40 Clever Products Popping Up Everywhere That Are Less Than $30 On Amazon

Sometimes I'll see a unique product that does a bang-up job of solving a problem and I wish I came up with the idea myself — and that's how I feel about all of these clever products on Amazon that are less than $30.

My "inventor's envy" dates back a couple of decades to that '90s firestorm, the Topsy Tail. Well, now the retail juggernaut can introduce you to — no disrespect to The Tail — so much more. For example, there's a genius clip that gives you a place to put your fast food sauces when you're eating on-the-go. As the parent of a child who has consumed gallons of honey mustard sauce, I can testify that the struggle is real when it comes to in-car sauce placement.

Then, you have this sink attachment that dramatically speeds up the process of cleaning off the dishes after dinner. I don't know about you, but anything that gets me out of the kitchen after a meal is a good thing — and believe me, there are plenty more ingenious ideas where those came from.

So hitch your wagon to a star and get one of these brilliant products. Why not? The other terrific thing about each one of these items is that they each will only set you back less than $30, so you practically can't lose.

Lifestyle — 40 Clever Products Popping Up Everywhere That Are Less Than $30 On Amazon

1. The Pillow Stand That Will Help Make Tablet Viewing More Comfortable And Cozy

If you enjoy watching your tablet in bed or laying on the couch, you'll love this pillow — it makes hands-free viewing so comfortable and easy. With a soft body and a removable denim cover that's hand-washable for easy maintenance, it's as sturdy as it is cozy. Plus, the pillow folds out to provide space for a wireless keyboard when the mood to work strikes.

2. There's No More Tell-Tale "Wine Grin" With These Stain-Removing Wipes For Your Teeth

I know it has happened to me more than a few times: You're out enjoying a few glasses of delicious red wine, then you excuse yourself to the facilities — and when you look in the mirror, your teeth are a tell-tale shade of pink. These wipes do away with those stains while also protecting your teeth from further staining, and have a pleasant orange blossom flavor that won't ruin your next sip.

3. A Set Of Reusable Bags That Are Great For Produce, The Environment, And So Much More

In the quest to save our oceans from the surfeit of plastic that's choking it today, getting yourself a set of these reusable produce bags is a big step in the right direction. Crafted from all-purpose, durable nylon net that's FDA-approved and BPA-free, they're certainly ideal for produce, but you'll find yourself reaching for them in a variety of other situations, too: Use them to gather up tiny toys and craft supplies, to bring home wet swimsuits from the pool or the beach, or a million other purposes.

4. A Brush That Deep Cleans While Exfoliating And Visibly Brightening Your Skin

Facial brushes can cost well upwards of $100, but this set is incredibly full-featured and comes in at under $23 — that's a seriously awesome price to pay for a brightened, revitalized complexion. The kit includes seven heads that deliver a wide variety of cleansing techniques, and the brush is waterproof so you can even use it while you're in the shower for the ultimate in convenience.

5. These Stylish And Incredibly Versatile Bags Add Some Style To Your Next Grocery Trip

Available in a remarkable 32 different designs, this bag is a hardworking wonder that you'll use in a myriad of different ways. Made from recycled nylon, it's a terrific alternative for your grocery shopping, and since it also folds essentially flat, you can also just throw one in your purse, backpack, or carry-on to tote around any extra items you acquire during the course of your day. Since it's machine-washable and line dries quickly, it also makes a great casual bag for the pool or the beach.

6. An Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler For Increased Focus When You're Dragging

Why turn to caffeine when you need a pick-me-up during your afternoon slump when this nasal inhaler claims to increase your focus, enhance your breathing, and rejuvenate you? It gets its all-natural kick from plant-based essential oils that release vapors to refresh you and that can relieve headaches and stomach aches, too. Keep one tube in your pocket for instant relief wherever you are, store one in your desk drawer, and keep one in your bag — you'll always be covered.

7. These Satin Scrunchies (Because Yes, Scrunchies Are Back)

Yes, you heard it right. The '90s called and gave us its scrunchie back — and these particular interpretations are made from luxe satin that have a fond recall from the past but also takes a style note from some of the upmarket hair accessories that are so very hot today. For those of you old enough to remember, these little beauties don't snag or pull in your hair — especially given this glorious, smooth fabric — and won't break your hair or leave you with dents.

8. A Heated Hair Tool For Easy Straightening

Combining the best qualities of a hairbrush and a flat iron into one, this hair tool features ceramic heat technology to straighten and de-frizz as you brush. Suitable for all hair types, it's equipped with variable temperature settings to give you the ultimate in control over your style, as well as a silicone pad so that it simply can't scald your hair (or your scalp). Even heat distribution leaves your hair with a silky, glossy look.

9. A Spray That Helps You Relax And Drift Off To A Peaceful Sleep

Whether you're looking to de-stress from a fraught situation or to power down for the night, this room and pillow spray can help you get into the right mindset quickly — thanks to its gentle aromatherapy blend. Combining notes of relaxing patchouli and anxiety-relieving bergamot, it's safe enough to be used around pets and children, and won't fade linens or furniture. It can even be used as a skin toner.

10. These Bulbs Let You Control Your Lights From Your Phone, Your Home Assistant, Or Anywhere In The World

Turn your lights on and off or set lighting schedules right in your own home — or anywhere you travel that has access to a WiFi network — with these smart bulbs. You can use these to set a timer to anticipate your arrival home after a long day at work — or give the appearance that you're home when you're away on a long trip, in order to dissuade robbery. As a bonus, these bulbs can also cycle through 16 million colors to create the light show of your dreams.

11. These Wine And Beverage Tumblers From A Trusted Name Are Gorgeous And So Practical

You know and love them for their insulated water bottles — now the design geniuses at S'well have come out with a bunch of line extensions, including this tumbler that comes in nine gorgeous finishes. Naturally, they have the same triple-wall, vacuum-insulated construction that's the hallmark of all S'well designs. Plus, they're made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. The tumblers have a nice weight in your hand for use with your water bottle or for a more, ahem, adult beverage — and would be absolutely ideal for picnics or tailgating.

12. The Scrubber Attachment That Turns Your Sink Sprayer Into A Dish Washing Wonder

How smart is this sprayer and hose accessory that completely revolutionizes your dishwashing game and changes the way you do your backyard chores? Seriously smart. Attach it to your pull-down sink sprayer or spray gun and use the sponge/scrubber on the end (you can flip back and forth between the two) to power through your dishes. Outside, it attaches to any standard garden hose and whips through window washing, cleaning your car, and tons of other chores.

13. A Clip That Can Tidy Up The Way You Eat Fast Food While Driving

Eating on-the-go can be a real mess, whether that's from your constant, hectic chauffeuring schedule back and forth or because your demanding career means you're on the road all the time. For one thing, figuring out where to put your dressings and sauces can seem like a mind-boggling chore. These clips are the answer to your prayers: They attach to your air vents and provide a place for those little containers to sit while you eat. Ranch dressing, honey mustard, ketchup — you'll get it all squared away without a bunch of sauce flying around your vehicle.

14. An Airtight Container That Adjusts To Ensure Your Dry Goods Get The Best Seal Possible

Capable of adjusting from 32 ounces down to 16 ounces and anywhere in between, you can customize this container to be the exact right size to keep its contents fresh and fresher for longer. You'll know the seal is set when you hear that distinctive "swoosh" sound that indicates that all the air has been removed, and it only takes up as much space as the contents inside.

15. A Handy Machine Means You Can Get Your Exercise While At Your Desk Or On The Couch

Get your workout in when you're sitting at your desk or on your couch watching the evening news with this exercise peddler. The peddler can be used for both lower- and upper-body exercise and features adjustable resistance as you progress in strength and endurance. It's the perfect low-impact exercise for everyone — especially those recovering from an accident, illness, or an injury.

16. This Decorative Lamp That Looks Like The Moon

Say "Goodnight, Moon" from the comfort of your bed — or, really, anywhere you like — with this lamp that uses 3-D printing to accurately replicate the surface of the moon. Featuring two brightness settings, it features a built-in rechargeable battery that charges via USB so that it can be used anywhere wirelessly; it makes a great decoration for dinner outside or late-night picnics.

17. An Ice Roller That Comes With Two Heads

Sure, you know that applying ice to your face can help relieve puffiness and redness, but did you know that targeted cold can also help relieve the pain of headaches and migraines? This ice roller is a terrific way to administer cold exactly where you need it the most, whether you're using the treatment for cosmetic reasons or pain relief. It comes with two ice roller heads — one stainless steel and one gel-filled — so you can keep both in the freezer or the fridge and decide which works best for you.

18. These Portable Heat Sealers To Keep Your Chips Fresher

Functioning with micro-thermal technology that applies a heat seal exactly where you want it, this gadget enables you to save your plastic-bagged foods quickly and easily so that it stays fresh for ongoing use. Open your potato chips repeatedly and seal after each use — this isn't like getting out a big, clumsy heat sealer, it's a small and convenient unit that makes it simple and even fun to ensure that food stays as delicious as the first time you tasted it.

19. This Gorgeous Expandable Drawer Organizer Is Crafted From Sustainable Bamboo

With sides that expand to enable the width to extend from just under 13 inches to a maximum of 19 inches, this drawer organizer is perfect for corralling your silverware, kitchen utensils, office supplies, or crafting brushes, scissors, and more. It's made from eco-friendly bamboo that's sustainably harvested and renewable, so you can feel good about your purchase and its impact on Mother Earth. Be confident, too, that it will fit in your drawers — it's suitable for use almost anywhere.

20. The Yoga Shorts With A Handy Side Pocket For Your Smartphone

Crafted from four-way stretch fabric that's comfortable and easy to move in, these yoga shorts have a special feature you'll just love: Dual side pockets on the thighs that are perfect for storing your smartphone and other items when you're on the move. The high, fitted waistband also has a hidden pocket for your keys, cards, and cash, so there's no need to fiddle with a wallet or try to keep track of a backpack. Available sizes: XS-XL

21. A Versatile And Ingenious Kitchen Tool That Will Revolutionize Your Baking And Sauce-Making

Avid bakers and sauciers, gather 'round, because you're definitely going to want this tool that makes cleaning whisks so much easier. This set consists of an 11-inch whisk and The Whisk Wiper — a strong but rubberized rounded blade that you draw up the tines of the whisk to clean off every last drop of the deliciousness you're whipping up. You can even use this handy little gadget as a bowl scraper, too.

22. The Measuring Cups That Are Space Savers And Just Plain Adorable, Too

I never get tired of writing about these measuring cups from the design gurus from Fred & Friends because they are cute AF and absolutely genius as well. Tell me what's not to love: It's a set of dry measures that's designed to look and stack like matryoshka dolls. The BPA-free, food-safe cups range from 1/4-cup to 1-cup in size with all the usual stops in between, and each has a level bottom for ease of use.

23. This Two-Sided Knife That Even The Hardest Stick Of Cold Butter Is No Match For

Don't you hate it when you make a deliciously warm piece of toast, but you've forgotten to refill your butter dish and that cold, hard stick of deliciousness is looming there on the counter, ready to harsh your vibe? This knife has the answer, thanks to its curling edge that will lift a spreadable amount of butter up off of the block. On the opposite side, you'll find a traditional serrated edge for slicing your toast once it's buttered.

24. This Derma Roller That Minimizes The Appearance Of Pores

Designed to deliver a spa-favorite treatment at home, a regimen featuring this microneedling roller will painlessly boost the skin's natural collagen production, promote increased circulation, close pores, and provide countless other benefits to leave your skin renewed. Plus, when the kind of radiance that normally costs hundreds of dollars at the spa can be yours for under $20, you're guaranteed to get your glow on.

25. A Foot Peel For Baby Soft Heels

Looking to rid your feet of dry, unattractive skin and calluses, recondition cracked heels, and generally restore your feet to their "factory-original" baby-soft condition? Try this foot mask on for size: Wear it for 60-90 minutes, then over the next 1-2 weeks, your feet will shed their old, dehydrated, unattractive cocoon and be renewed! Made from natural extracts and botanicals, this mask delivers a pain-free peel that works wonders in turning back the clock.

26. These Dryer Balls Put Sheep To Work To Dry Your Laundry Faster And Make It Soft And Wrinkle-Free

Yes, sheep are going to help you do your laundry — specifically, the 100 percent premium New Zealand sheep's wool in these dryer balls that will help your garments dry faster while keeping them soft and wrinkle-free. An ideal all-natural alternative to chemical-ridden fabric softeners and other laundry additives, you simply add three to six of these balls to your dryer (use more or less depending on the size of your load) to help improve air flow and save energy.

27. The Convenient Carrying Handle To Your Favorite Water Bottle So You're Never Without Hydration

Crafted from unbreakable paracord, this handle is designed to be strapped around your wide-mouth water bottle so you can enjoy hydration on-the-go. It pairs a strap and a safety ring together to give you a convenient way to carry your bottle anywhere, frees up your hands, and stops you from dropping it. Offered in more than 30 colors, this nylon paracord strap unravels in an emergency to help you get out of a bind.

28. The Belt To Use When You're Working Out Or Traveling To Keep Your Necessities Handy

Designed with a snug fit that can easily be slipped underneath your clothing, this adjustable accessory belt can accommodate your smartphone, cash, cards, ID, and even your passport while you're working out or traveling. The fabric is smooth and comfortable so it won't chafe when worn next to your skin, and it's also machine-washable. The fit ensures you'll feel your items are secure, and they won't bounce around during exercise, either.

29. A Smart Multi-Port USB Power Station

With six ports and a processor that's capable of detecting the unique charging needs of each device that's plugged into it, this USB power station is just what you need to ensure all of your in-demand electronics are ready to go when you need them. Capable of distributing a charge across all six ports simultaneously to smartphones, tablets —or a mix of both — this device also has a copper radiator to distribute heat build-up evenly.

30. A Gooseneck Smartphone Holder That's Great For Hands-Free Viewing

Designed to loop around your neck like an oversized version of the leash you keep your sunglasses on, this smartphone holder is ideal for use both at home and on-the-go for comfortable hands-free viewing of your device. In addition to being able to sling it around your neck, its bendy-yet-sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy construction means it can be wrapped around a bike handle, your bed post, or a tent pole — or shaped into a stand for any kind of surface.

31. A Genius Cereal Bowl That Makes Sure There Are No More Soggy Bites

Quite possibly one of the top 10 coolest things on Amazon, this bowl features a little slide that your cereal slips down that plunges it into your milk only when you're ready, thus ensuring that there are no more soggy bites. Yes, that's right, the bane of the cereal lover's existence is a thing of the past — plus its design includes a handle design that enables you to get a good grip on your Golden Grahams. Breakfast will never be the same again.

32. This Unique Dispenser For Drip-Free Pancakes, Waffles, And Much More

Everyone loves pancakes and waffles, but they can be incredibly messy to make. This dispenser puts an end to that issue with its funnel bottom that enables you to dispense batter through a quick-close valve controlled by a simple squeeze of the trigger handle. The wide mouth on top facilitates easy loading, and the opening in the BPA-free dispenser is large enough to accommodate even the chunkiest add-ins like blueberries and chocolate chips. It's great for cupcakes, too.

33. A Container That Keeps Your Guacamole Fresh (And Green)

There's nothing better than homemade guacamole — except when it turns that nasty brown color when it's exposed to too much air. If you actually have leftovers when you make yours, get this container that ensures an airtight seal and makes contact with the surface of the guac the whole time so that it doesn't turn. The secret is the lid, which simply pushes all the way down into the container to expel excess air and protect the delicate avocados at the heart of your spread.

34. A Cute Little Appliance That Makes Your Whole Breakfast In Five Minutes

Forget that chain-made breakfast sandwich and handcraft your own at home in minutes with this appliance that cooks up all the ingredients perfectly right in one unit. Just layer in your own ingredients, including the bread of your choice and the egg scrambled or not — this sandwich is all about you, baby. Once the ingredients are layered inside, it needs just the blink of an eye to cook, then slide out the egg plate to assemble it all together. It's perfect for small kitchens and dorm rooms.

35. A Heated Scoop To Get To Your Ice Cream That Much Quicker

I hate it when I'm in the mood for the bowl of ice cream but my choice of frozen delicacy is as hard as a brick — so I'm stuck with my stainless steel ice cream scoop waiting for it to come to temperature. Enter this clever scoop: it transfers the heat in your hand down the handle to warm it up without electricity so you can dish out your ice cream right away. One reviewer wrote: "Surprisingly fun to use. It actually does what it says. I got it as a joke for my ice cream loving boyfriend, but we actually use it all the time now."

36. The Motion-Sensing LED Night Light You Can Stick Anywhere

The perfect solution for those hard-to-light spaces like hallways, stairways, closet interiors, garages, and outdoor walkways, this stick-up LED nightlight senses motion within a 15-foot range to illuminate your path in dim environments. It's equipped with an amber light that doesn't emit the type of blue waves proven to discourage healthy sleep, so it's ideal for rooms you sleep in, too. This light is also great for use under cabinets in the kitchen or your workroom.

37. The Tool That Helps Keep Your Garments In Tip-Top Shape At Home And On The Road

Sweaters, knit garments, and your upholstery can look like new in no time with this fabric shaver that's ideal for use at home — and while you're traveling. Suitable for all types of fabric, this fast and efficient device features a large rotary shaving head and is designed to ensure that your hand is held away from the blade during operation.

38. The Device That Turns A Power Outlet Into A Full-Fledged Charging Station

With installation that's as easy as simply plugging it in, there's simply no reason not to press "Add to Cart" when it comes to this outlet extender. It turns one power outlet, and I do mean one — not the pair in the rectangle on your wall — into three standard outlets plus two USB outlets. It also incorporates a night light to guide your way after dark, and there's a little ledge for your phone.

39. A Brush-On Mineral Sunscreen For Your Face

Crafted from pure minerals with a sprinkling of sea kelp to deliver a bonus dose of antioxidant protection to your skin, this mineral sunscreen brushes on easily and is free from all the bad stuff you'll find in the drugstore brands, like phthalates and parabens — plus, it's completely cruelty-free. This powder provides a unique and transparent 30 SPF base that's completely non-greasy.

40. This Cold Brew Maker For Great Coffee Anytime

Made from heavy-duty, shatterproof glass with a stainless steel brewing column, this home-brewing system makes the perfect iced coffee the old-fashioned way in 12 to 24 hours. Its handsome, high-quality design makes it perfect for gift-giving as well as for table service — it can go right from refrigerator to table and back into the fridge with ease. The whole assembly is dishwasher-safe, or it can be washed easily by hand. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.