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These Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Will Do The Trick

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Autumn can be a busy time of year. Some people are gearing up for the holidays, while others are taking road trips before the ground is covered in snow. So it may come as no surprise that you, your SO, and your best friends need a few last-minute Halloween 2019 costumes to choose from.

Your schedule may have been really hectic lately. You didn't have time to check out the pop-up shops in your city and scroll through round-ups of #looks based off the characters from your favorite movies. You may have turned over the party plans to your best friend, who has been hoping to host the annual bash on Oct. 31 for years, and declared you'd think about your costume "later."

That's OK. Life gets busy and events like Halloween may be put on the back-burner at times. But don't begin to think your costume is going to be boring because you didn't put months of preparation into it. You're going to pull off an epic costume at the last minute. That's where I come in to give you these four ideas that are easy to put together. You can't go wrong with any of them. (Ready, set, get your spook on.)

Jim And Pam From 'The Office'
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If you and your SO are looking for a costume to wear together, but don't have much time to run to the store before Halloween, consider being Jim and Pam from The Office. It's tried and true (Seriously, my boyfriend and I rocked this #look last year.) and will rake in the likes.

To put it together, you simply need a few "work" outfits, like a dress shirt and a black turtleneck, pieces of black construction paper, a messenger bag, and cat ears. If you're Pam, use your makeup or some face paint to draw a nose and whiskers on your face. If you're Jim, cut out three hole punches to attach to your shirt.

A Baseball Player

October is major for baseball fans. This is when their favorite teams compete in the postseason and hopefully win the World Series. To celebrate, you should be a baseball player for Halloween. Simply wear a jersey or tee from your favorite team, rock a pair of white sneakers, grab a cap, and go. If you have time to take your #look to the next level, get a pair of knee-high sports socks too.

A Witch

You can't go wrong with being something spooky for Halloween. After all, that's what the holiday is about: collecting boos, tricks, and treats. So if you're on a time crunch and need a costume that's totally witchin', then be a witch.

Walk into the party with a sparkly, pointy hat, a black dress, and your favorite pair of black booties. Ask where you can find the witch's brew, and post a lot of pictures on social media too.

Minnie Or Mickey Mouse

Disney fans can spread the Halloween magic with a Minnie or Mickey Mouse costume. It's simple to put together, thanks to the mouse ears that are all over the Internet and local Halloween shops. The look can be completed with a red tutu or red shorts and a pair of yellow shoes.

Once you put those items on, you may decide to wear red lipstick, a pearl necklace, or a pair of suspenders, too. You can add white polka dots to your tutu with a little bit of crafting time in your apartment. That way, you can show up to the party in a perfect costume you put together at the last-minute.

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