4 Personality Types Who Prefer No-Labels Love

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Putting a label on your connection is a pretty big moment in a relationship. It's when you go from "we like each other" to "we only like each other." It's a subtle change, but it can mean absolutely everything. For some MBTI types, this moment is the goal. It's all about finding that right person and making it official. But for the personality types who don’t like labels on their relationships, getting to this point isn't something they have any interest in rushing. It's not that they don't have big hearts and plenty of love to give; it's just that they prefer to take things slow and keep it casual. Because along with all the great things that come with labeling your relationship, it does add expectations and responsibilities, and that's not something these types take lightly or are in any hurry to commit to.

If that sounds like you (or someone you're amorphously in a relationship with), chances are they're one of the Myers-Briggs personality types that just doesn't do labels.

ESFP (The Entertainer)

ESFPs are rarely in any rush to get into a relationship. Instead, they prefer to keep things casual and date around to ensure they stay fresh and exciting. They're all about keeping both their work and social life flexible with plenty of room for spontaneity. This comes down to their being free spirits, who want to take advantage of every moment and live life to the fullest. When they're inclined to get into a relationship, they take things slowly and are looking for a partner who shares their attitude and lust for life. This includes holding off on labeling their relationship until they're both good and ready, somewhere down the line.

ENTP (The Debater)

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ENTPs are all about intellectual and personal growth. They see each day as an opportunity to learn more about the world and themselves. As a result, they tend to feel a bit too confined by traditionally defined relationships because, to them, they feel too static. They want a connection with plenty of room for independence, but also a partner who values growth and self-discovery as much as they do. The quickest way to lose this personality type is by not giving them the space they require, or by being what they would consider needy. It's all about trust and freedom for this personality type.

ESTP (The Entrepreneur)

ESTPs are all about living in the moment. They have a taste for adventure and like to keep things light and fun. Because of this, they tend to gravitate to more casual dating relationships that slowly evolve when they feel as though they've met the right person. This process may be a bit of a slow one, with one step forward and two steps back, as ESTPs are reluctant to fully commit. But when they find the right partner who has the same restless spirit and also dreads routine, they can finally get serious — even if they prefer not to officially label the relationship.

ISTP (The Virtuoso)

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ISTPs aren't going to be mistaken for an old-school romantic anytime soon. They just get weirded out by the more traditional style of relationships; they feel inauthentic and overly emotional to this analytical type. They're not likely to be swept up in any whirlwind romances that lead them to define the relationship quickly. Instead, they're merely likely to fall in love over a long period with their best friend. ISTPs want a partner that they're highly compatible with, but who also really understands their strict boundaries, and they're so happy single that they don’t feel a need to compromise. Once they are dating someone, they still like to maintain a lot of autonomy so they won’t be in any rush to put a label on things. That's because labels lead to expectations, and ISTPs take things at their own pace, period.

It's important to remember that while these personality types might prefer to not put labels on things, that doesn't mean they can't make amazing and committed partners. It's just that it could be a (long) while before they change their relationship status online. Because, to them, labels are for cans, not relationships.

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