A group of friends shares a Friendsgiving dinner in their first apartment.

36 Food Captions For Thanksgiving When You're Casserollin' Up To Dinner

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When you think of Thanksgiving, you may have turkey, stuffing, and all those delicious pies on your mind. Thanksgiving is a glorious holiday for foodies, so to prepare for the epic day, you'll want to have some food captions to use for Thanksgiving for all the pics you'll inevitably end up taking.

You're already hungry thinking about gravy being poured on top of everything, and the butter melting on those warm butter rolls. Is your stomach growling yet? Well, let's give it up to the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes for really rounding out the meal, and the pumpkin pie for being the sweet finish to it all.

There's so much to look forward to, and as excited as you are to start digging in the moment you sit down at the table, you need to remember to snap a pic first to remember the gorgeous meal you and your loved ones put together. Luckily, you have these 36 food captions ready to go, so posting will be quick and easy.

1. "I'm too stuffed on stuffing to really think of a better caption."

2. "Always be thankful, blessed, and mashed potato-obsessed."

3. "I love you cranberry much."

4. "I came in like a butterball."

5. "Pie love having my friends and family around for the holidays."

6. "I'm in my fillings about you, pie."

7. "I'm having a real gravy time."

8. "Why be just a potato, when you could be a sweet potato?"


9. "Anyone who doesn't like marshmallows on their sweet potatoes just doesn't know what fun is."

10. "I yam a Thanksgiving lover."

11. "Leftovers are for quitters."

12. "Just like the turkey, I'm feeling a little stuffed."

13. "Dinner rollin' with my day ones."

14. "Stop, drop, and let me butter this roll."

15. "The apple pie of my eye."

16. "Fact: You miss 100% of the leftovers you don't eat."

17. "Nobody puts gravy in the corner."

18. "Casserollin' up to Thanksgiving dinner with the green beans."

19. "Just keep calm and gobble on."

20. "Pie will always love you."

21. "I'm all about those good vibes and apple pies."

22. "My Instagram has now turned into a Thanksgiving leftovers account. #SorryNotSorry"


23. "Felt hungry, might eat all the leftovers later."

24. "I'm in feast mode now."

25. "I cran eat this all, and I will."

26. "You butter believe these rolls are homemade."

27. "Life is gourd when the squash is around."

28. "You know I'm all about that baste." — The Holderness Family

29. "This is not a drill. Somebody stop, drop, and pass me the rolls."

30. "Squash goals right here."

31. "May the pies be ever in your flavor."

32. "Me: I can't eat another bite. Also Me: Yesss, pie!'

33. "Feeling like a cutie pie."

34. "I hate to be so corny, but I just love spending time with my family."

35. "I only have pies for you."

36. "Look at how gourd-geous this meal my fam put together is."

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