39 Fascinating Products On Amazon That Have Suddenly Become 10x More Popular

Whether you're buying a gift for a friend or simply treating yourself, you can't go wrong with the fascinating products on Amazon that have suddenly become 10 times more popular. I'm talking about clever products like colorful toilet lights, multipurpose kitchen tools, reusable makeup cloths, and so much more.

One of the best things about shopping on Amazon is the fact that customers are super involved when it comes to leaving comments and reviews. As such, you can instantly tell the quality of a product by looking at its overall rating (and by checking how many people have actually rated it). But even though customer feedback is one of Amazon's biggest bonuses, it's hard to find time to sort through review after review after review. With that simple reality in mind, I took it upon myself to do the vetting for you.

Ahead, you'll discover dozens of Amazon products with high ratings that you'll want to stock up on ASAP. Plus, if the products come with the "Prime" logo, you could enjoy them sooner than later (if you're a member of Amazon Prime, that is).

Now that I firmly have your attention, scope out the following products on this list.

A Car Refresher That Doubles As A Colorful LED Light

Are you craving a pop of color and a seriously good scent in your car? This essential oil air refresher has you covered. It fits perfectly into any cup holder and comes with seven vibrant LED light options. In other words, you can switch the colors based off your mood. It also has two different misting modes — and if the water gets too low, it'll turn off by itself.

These Reusable Makeup Removers That You Can Throw In The Wash

Are you tired of running out of disposable makeup wipes and not having a pack to immediately replace them? These reusable makeup rounds are here to help. The double-sided pads are designed to remove all traces of makeup; all you have to do is add some water. They're also machine-washable, so you can clean them in between uses.

These Silicone Drying Mats That Can Also Be Used As Pot Holders

These versatile silicone kitchen mats can be used for a ton of different things, such as holding your pots (even if they're hot), protecting your counters, or drying your dishes. They're non-slip and multi-functional, and you can decide how you want to use them. Plus, they come in various different shapes and colors that you can choose from.

An On-The-Go Razor That Wets And Moisturizes Your Skin

It's rarely a good idea to shave outside of the shower, given the nick-prone nature of dry skin. However, with this all-in-one portable razor, you have nothing to worry about. The circular tool includes a shave bar, a spray bottle, and refillable razors so you can shave wherever, whenever.

This Body Balm That Uses Essential Oils To Hydrate Your Skin

This cure-all body balm is made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils from lavender and clove — so you know it's going to be good. Thanks to those ingredients, it can be used to cure irritated and dry skin. If you're wavering at all, perhaps the fact that nearly 200 shoppers have given the multi-use body salve five-star reviews will persuade you to give it a try.

A Super Deep Tote That's Big Enough To Hold Your Laptop

Are you tired of trying to shove all of your necessities into a shallow bag? This deep canvas tote will take the stress out of being out and about with your belongings. Its roomy snap closure features an inner zippered pouch that'll fit your smaller goodies. The overall bag is large enough to stow laptops, sweaters, wallets, books, and more. Additionally, it features a top handle and a long strap to help you carry it comfortably.

This Organic Cleansing Oil That'll Also Remove Your Makeup

This citrus-scented oil facial cleanser can be used to remove your makeup or wash your face. If you use it as a cleanser, it'll gently exfoliate your skin. Plus, contrary to belief, it won't leave an oily residue behind or clog your pours. Unlike various other face washes, it's totally organic and doesn't include added chemicals.

This Night Light That Illuminates Your Toilet Bowl In The Dark

If you frequent the bathroom in the middle of the night, you probably know how helpful it'd be to have an extra light guide the way. That's where this LED toilet light comes into play, because it'll latch onto the side of your toilet and make the inner bowl glow. It even features a motion detector and 16 color options, so you can set the glow to your shade preference.

A Charging Station That'll Power Your Devices In One Place

If you're hoping to keep your devices fully charged in one convenient place, it's time to add this charging station to your cart. The tech essential features six USB ports to easily plug in any and all phones, tablets, watches, and more. Best of all, it comes with a slotted design to keep them organized in the process.

This Pocket-Sized Aromatherapy Diffuser That's Great For Travel

With this portable aromatherapy pen, you can have a signature scent that follows you wherever you go. The handheld diffuser comes with a vitamin-infused "Mint & Citrus" essential oil that'll give you energy whenever you need it. It'll work for over 300 uses, so don't worry about running out too quickly.

A Handheld Iron That Re-Seals Your Closed Snack Bags

With this handheld heat sealer, you can press any opened package back together for a brand new seal that'll keep your food fresh. The iron takes 30 to 60 seconds to heat up — and when it's ready, you can seal your snack bags in a second. The handy kitchen device comes in two pastel colors: pink and green.

These Face Masks That Use Egg White Extract To Moisturize Your Skin

These Zombie face masks use ingredients like albumin (aka egg white extract) and aloe vera extract to deliver spa-like facials from the comfort of your own home. They're mainly designed to minimize the appearance of your pores, address small breakouts, and hydrate your skin. Best of all, they work in just 15 minutes flat.

A Facial Serum That Uses Plant Extract To Hydrate Your Skin

This best-selling facial serum is made with the extract from Centella Asiatica, a plant that's grown in Madagascar. It's designed to soothe and moisturize your skin, all while reducing oil levels and controlling breakouts. Simply pat the formula onto your complexion, and voila!

These Reusable Makeup-Removing Clothes Made From Soft Microfiber

What if your washcloth had the ability to remove your makeup by simply adding water? These super soft microfiber makeup remover cloths do just that. All you have to do is wet them and gently wipe across your face for a fresh complexion sans any harsh cleansers or rubbing. Then, you can throw them in the wash after you're done.

This Back Stretcher That Uses Foam Spikes To Relieve Pain

Instead of spending an arm and leg to relieve your lower back pain, consider adding one of these lower back stretchers to your cart. Its dome-shaped design is covered in soft (but firm) foam spikes to gently and effectively knead your muscles for instant gratification. When used, the product can help ease various aches while simultaneously improving your posture.

These Lavender-Scented Eye Masks That Emit Hot Steam

These eye masks use steam and heat to help reduce tired eyes, increase circulation, and moisturize. Plus, they feature a lavender scent that'll help you feel serene and stress-free while you're using them. Whether you're exhausted or in need of a little spa time, consider adding them to your routine.

These Pedicure Sandals That Separate Your Toes With Comfy Straps

Whether you're painting your own toes or getting them done professionally, these divided pedicure sandals will come in handy. The comfortable shoes come in multiple colors and have cushioned straps that'll help separate your toes. Put them on before any appointment to keep your nails separated during (and after) the process. That way, you won't smudge any of the fresh paint.

A Highly-Rated Hair Curler That Does All The Work For You

Are you tired of winding pieces of your hair into individual curls? This innovative hair tool — which boasts over 2,000 positive reviews — does the work for you. With the press of a button, the hot tool will wind a small section your hair into a heated chamber and gently curl it into a stunning coil. That's right: This device doesn't require contorting your arm to achieve a curled look.

These Universal Silicone Mats That Can Be Used To Pick Up Hot Items

Don't risk burning your fingers while pulling food out of the microwave. Instead, arm yourself with one of these silicone Safe Grabs that'll protect your hands from hot surfaces. The heat-proof, dishwasher-safe pads can also be used to remove hot pans from the stove. They can even stow your heated hair tools so there's no risk of burning your counter as they start working.

This Infinity Scarf With A Hidden Pocket To Hold Your Essentials

If you don't want to carry a purse in cooler weather, it's time to add one of these pocket scarves to your wardrobe. Its infinity design comes with a hidden zippered pocket that's large enough to hold your wallet and keys (without being too weighed down). It also comes in eight different shades to match your entire wardrobe.

These Gel Patches That Use Aloe Vera To Refresh Your Skin

These gel patches use ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and soothe the areas underneath your eyes. They'll leave you feeling radiant, awake, and moisturized. Plus, the patches have a cooling effect that'll help reduce swelling or puffiness.

An External Battery Pack That Has 2 Convenient USB Ports

Are you tired of your phone running out of battery halfway through the day? I know, it's not fun. To save yourself from a tech-less reality, be sure to put one of these portable battery chargers in your bag. Since it has two USB ports, it has the ability to charge two items at once. Plus, it comes in six different colors that you can choose from.

This Sous Vide Circulator That'll Help You Cook Like A Pro

Do you want to sous vide your food like your favorite restaurant does? With this Instant Pot kitchen tool, you can. It's designed to circulate and maintain an even temperature of water for perfectly cooked dishes every time. Plus, the device features an easy-to-use touch screen with a temperature display.

A Bottle Holder With Extra Pockets For Your Small Necessities

Carrying around a giant jug of water can get tiresome. To make the process more comfortable (without sacrificing your hydration), pop your bottle into one of these water bottle pouches. It comes with a shoulder strap, a hand strap, and two zippered pockets for easy carrying and additional storage. Plus, it prevents your bottle from dripping condensation onto surfaces.

A Portable Lounger That's Basically An Inflatable Couch

If you love the outdoors but aren't exactly a fan of roughing it, get excited for your soon-to-be favorite camping accessory. This inflatable lounger provides the comfort of a couch in an easy-to-carry way that won't add extra weight and bulk to your pack. It can be used while you're camping, attending music festivals, or chilling outside. Plus, it's already earned over 1,000 glowing reviews.

This Best-Selling Cookbook That'll Up Your Cooking Game

This popular cookbook will help you learn the basics and totally up your cooking game. Based off the work's title, it'll help you "master" some of the key elements when it comes to cooking: salt, fat, acid, and heat. The New York Times best-seller has already gained over 800 five-star reviews on Amazon. What more could you ask for?

A Glowing Vanity Mirror That Offers Extra Magnifications

Turn your desk into a next-level vanity with this tri-fold makeup mirror that lights up. In addition to regular mirrors, it offers two different magnifications so you can easily apply your makeup and get a good look at your skin. Plus, it can rotate 180-degrees for versatile use. When you aren't using it, you can fold the mirror up until you need it again.

This Bamboo Laptop Desk That You Can Use In Bed

This multi-use bamboo laptop desk features major perks include height-adjustable legs, a small fan, an angled surface, and more. Whether you're working from your bed or from the couch, you'll be much more comfortable while using it. However, this surface can also be placed on top of your desk to transform it into standing workspaces.

A Twistable Travel Pillow That's Made With Memory Foam

Let's be honest: Traditional travel pillows aren't really that comfortable. In fact, they're kind of stiff and inconsequential. This twistable memory foam travel pillow, on the other hand, is a total and complete dream. You can shape it to your liking and stay cozy while you're traveling. Plus, its cotton cover can be taken off the pillow for easy cleaning.

These Adorable Cable Protectors That Keep Your Chargers From Fraying

Each one of these animals is actually a cable protector that's made to safeguard the joint between the cord and the plug on your charger to prevent breakage. The animals are made from plastic and silicone, which also means that they'll last a long time. They're adorable and they have a great purpose. Pretty ingenious, right?

A Bottle That'll Infuse Your Water With Fruit

If you love fruit-flavored water, it's high time to add one of these fruit-infusing water bottles to your cart. Its inner cartridge lets you add the fruit of your choice to your bottle and create your desired flavor of hydration. Plus, the bottle itself is dishwasher-safe, so it's not difficult to clean.

This Concave Makeup Brush That Holds The Perfect Amount Of Foundation

If you never know quite how much foundation you'll need and are tired of dispensing too much, look no further than this concave makeup brush. Its innovative design holds a few drops of foundation in the center of the bristles. Simply disperse your foundation into the middle and start blending.

A Speaker That's Specifically Designed To De-Stress Your Dog

This bluetooth speaker will help lull your dogs into a state of calmness. Apparently, the veterinarian-approved music can help your pups relieve stress, whether they're home alone or traveling with you. Simply place it near them and let the music work its magic.

This Versatile Utensil That'll Spoon, Slice, And Flip Your Food

Another multi-tasking wonder, this five-in-one kitchen utensil is designed to scoop, slice, strain, turn, and flip your food. It's also heat-resistant and made of nylon, making it a must-have for cooking pros and kitchen novices alike. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe, so you can watch it with the rest of your utensils.

The Perfect Putty For Someone Who Needs Some Stress Relief

Fidget spinners are so last year, but this thinking putty is totally in. The squishy, glittery goo is non-toxic and totally safe to play with. Not to mention, it has a four-star rating from over 100 shoppers. So if you're searching for new ways to occupy your twiddling thumbs (or relieve some stress), look no further.

This Electric Scalp Massager That You Can Use In And Out Of The Shower

Take your shampoo routine up a notch with this electronic scalp massager. The waterproof device is designed to stimulate your scalp and work shampoo deep between each and every strand for a squeaky clean rinse. However, you don't have to use it in the shower. The product can be used wherever you need a massage, whether it's your back or your neck.

A Rubber Cord Organizer That Saves Your Cables From Getting Tangled

Are you forever struggling to keep your wires uncrossed? This rubber cable divider will help. Simply weave your chargers through each prong and juice up your gadgets to your heart's content. The divider comes in six colors to match the decor of your desk, including blue, gray, dark blue, pink, dark green, and white.

An Air Fryer That Cooks Up To 5 Liters Of Food At Once

This electric air fryer will help you fry up to 5 liters of food in one sitting, making it possible to cook for the entire house or meal prep for the upcoming week. The energy-efficient machine also features easy-to-use knobs that control temperature and timing. Plus, you can remove the frying basket and put it in the dishwasher when you're done using it.

This Cleaning Tool That Spins Your Makeup Brushes At Full Speed

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is essential. However, if I'm being totally honest, it can also be quite the hassle. To make the process easier, add one of these makeup brush spinners to your beauty arsenal. The device uses a handle to quickly spin your brushes in soapy water to reveal clean bristles in seconds. You can even use it to dry your them by hovering your brushes above the water before spinning again.

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