35 End Of Summer Puns When It's Time To Say, "Sea You Later"

You knew the end of the summer was coming, but never expected it to be here this soon. You've pretty much checked off everything on your summer bucket list, including beach getaways, poolside lounging, and lazy afternoons chilling on your hammock. Now it's time to say, "Sea you later," to the surf and sand with end-of-summer adventures. It doesn't have to be a sad time as you wave goodbye. Instead, smile through it all with some end of summer puns for all of your sunny Instagram photos.

A pun is a great way to say what you want, but with some wit attached to it. A sappy goodbye to the summer season would be great, but you want to keep it lighthearted and clever. You also don't have much time left as you're trying to get to everything you wanted to do this season. Don't waste a second of it trying to come up with a caption on your own, and instead, use any of these 35 end of summer puns. Post something that not only says, "Goodbye," but will have your friends laughing like all the good times you had this season.

1. "Cheerio to another summer." — Unknown

2. "Chex you later, summer." — Unknown

3. "Catch you on the next wave, summer." — Unknown

4. "See you spoon!" — Unknown

5. "This summer stole a pizza my heart." — Unknown

6. "It's time for summer to beet it." — Unknown

7. "Herd summer is almost over. Ewe will be missed." — Unknown


8. "Sea you later." — Unknown

9. "Owl miss you, summer." — Unknown

10. "Until we meet again, I'll pine for you." — Unknown

11. "I can't bear to be without you." — Unknown

12. "I donut want to say goodbye." — Unknown

13. "Waiting just around the summer's end." — Unknown

14. "Frank you very much for a great summer." — Unknown

15. "Relish these final summer days." — Unknown

16. "Can't wait to ketchup when summer is over." — Unknown

17. "No lion, I'll miss you, summer." — Unknown

18. "You'll always have a pizza my heart." — Unknown

19. "A pitcher-perfect end to summer." — Unknown

20. "Having a purrfect end of summer." — Unknown

21. "We'll meet again." — Unknown

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22. "Summer, you were un-Pho-gettable." — Unknown

23. "I cannot beleaf summer flew by so fast." — Unknown

24. "Piece out, summer." — Unknown

25. "Turnip the beet on this end-of-summer party." — Unknown

26. "Summer's gato go." — Unknown

27. "I'll hippopotamiss you." — Unknown

28. "Pasta la vista baby." — Unknown

29. "We had an otterly amazing summer." — Unknown

30. "I will miss you berry much, summer." — Unknown

31. "Please summer, don't leaf me." — Unknown

32. "This isn't goodbye. It's see you ladder." — Unknown

33. "I'll miss you a waffle lot." — Unknown

34. "Waddle I do without you?" — Unknown

35. "Cheers to an un-brie-lievable summer." — Unknown