40 Clever Products Popping Up Everywhere That Are Less Than $30 On Amazon

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Sometimes I'll see a unique product that does a bang-up job of solving a problem and I wish I came up with the idea myself — and that's how I feel about all of these clever products on Amazon that are less than $30.

My "inventor's envy" dates back a couple of decades to that '90s firestorm, the Topsy Tail. Well, now the retail juggernaut can introduce you to — no disrespect to The Tail — so much more. For example, there's a genius clip that gives you a place to put your fast food sauces when you're eating on-the-go. As the parent of a child who has consumed gallons of honey mustard sauce, I can testify that the struggle is real when it comes to in-car sauce placement.

Then, you have this sink attachment that dramatically speeds up the process of cleaning off the dishes after dinner. I don't know about you, but anything that gets me out of the kitchen after a meal is a good thing — and believe me, there are plenty more ingenious ideas where those came from.

So hitch your wagon to a star and get one of these brilliant products. Why not? The other terrific thing about each one of these items is that they each will only set you back less than $30, so you practically can't lose.

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