church that one of you went to when you were younger. Either way, it could mean a lot to return to get married in a church that you used to attend as a member.

You could get married in the church your parents got married in.
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If family and tradition are important to you, you could consider getting married in the same church that your parents were married in. You could even take it a step further and recreate some of their same wedding photos, too.

4. Many churches have a lot of services, deals, and needs already available for your wedding.
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Churches are also great venues for weddings because they're experienced in hosting them. Some churches can be really great about meeting your usual event needs like seating, staff, restrooms. Many contemporary wedding locations like rustic barns, or beaches, aren't always accessible to guests.

If you might have guests with mobility disabilities or guests who wheelchairs, some churches are more likely to be ADA-compliant than some nontraditional venues.

Wherever you end up having your wedding, it will be beautiful!