4 Festivals Around The World You Really Need To Put On Your 20s Bucket List

by Ciara Johnson
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As we enter the beginning of spring, we are on the brink of festival season. I'm not just talking Coachella, either. Many annual festivals around the world give you the chance to celebrate a country's culture, or life itself. Who doesn't want an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry with their BFFs? I know I do. Festivals are the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with a new place and so many new customs. It's the perfect time to see a city come alive. There are some festivals around the world that should be at the top of your bucket list.

Festivals seem to bring out the good vibes in everyone. You can't help but have a good time in a crowd of people who are down to do the exact same thing. There are festivals around the world celebrating music, culture, food, wine, bacon, and almost anything else you could imagine. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure - they're all rooted in making the most out of life. There's a festival out there for everyone. You've just gotta find it. Once you do, you can gather up your crew, save your money, and count down the days until you arrive.

Holi Festival In India
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Holi Festival is held in India, but it might just be the most colorful festival in the entire world. According to Times Of India, the prime theme of Holi is the celebration of good overpowering evil. The festival highlights a bonfire where people come together to sing and dance, followed by the amazing color fight. Colored powder and water are slung from left to right as people paint the city and each other so many vibrant colors. This is truly something you want to be part of.

Oktoberfest In Germany
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Are you a beer lover? If so, you might want to book a flight to Germany to attend Oktoberfest.

What began as a celebration for a royal marriage way back in 1810, now brings over 6 million people yearly to Munich for a beer-themed festival, according to The Guardian. You’ll see everyone and their mother singing and dancing to music with a pint in hand. There are now smaller versions of this festival held around the world these days, but you’ve got to fly to Munich if you want the real deal.

The festival goes from the end of September through the beginning of October. Get your dirndls and lederhosen ready!

Carnevale Di Venezia In Italy
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Carnevale runs from the end of January through mid-February in Venice, Italy. If you've never been to Venice before, it's an unbelievable gem with so many colorful buildings and gorgeous canals that'll really satisfy your wanderlust. The Carnevale festival really makes this place come to life even more.

According to The Venice Insider, the city transforms into a huge, vibrant celebration. People wear Venetian masks and elaborate costumes to embrace the Italian culture and history through performances.

Mardi Gras In New Orleans
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If the beignets aren’t enough to make you book a flight to New Orleans ASAP, Mardi Gras might do the trick. This Italian-French celebration is elaborate, colorful, and so much fun, and is always based around Ash Wednesday. You'll want to make sure you're decked out in the gold, purple, or green - the official colors of Mardi Gras. Bands and floats parade the streets, bedazzled masks are worn, and beads are thrown out into the crowds. The parties range from family friendly to lit AF, so feel free to take your pick!

Whether you want to parade up and down Bourbon Street in masks, or paint yourself in colors, there is a festival out there for you. Your 20s is all about enjoying life, and festivals are one of the best ways to do that!