36 Trick Or Treating Puns, If You Want To Give Your Insta Followers Pumpkin To Talk About

As we grow up, we're told we have to start acting like responsible adults. It's all part of this thing called adulting that we're supposed to be total pros at. But, what no one ever really warns you of is that adulting can be difficult AF at times — especially during holidays like Halloween. We're told we're "too old" for trick or treating, which totally sucks. An activity that is solely based around the joy of getting a bunch of free candy shouldn't be just for kids, amiright? As adults, we can still have our own version of trick or treating, even if that means heading to your local bakery and buying an assortment of festive cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. Needless to say, you should be prepared with trick or treating puns for your Instagram snap of your sweets. Because, what's Halloween without some tricks and treats?

Whether you purchase your sweets for a Hocus Pocus viewing get-together with the girls, or throw a Halloween rager of your own with candy-inspired treats, we're taking back the idea of trick or treating, and we're going to have an epic Halloween to remember. So, let everyone know adults can have just as much fun with some awesome Instagram pics of your Halloween night. You'll most likely take a bunch of snaps of your main crew in costume and the candy you're about to savor. If you need help with your caption, here are 36 trick or treating and Halloween-inspired puns that will clue everyone in on the fun.

Obviously, there's nothing scarier on Halloween than being told you can't trick or treat anymore. I'd rather see zombies crawling out of their graves and vampires on the attack than to be told I can't have my own loot of candy on All Hallows' Eve. So, definitely trick or treat yo'self to the Halloween of your dreams with tons of sugar with your entire squad.

For Your Tricky Selfies


1. "Trick or treat yo'self." — Unknown

2. "If you got it, haunt it." — Unknown

3. "Straight outta coffin." — Unknown

4. "Basic witch." — Unknown

5. "Life is gourd." — Unknown

6. "Ghouls just wanna have fun!" — Unknown

7. "Witch and famous." — Unknown

For Your Trick Or Treat Yo'self Party Pics

Melanie Defazio/Stocksy

8. "Creep it real." — Unknown

9. "I'm here for the boos." — Unknown

10. "Eat, drink, and be scary." — Unknown

11. "Trick or eat, watch your feet." — Unknown

12. "Hey boo, let's get sheet faced." — Unknown

13. "More boos please." — Unknown

14. "Happy Hallo-wine." — Unknown

15. "Give 'em pumpkin to talk about." — Unknown

16. "Witch witch bish." — Unknown

17. "Halloween is skelefun!" — Unknown

For Your Hella On Fleek Squad Pics

18. "Trick or treat, squad on fleek, give us something good to drink." — Unknown

19. "#SquadGhouls." — Unknown

20. "Trick or treat, witches." — Unknown

21. "Cheers, witches." — Unknown

22. "Where my ghouls at?" — Unknown

23. "What's up my witches?" — Unknown

24. "Sin-ghoul ladies!" — Unknown

25. "Hey ghoul hey." — Unknown

For All Of Your *Give Me Something Good To Eat* Candy Pictures

Courtney Rust/Stocksy

26. "Witch better have my candy." — Unknown

27. "Twix or treat." — Unknown

28. "Trick or treat, something sweet." — Unknown

29. "Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy, give me cake, give me something sweet to take!" — Unknown

30. "Halloween makes me so corny." — Unknown

For Your Sweet Pics With Bae

31. "Simply BOOtiful." — Unknown

32. "You'll always be my boo." — Unknown

33. "Hey BOOtiful!" — Unknown

34. "I'm not playing Twix when I say I love you." — Unknown

35. "I can't Reese-ist you!" — Unknown

36. "I won't let you slip through my Butter Fingers." — Unknown