4 Clever Texts To Send Your College Crush If You Haven't Seen Them All Summer

After a long summer apart, you may want to remind the person you like that you exist by sending clever texts to your college crush. Whether or not you have been talking intermittently all summer, or your convos have lulled during the break, texting your crush before school starts up again can get you excited to see them again.

Now, what you text them will, of course, depend on how you two have interacted in the past. Did you have classes together? Did you meet at a party? Were they across the hall from you in your freshman year dorm? Have you two hooked up or even dated?

The following texts are guidelines to get you thinking, but feel free to send these exactly as they are. Don't be afraid to add in personal details — your crush wants to get to know you. After the first text, maybe you two will get to talking, and make plans to meet up right when you both get back to school. And then my work here will be done. Read on for some texts to send to your crush.

Bring up school.

If you and your crush have been in the same class before, or you share a major or minor, play that up as school draws closer. Send them a text like, "Please tell me you signed up for [insert class here] with [insert teacher here] so I'm not all alone."

This will maybe get your crush to tell your their class schedule, so you can see if you have any of the same classes. Also, it implies you viewed your previous class together as some shared camaraderie experience for the two of you, and wish for that to happen again.

Play into their competitive side.

Lean into their competitive nature. Try saying something like, "I've been practicing my volleyball moves all summer to beat you at Greek Week this year," with an accompanying emoji of choice. This'll show your crush you've been thinking of them throughout the break, and you're excited to see them at upcoming Greek events.

Use Instagram as an excuse.

If you have an existing friendship or flirtation with this person and have hung out and documented it via selfies or other photos before, use Instagram as an excuse to text them.

"I was looking for a #tbt to post on Insta, and saw this photo of us. When are we recreating this pic?"

A text like this reminds your crush of fun times you've had together and it's a bold way to make something happen again soon.

If you've hooked up before, feel free to go *there.*

If you've hooked up with your crush before and are more comfortable with them, maybe get a little playful and extra flirtatious. Send over a text like, "What dorm are you in this year again? I want to know my morning-after commute to class."

Have fun getting flirty with your crush – and I'm sure you'll be sending off screenshots to the group chats if these work for you.

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