39 Strange Things On Amazon That Reviewers Are Seriously Passionate About

by Alida Nugent

There are regular products, and then there are products that inspire reviewers to write incredibly passionate reviews on Amazon. These are the reviews you trust. If you're reading a novel of praise for something as simple as a kitchen product, it's bound to be good. And believe me, there are some strange things on Amazon that reviewers go bananas about.

It's not just scoops that get the near-perfect reviews, of course. There are these weird-but-awesome eyebrow razors which are one of my personal favorite things on Amazon. You heard me, eyebrow razors. Before you go writing me off here, as of this moment, they're at 4.1-stars from more than 2,000 reviewers. How about this silicone popcorn popper that makes regular kernels poppable in the microwave, even oil-free if so desired? This 4.8-star device is so super that one reviewer characterizes it as their "new best friend."

Finally, if you're in the mood for something slightly naughty, Amazon delivers (in just two days with Prime, too). Try the NSFW Edition of Exploding Kittens, the popular party game, this time with an edgy twist. I think the folks at Amazon might as well just stop counting as far as this item is concerned, because it has more than 12,000 reviews, and you really should read them all when you have a free afternoon because some of them are funny AF.

But not right now — you have shopping to do.

The Jack-Of-All-Trades Healing Tea Tree Oil Balm

Tea tree oil is one of nature's great cure-alls, and this balm —formulated with a 100 percent natural, therapeutic grade version that's blended with olive oil and beeswax — can be a real lifesaver in many situations. Use it on wounds, rashes, and insect bites; soothe chapped skin, including chapped lips; or relieve itching anywhere it strikes. It's the perfect multi-purpose addition to your purse, backpack, or first aid kit.

These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Are An Improbably Huge Hit

Great for use anytime you're outdoors, these wine glasses are crafted from stainless steel — so you'll definitely never run the risk of breakage. Perfect for cocktails, too, they hold up to 18 ounces of your favorite beverage and keep it deliciously ice cold: plus their sleek, brushed finish looks stylish and is guaranteed to draw comments in any setting.

A Shampoo That Helps To Encourage Growth In Thinning Hair

The all-natural ingredients in this biotin shampoo win raves from lots of (previously skeptical) reviewers, who routinely mention the word "magic" in their reviews with respect to the results they've achieved. This silicone-, sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free formula strengthens hair follicles and fosters an environment that encourages the growth of new hair. It's made with tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil — and even decreases shedding.

The Device That Makes Compacting Cans For Recycling Fast And Easy

If you're into recycling — and who isn't, these days? — then this device is definitely something to have in your arsenal. It instantly reduces cans to just about 1-inch in height, saving space in your bins and making them much easier to transport. Made to last with durable all-steel construction, it's easy to operate and installs quickly: and works on both 12- and 16-inch cans.

This Simple Scoop Gets 4.9-Stars From More Than 1,000 Reviewers

A flexible scoop with over 1,000 reviews? Yep: its flexible head enables controlled pouring into narrow containers, and it's great for your fridge's ice maker, too. The non-slip handle also contributes to why reviewers love it so much: one even calls it "Life changing."

These Eyebrow Razors Are A Great All-Purpose Beauty Tool

Ever since I discovered these razors, I won't be without them in my beauty kit. I'll admit, they might seem a little odd, but they're awesome for keeping your brows tidy in between waxings or threadings. They also have another smart use: you can safely get rid of unwanted peach fuzz off of the face, and it'll provide a light exfoliation that helps makeup to go on smoother.

These Bowls With Lids Are A Must-Have For Kitchens

Mix up your pancake batter then let it rest in the fridge without worry — if you use one of these bowls that come with their own lids for prep-to-storage convenience. Made from high-grade stainless steel, the bowls' matte finish preserves the shiny look even through heavy use, and they have non-slip silicone bottoms; the lids are made from durable, BPA-free silicone, too.

A Laundry Hamper That's Designed To Stay Out Of The Way

Hang this laundry hamper behind the door of any room for a space-saving solution for those dirty clothes. Ideal for apartments, dorms, and other small spaces, the hamper's large size will easily accommodate an average washer load's worth of garments. It also unzips from the back for easy emptying, and is (ha!) machine-washable. Stainless steel hooks for hanging on the door are included, and the hamper is available in five colors.

The At-Home Whitening Kit That's On Par With The Dentist's

If you have just 30 minutes a day, you have all the time needed for this whitening kit to do its work—that's just how strong it is. The professional-grade, dentist-approved formula is organic, safe on enamel, and gluten-, paraben-, GMO-, and sulfate-free, as well as cruelty-free and vegan. It comes with a universal fit tray suitable for most mouths: plus, an upper and lower bite tray, a custom mouthpiece tray, the ultra-bright blue LED light, and all the gel you'll need.

These Copper Compression Sleeves Are Actually For Your Arches

You've probably heard of copper compression sleeves for the knees, calves, and arms, but this version goes on the arches of the feet to provide arch support as well as relief from plantar fasciitis, bunions, and all kinds of other foot pain. Infused with a high quantity of genuine copper ions, they provide strong relief, and are designed to be comfortable enough for everyday wear.

The Exercise Ball That's A Full-Featured Workout Station

Like an all-in-one gym, this fitness ball can facilitate a full body workout. The ball itself is crafted from heavy-duty, burst-proof PVC, and it's fitted with a stability ring that prevents it from moving around on the floor while you do your exercises. It's also outfitted with resistance bands for leg and arm exercises — and for working your core. A pump is included so you can inflate the ball, and it also comes with a poster outlining 100 exercises that are possible with this setup.

These Claws Prove Why Bears Are So Good At Tearing Apart Food

Pull apart roasted meats with these claws that are designed to mimic the way bears dig into their food (because hey, that's pretty effective). Crafted from heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic, they're heat-resistant to 450 degrees, the perfect accessory for grilling, cooking on the rotisserie, and much more. Use them to help carve turkey and other meats as well, and try tossing your salad with these unique accessories. They're dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, too.

The Uber-Popular Phone Accessory That Protects Your Phone From Accidental Falls

With its fool-proof functionality, it's hard to overlook this smartphone grip that's suitable for just about any device out there. Designed to enable users to get a convenient and secure one-handed grip on their smartphone, it features a slim, pocket-friendly profile made from soft, comfortable elastic backed with 3M adhesive that's removable and doesn't leave any residue.

A Comforter Set Fitting Everyone's New Favorite Bedding Description: "Minky"

If one of your requirements for bedding is "soft AF," this comforter set is the plush version of your dreams. The twin set includes the comforter and one sham, with each featuring one side covered in this plush-feeling polyester and the other in cloud-like faux fleece. The comforter is stuffed with a down alternative, and both pieces are machine-washable.

This Oil Is A Salon Favorite For Conditioning Nails And Cuticles

A longtime favorite of nail techs, this nail and cuticle oil is a blend of jojoba and sweet almond oils — plus, vitamin E provides a deeply nourishing, hydrating treatment to dry nails and the skin around them. Packed with antioxidant properties, it's designed to be used every day or as needed to promote growth, to moisturize, and to prevent brittleness so nails don't break.

These Silicone Strips Help You Keep Your Kitchen Clean

You never know what builds up on the floors of your kitchen for bugs to eventually feast on — and these gap covers are one way to lessen the amount of food that ends up down there in the buffet. Crafted from sleek, matte black silicone, they stretch between your counter and your stove (or your counter and your dishwasher) and prevent crumbs from escaping down to the floor. Trim them to custom lengths with plain old household scissors.

A Pair Of Memory Foam Support Cushions That Promote A Healthy Spine

With slip-proof backing so they'll stay put once you place them in the most therapeutic positioning, these cushions offer memory foam support that can help you sit comfortably for everyday use. Best of all, they'll also relieving the pain of conditions like sciatica, herniated discs, and tailbone injuries. Ideal for use during pregnancy as well as while driving, these cushions come with washable zippered covers for easy cleaning.

One Palette For Your Eyes, Cheeks, And Lips

Packed with three formulas — sheer, medium, and intensely opaque — in one, this lip and cheek palette is a great timesaver and a versatile solution for your makeup bag. The three available shade families encompass a match that will leave every skin tone radiant and dewy. Vegan and cruelty-free, it uses coconut extract to provide a natural glow.

The Adhesive Hooks That Add Hanging Space Without Nails

Ideal for creating hanging storage wherever it's needed without the use of nails or screws, these adhesive hooks also boast tailored, modern good looks. Made from PVC that's backed with an ultra-strong adhesive, plus natural wood, each hook can hold up to 8 pounds, and they're waterproof and rust-resistant — even in moister environments like the bathroom. The round wooden pegs won't scratch or snag anything that's hung there.

This Touch-Activated Lamp Has So Many Uses

Cable-free and highly versatile, this lamp can be used just about anywhere. The easy portability pairs with a 360-degree LED light for almost infinite light settings that are touch-controlled. Plus, this rechargeable battery lasts up to 110 hours on one charge, and this full-featured lamp is one that you could easily add to the décor of any room.

The Little Massager That's Great For Even The Largest Aches And Pains

Designed to fit right in the palm of your hand, this massager is equipped with three heads that vibrate to release aches and pains as you dig them into your muscles for targeted myofascial relief. A great stress reliever at the end of a long day, it's battery-operated for cordless convenience, and its small size makes it easy to carry along when you're on-the-go.

These Awesome Yoga Pants With Pockets

With a hidden inner waistband pocket for your valuables and a side thigh pocket for your phone, these leggings allow you to carry everything you need while you work out — without having to worry about leaving your keys by the elliptical or your smartphone in the locker room. Crafted from high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric, they feature a high waist and a wide waistband.

This Magnetic Strip Is A Space-Saving Way To Store Anything Metal

A space-saving (and safer) alternative to storing your knives loose in the drawer, this magnetic bar is the sleek, modern answer to knife blocks. But don't think it's just for knives: It's also super-useful in the crafting room and in the workshop. With a fully magnetic surface powered by a neodymium rare Earth magnet, this strip is powerful enough to hold hammers and wrenches, so use your imagination — it's ultra-versatile.

The Spray That's A More Eco-Friendly Alternative To Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are definitely not eco-friendly, and they're also hard on your plumbing. This toilet paper spray is a better solution: Made with a blend of coconut and apricot oil plus aloe and other natural ingredients, 2-3 sprays of it on your own toilet paper enable you to get a thorough, soothing clean without changing the composition of the paper. It's great to carry in your purse or backpack for use on the go, too.

A Skillet That Makes Poaching Eggs Neat, Clean, And Easy

Poaching eggs can be a real mess, but not with this skillet set that includes four non-stick cups to keep the eggs tightly nested while cooking — and they easily release once they're done. The stainless steel pan is paired with a vented glass lid that lets you can keep an eye on your eggs while they cook. One reviewer writes: "Eggcellent! Well constructed, easy to clean and it makes great poached eggs. A terrific value, I'm glad I bought it!"

This Inflatable Lounger Is As Great Afloat As It Is On Land

No pump is required to inflate this unique lounger that can be used for everything from a campsite couch to a fun float at the pool, the lake, or the beach. It even features large mesh pockets to keep your must-haves like magazines and a water bottle nearby, and there's a pillow-shaped square headrest for comfort. At just under 3 pounds, it's ultra-portable, too.

The Smart Plug That Can Help You Control Your Appliances From Anywhere In The World

Set lighting scenes, turn lights on and off as you leave or come home, confuse would-be burglars while you're away from home, even save energy — this smart plug can do it all. Use the free app to help manage any appliance plugged into this outlet or even sync it up to your Alexa or Google Home. No hub is required to control a wide range of plug-in devices.

A Derma Roller For Spa Treatments At Home

Treat yourself to the kind of luxury treatment you'd normally only be able to indulge in at the spa right in the privacy of your own bathroom with this derma roller that features hundreds of titanium micro-needles. This device promotes blood flow, collagen regeneration, and a healthy, glowing complexion; additionally, serums and moisturizers penetrate deeper for improved effectiveness.

It Looks Like Lip Balm, But Provides Focus-Enhancing, Energy-Boosting Aromatherapy

While these tubes look like lip balm, they're actually aromatherapy inhalers with custom-blended scents designed to deliver a boost in both energy and focus. Deriving their efficacy from a blend of powerful essential oils, the vapors can also relieve headaches and stomachaches, using only natural ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Their small size makes them easy to carry in a backpack, purse, or pocket for use on the go.

The Silicone Hooks That Make Sure Your Airpods Or Earbuds Stay In Place

Designed to cover your Air Pods or earbuds and hook over your ears, these covers will ensure that you never again have to worry about them falling out of your ears or joggling around while you're working out or just walking around. Crafted from premium silicone, they not only add comfort and stability, but they also block out ambient noise for improved sound quality.

This Roll-On Pain Reliever Is A Favorite Of Physical Therapists

Back when I suffered from chronic back pain, I got frequent massages out of necessity. I saw this roll-on in one therapist's treatment room, and then another, and then another. Eventually, it got to the point where I'd feel a cooling sensation on my back and I'd ask, "That's the BioFreeze, right?" This gel is synonymous with relief and has to be tried to be believed.

The Simple Kitchen Screen That Will Save So Much Time Cleaning Up Messes

Proving that the simplest things can sometimes make the biggest difference, this three-sided splatter guard can be used while baking or cooking to stave off messes in the kitchen before they start. Put it up while you're frying bacon or sausage to keep your stove and the walls around it clean, use it while you're whipping potatoes or frosting so the beaters don't throw off specks everywhere, or keep your spaghetti sauce from spattering all over the place. The non-stick finish on this shield makes clean-up easy.

This Soap Has Thousands Of Reviewers In A Lather

Handcrafted using an all-natural cold process system that produces a thick, foamy lather, this soap is formulated with natural pine tar for a woodsy, pleasant scent. The bar also includes pine products and sand to provide an exfoliating treatment that's paired with natural oils to replenish the skin while they clean. Completely chemical-free, this soap leaves the user refreshed and with a light pine scent.

An Ice Ball That Will Up Your Cocktail Game

Designer ice is a thing these days, and this ice mold will keep you on trend by producing two large ice spheres to chill down your cocktails in style. Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone, it's easy to fill, and flexes easily to release the spheres once they're frozen. Plus, you can make beautiful decorative ice cubes by freezing juices — or by including fruits or herbs in your ice cubes.

The Mat That Makes It Easy To Stand For Hours On End In The Kitchen

As someone who loves to cook and therefore stands for hours on end in the kitchen, I can tell you that you will absolutely love this mat. Its anti-fatigue cushion design is built around a thick, supportive 3/4-inch ergonomic foam core to prevent the muscles in your feet and legs from wearing out. The anti-skid backing keeps it in place, and it's easy to clean, too.

The Portable Cooktop That's Great For RVs, Cooking For Crowds, And Lots More

Lightweight and compact, this cooktop reaches high temperatures quickly and sustains them to boil water easily in just a couple of minutes, making it the perfect extra burner when cooking for a crowd — and a great addition to the RV or for use when tailgating or camping. Reviewers also highlight its value for the price, and that this model is especially quiet.

This NSFW Twist On A Favorite Party Game Will Get Them Laughing

Exploding Kittens is one of Amazon's most popular party games and the most-backed project in Kickstarter history, and this version is a spicier alternative to the original with artwork that's a little off-color. This game is so much fun that more than 12,000 people (you read that right) have taken the time to review it on Amazon to the tune of 4-plus stars.

This Gadget Keeps Your Soap From Melting Away

The unique design of this soap tray helps preserve the life of your soap by enabling you to simply tilt it forward after a shower and drain out water that has collected around the soap. The water will run down the channel in the dish — hence the name "waterfall" — while the plastic prongs hold the soap in place. It attaches quickly and securely with a suction cup base.

A Snail Mucin Serum That Produces Glowing, Radiant Skin

You wouldn't think snail mucin would be drawing the rave reviews, but this serum has more than 1,000 fans for the way it soothes and moisturizes the skin. Formulated with 80 percent snail secretion and free from artificial coloring, fragrance and parabens, this fast-absorbing K-beauty blend boosts the natural regenerative powers of the skin, helps heal acne and acne scars, and improves the overall texture of the complexion.

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