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Take 1 Of These Fall Road Trips With Dad For The Best Bonding Experience Ever

by Kristin Corpuz
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Out of all the types of adventures you can embark on, road trips are some of the most fun. Not only do you have quality bonding time with the people in the car, but a road trip allows you to explore a bunch of different destinations all in one trip. You may even discover some hidden gems. If you're looking for fun travel plans, here are fall road trips to take with your dad or the dad figure in your life so you can have the bonding experience of a lifetime.

Your dad is bound to make a fantastic road trip companion. After all, he may have been the one to teach you how to drive in the first place. He'll jump to your aid if anything goes awry on the trip, and you'll spend the getaway entertained by his endless amount of dad jokes. Fall is a wonderful time to take a road trip, too; the leaves are changing, the weather cools down, and your route will be like a scenic postcard.

So if you and your dad are looking for fun ways to bond while also exploring more of the U.S., consider going on one of these four road trips this fall.

For A Stunningly Scenic Coastal Route

The Pacific Coast Highway — or PCH, as it's lovingly called on the West Coast — is the perfect place for you and your dad to catch scenic coastal #views. If you drive the whole thing, you can pass through cities as far south as San Diego and Los Angeles, up to the Bay Area in northern California, and then up through Oregon and Washington. It's a gorgeous drive that takes you through a bunch of different cities with their own character so you can have a really well-rounded trip.

For A Nature-Fueled Getaway

If you're looking for breathtaking desert views, consider driving from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California. You'll pass through mountains and deserts, and you'll even be able to make a pit stop in Vegas. It's an amazing experience if you love seeing lots of different kinds of nature.

For Fall Foliage And Gorgeous Mountain Views

There's no better place in the U.S. to experience fall foliage than in New England. The beautiful mountains and rolling hills — paired with incredible changing leaves throughout September and October — make for a scenic drive neither of you will ever forget.

If you leave from Boston, pretty much any route you take to Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine, you're guaranteed to have a picturesque drive. You'll pass through charming New England towns so you can stop, take photos, and pick up souvenirs.

For The Road Trip Of A Lifetime

Who's up for a cross-country road trip? If you and your dad have a week or so for a vacay, take a cross-country road trip. There are a ton of different route options depending on if you want to explore the north or south of the country, and you can even go diagonally across the country for an even longer route.

I've gone on a couple cross-country road trips myself — both with my family and with my boyfriend — and they're always great for making a ton of new memories and exploring parts of the country you may not have visited otherwise.

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