4 Epic Things To Do On Spring Break Plans If You Can't Study Abroad

Study abroad is the ultimate way to blend adventure and education while you're in college. It's an opportunity to learn more about a different culture, language, yourself, and much more than you ever imagined. You'll be able to fulfill your travel dreams while finishing your degree, and I can't think of anything better than that. It's a must-have experience while you're in college, but it may not always be feasible. Maybe the timing just isn't right, and that's totally OK. Here are some of the most epic spring break plans to make if you can't study abroad quite yet.

Fall semester is over, and spring break will be here before you know it. Spring break is another bucket list college experience. It's a fun time to ditch the books and live it up with your college besties. You'll be making the best memories in a new destination.

If you weren't able to study abroad, spring break might be the perfect time to discover a new destination on your own terms. You have a whole week to get out there, explore, and have your own mini getaway. You'd be surprised how much you can see and learn in a week. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Visit A Friend Who's Studying Abroad

What's the next best thing to studying abroad? Well, visiting a friend who's studying abroad, of course! If you have a bestie who's studying abroad, then this is a prime opportunity to experience another part of the world.

Your friend will be able to show you around their new stomping ground, and introduce you to new friends. You'll share local meals together, and you finally have the chance to see an exciting place through your friend's eyes.

Go To Paris In Vegas
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So maybe you can't jet-set across the world to your ultimate bucket list destination. That's totally OK! Consider heading to a nearby destination that will give you a little taste of your dream destination, like visiting Paris Las Vegas.

Alternatively, you could visit various spots such as Chinatown in San Francisco, or Little Italy in New York City. You'll have the ability to temporarily immerse yourself in a divine culture that you hope to visit one day.

Plan A Staycation
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Have you had a chance to truly explore your college town? School can get really busy, which means that you don't always have time to try out that new restaurant or check out that cool art gallery down the street.

Why not plan a staycation in your college town? You'll be able to rediscover what brought you there. You'll have a greater appreciation for the simple things that you typically overlook when you're rushing off to class or hanging out with friends.

Basically, you'll be able to see your college town through a new lens. With the money you save from not actually traveling, you can splurge a bit on local hotspots.

"Study Abroad And Chill"
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Instead of Netflix and chill, consider creating your own version of "study abroad and chill." This is a chance for you to fulfill your inner wanderlust without flying halfway across the world.

Spend several days immersing yourself in a new culture from the comfort of your home. Pick a documentary or movie on Netflix about your dream destination, choose a local recipe from Pinterest to make, and create a vision board full of pictures that will inspire you to see the place for yourself in the near future. After all, there's always next semester!