4 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Details That Will Make You Wish It Was Already Fall


Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy is due to end with a bang, with promises of a wedding and two epic character departures surrounding the finale episode on May 17. Besides longtime characters leaving, this particular season finale ought to be quite heartbreaking, especially given that no one can get married on this show without some gut-wrenching drama first. As much as I'm waiting for Jo and Alex's nuptials with bated breath, I'm so ready to speculate about what comes next for the show. Grey's Anatomy has already been renewed for another season, and we have 4 Grey's Anatomy Season 15 details to analyze until the show returns in the fall.

Nowadays, the only thing we can rely on with Grey's Anatomy is that Meredith Grey will last until the very end and everyone around her is never safe. Not including this certainty, we've managed to track down all that we know about the show's fifteenth season so far, so we can temporarily forget about which doctors will inevitably be dealt random, uncharacteristic storylines. Can we make it through next year without a widespread trauma or just-a-smidge-too-scandalous love affair?

TBH, if Shonda Rhimes is in charge, probably not, but I won't be too mad about it. Onward to Season 15!

Dr. Nick Marsh Could Pop Up At Any Time

I'll never truly accept Meredith with anyone other than Derek, but her flirtation with transplant surgeon Nick was cute enough to keep me intrigued. His only appearance on Grey's Anatomy involved Meredith saving his kidney, which is definitely fuel for a romantic prospect further down the line. Whether or not we'll see Scott Speedman return in the role is a mystery, but Ellen Pompeo gave E! News a hint about his status, revealing:

He's welcome anytime, he knows that. Him and I had so much fun, so that door is open for him if ever he wants that, he knows that.

Hmm, now what's their best possible couple name...

Ellen Pompeo Wants The Medical Content To Get Even Realer

Understandably, sometimes the show's medical storylines take a back seat to the characters' personal drama, and leading lady Pompeo wants Grey's Anatomy to take a deeper dive into health. Speaking to E! News, she said of Season 15:

I'd like to get in to neurological diseases, and disease in general and talk about what's causing it. What we're ingesting, what we're inhaling, the chemicals that are in our food, water, air—what really is making people sick. I'd love to deal with that. I don't know if that's a popular thing on network television and sponsors may not like that, so I don't know that we'll do that. We can't be so political, right? We're half rom-com, half procedural, but I would like to tackle the issue of illness and the chemicals in our environment that are poisoning the planet and our people.

Her wish is a heavy order, but given her hefty Grey's Anatomy paycheck and producer status, I think Pompeo could get away with a lot of her very specific storyline hopes. But then again, can Rhimes make environmental chemicals sexy enough for Shondaland fans?

Most Of The Current Cast Will Remain For Season 15

We already know about April and Arizona's exits approaching, but ABC's press release confirming a new season also includes the actors returning for another year. There are no surprises there, with original actors Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. joining Pompeo. Others, such as Kevin McKidd, Jesse Williams, and Caterina Scorsone, will still appear, along with Camilla Luddington, Kelly McCreary, and Giacomo Gianniotti.

But, for real, when does Sandra Oh make a guest appearance?

Season 15 Makes The Show ABC's Longest-Running Series Ever

When news of the show's renewal hit, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that it meant Grey's Anatomy is now ABC's longest-running primetime drama. Only seven other dramas — all procedural-type shows — have lasted longer than Grey's Anatomy, and it will now tie with ER as the longest-running medical drama series. With the way TV and how it's consumed has changed over the past decade, not many shows will reach this milestone in the future, so the record is definitely a big deal. Seeing as Pompeo signed a deal carrying through to a possible Season 16, Grey's Anatomy could break even more records in another year, but we'll have to wait and see if that's in the cards.

Of course, if the season finale throws us a major cliffhanger, we could have even more possibilities to consider for Season 15 soon. Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy returns on Thursday, May 10 before its finale airs on May 17 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.