4 First Day Of School Outfits That Will Guarantee You A+ Style

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Picking out what to wear is already hard enough without having to factor in the added pressure of first impressions. To make your return to campus as stress-free as possible, consider referencing the below first day of school outfits for some sartorial inspiration. With a new schedule to memorize, new friends to make, and new subjects to dive into, you've already got enough on your mind, so give your brain a much-needed break and let me do the heavy sartorial lifting for you.

Featuring a bag capable of carrying a laptop and books, clothing, shoes, and an accessory, each outfit is completely styled out so that you can put your focus towards acing more important things like that biochemistry class you enrolled in. And no matter what your style skews towards, there will be a look you'll love. From sporty to punky, bohemian to preppy (think Blair Waldorf but with a much cooler, modern edge), all of the bases are covered, so go ahead and add "new outfit" to your back-to-school shopping list right now because I guarantee you'll see something you need. Check each of the looks out below and get ready to nail A++ gold star style.

Sporty Spice

Sometimes all you want to wear to school is a pair of sweats and a tee. This outfit comprises just that but in slightly elevated form. Grounded in classic Air Force 1s and accessorized with a multi-color acetate timepiece, this look is equal parts cool and comfy — sounds like an ideal Monday morning outfit to me!

What's Up, Punk

The standout pick from this outfit is obviously the boots. Chunky, patent, and pastel lilac, they certainly steal the sartorial spotlight and have slightly sweet yet undeniably edgy vibe. Completing the look are black bike shorts to wear underneath an oversized Jimi Hendrix T-shirt dress, a boxy black backpack by Dr. Martens, and pair of upside-down crescent moon earrings.

Bohemian Dreaming

Long flowy floral dresses, a soft brown suede bag, gold hoops wrapped with colorful threads, leather lace-up sandals — it doesn't get more bohemian than that. If you really want to bring a laidback California vibe to the look consider adding a wide-brim hat or loading up your fingers with turquoise and crystal rings. An outfit fit for daydreamers and free spirits, this look will help bring the chilled out vibes to class, no matter how intense your course load gets.

XOXO, Gossip Girl


I briefly attended a private school that required students to wear uniforms and I'm convinced that's where my love for prep-with-a-twist dressing comes from. Here, that twist takes shape in the form of loafers that have been made slightly more playful by the addition of a leopard print detail. Paired with a white button-up shirt, black skirt, leather tote bag, and pearl hair clips, they'll look top-notch.

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