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All The Campus Outfit Ideas You'll Actually Be Excited To Wear

A look for every day of the week.

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Class is back in session, and after spending so long in throes of Zoom University, most students are, understandably, ready to flex with fashion every day of the week. Therefore, before you go and load up on binders and overpriced textbooks, get a handle on the biggest back-to-school fashion trends making their way around campuses everywhere already. Even if you’re still online, rest assured most of these trends are blowing up outside of the classroom.

Let’s be real: You’ll likely be rolling up to class a little tired and a little stressed, and you won’t want to hem and haw over your entire closet every morning. Instead, having an idea of the ‘fits and pieces you want to rock ahead of time is your gateway to an easy, trendy fall — and maybe a few extra minutes of sleep. Luckily, there are plenty of editorial options that can be thrown together and still feel comfy to wear. I’m talking run out of bed with five minutes to go, bags under your eyes, and somehow still feeling like you could be featured on a street-style Instagram.

Taking inspiration from your favorite Gen Z cool girls, TikTok influencers, and more classic looks, these back-to-school looks are primed to make this season your trendiest yet.

A Polo, Oversized Crewneck, And Tennis Skirt

This look has “university in the Northeast” written all over it. It’s playful and sporty, but the peek-a-boo collar makes it feel entirely put together... and less like you’re supposed to be playing tennis. The mini skirt and layered crewneck are also great for the hard-to judge fall weather. Not to mention, it has Gen Z cool girl Emma Chamberlain’s approval.

Baggy Jeans And An Oversized T-Shirt

A pair of baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt is great look for the days when you want to look cute but still be comfortable. The relaxed fit is so trendy and easy to pull off. Wear this look with your absolute favorite sneakers to complete the whole ‘fit.

A Delicate Cami With A Cardigan

You don’t have to retire all of your tiny, summer tops. Instead, you can pair them with a soft cardigan. It makes what were your sexy tank tops into sensible tops you could even wear to dinner with parents.

A Full Monochromatic Look
Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A monochromatic outfit makes an impression, and this ‘fit will definitely get the job done. If you’re on the fence about what color palette to go with, Gen Z’s new love of chocolate brown is a good starting point. But when it doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic, all-white look.

Bike Shorts And A Button Down
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This look from Julien Calloway (played by actor Jordan Alexander) did make an appearance in the first day of school episode of Gossip Girl, and for a good reason. By styling this look with some gold jewelry and either pristine white sneakers, boots, or your favorite chunky loafers, you’ll look you could step off campus and right onto the Upper East Siders’ stomping grounds.

A Slip Dress And A White T Shirt

Grab your ‘90s slip dress and throw it over a white T-shirt for a slightly more conservative but dressier look. Once the winds get brisker, you can add a pair of tights to take this look into November. It’s a Courtney Love, Olivia Rodrigo, Charli D’Amelio, babydoll look that, despite being sweet, is undeniably grunge.

A Graphic Tee And Patterned Pants
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A pair of patterned pants is an excellent statement piece because you can pair them with nearly anything. Add a white t-shirt, a graphic top, or pretty much anything other top you have, and you’ll have an Instagrammable outfit that’s class-ready in less than five minutes.

A Matching Sweat Set
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You don’t have to give up your joggers just because you’re back on campus IRL. But a matching sweat set elevates your comfy clothes just a teensy bit more. A set feels a tad more intentional and put-together, but still allows you to feel as cozy as if you were in your own bed.