35 Clever Things People Are Glad As Hell They Bought


It's not always easy to find quality products when you're shopping online — because sometimes, less-than-reputable retailers can misrepresent posted items. Luckily, there are tons of high-quality, clever products on Amazon that you'll be so glad you bought — you just have to know what to look for.

What's the number one tip I always give people, you ask? Read the reviews. If you read the reviews, you can save yourself so much stress down the road. That's because shoppers are generally helpful with their feedback, but Amazon also monitors customer reviews pretty closely. This helps prevent spammers from writing fake reviews, which means you can probably trust that what you're reading is accurate.

But don't worry — I've made sure that all the reviewers were glad as hell that they bought the brilliant products I picked for this list. So kick back, relax, and maybe even add a few to your cart while you're here. If you end up liking one of these products enough (which, I'm sure you will), go ahead and leave a review of your own.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

The Interlocking Bins That Organize Messy Drawers

Looking for an easy way to organize messy drawers? You can arrange these interlocking bins in any number of ways, depending on what you're sorting — office supplies, utensils, junk drawers — the options are endless. Choose from six colors, including granite, light blue, teal, and more.

A Pack Of Clips That Create Airtight Seals On Open Bags

Regular bag clips only close the bag — they don't keep the air out. These clips not only create an airtight seal, but they're extra-long so that you can even use them with larger bags. Use them to keep your bags of chips, nuts, or even sugar fresh.

This Money Clip Made From High-Quality Carbon Fiber

Instead of carrying around a bulky wallet, downsize to this chic money clip. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, it's designed so that no matter how much cash you stuff inside, it should return to its original shape without any warping.

A Vacuum-Insulated Can Holder That Keeps Your Drinks Cold

Available in bright colors like coral, sea foam, and pacific blue, this vacuum-insulated can holder is able to keep your canned beverages chilled for hours longer than the classic foam version. It's designed to fit most cans, and the load-and-lock gasket keeps your can securely housed inside.

The Device That Makes Up To 7 Delicious Donuts At A Time

Change up your dessert game by grabbing this donut maker. It's able to make up to seven miniature donuts at a time, and the non-stick cooking plates ensure that everything is easy to clean once you're done. The best part? It takes up hardly any space in storage.

An Air Fryer That Makes Deliciously Crispy Foods Using Less Oil

Since it uses less oil than a regular deep fryer, this air fryer creates significantly less mess, yet still delivers the same deliciously crispy food. The non-stick cooking pan is detachable for easy cleaning, and it's versatile enough that you can use it to make everything from fries to fish.

This Insulated Mug That Keeps Your Drinks Warm & Your Hands Cool

Tired of your coffee growing cold before you have a chance to drink it? Well, this double-wall insulated mug helps keep your drinks warm for far longer than they would in a regular mug. Plus, it's made from chic borosilicate glass — not plastic — and thanks to the second layer, it'll help keep your hands cool while sipping.

A Ceramic Box Cutter That Stays Sharp Longer Than Steel

With a ceramic blade that stays sharp for up to 10 times longer than steel, this box cutter is a must-have for any avid DIY-er. It's great for clamshell packaging, vinyl, cardboard, and more. Plus, there are no tools required to change the blade.

The Travel Pillow Filled With 100% Memory Foam

Travel pillows can be surprisingly expensive, whereas this one is available for less than $20. It's filled with plush memory foam that contours to the shape of your neck, but it still keeps you supported so that you're able to fall asleep in your chair. Choose from three colors: blue, yellow, or grey.

A Heavy-Duty Garlic Press That's Rustproof

Made from heavy-duty zinc alloy, this garlic press is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their hands free from that pungent garlic odor. You can also use it to crush ginger as well as other types of nuts, and the ergonomic design keeps it comfortable in both hands.

This Hot Air Popcorn Popper With A Built-In Butter Melter

Something just tastes fresher when you're popping kernels with an air popper like this one. There's no oil or butter required in order to get the kernels to pop, but there is a butter melter built into the top in case you want to use it. It's compact enough for small kitchens, or even a college dorm room.

A Set Of Food Storage Containers That Come Chalkboard Labels

Not only are these food storage containers airtight, but each order also comes with 24 chalkboard labels to keep everything organized. They come in two sizes so that you can use them for flour, pasta, cereal, or other types of dry bulk food.

The Strawberry Huller To Remove Stems With Ease

Baking a pie? This huller is perfect for getting rid of the stems in strawberries and other soft fruits. The claw is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, so it should last a long time. You don't have to be baking a pie, though — it's also great for prepping fruit to dip into chocolate.

A Flexible Scraper That Gets Every Last Drop From The Bowl

Made from food-grade plastic, these scrapers help you get every last drop of dough, batter, ice cream, and more from the container. They're non-stick so that they're easy to clean, and the rounded edges make them great for shaping dough as you're still kneading it.

This Plush Memory Foam Bath Mat That's Thicker Than Most

Step out of the shower and onto this extra-thick bath mat. Unlike other bath maths, this one is filled with plush memory foam that feels soft underneath your feet — and the non-slip backing helps provide grip. Choose from three colors: grey, beige, or brown.

These Colored Cutting Board Mats With Non-Slip Grips

If you're tired of constantly washing your cutting board between meals like I am, just grab these mats. They're thick enough to withstand sharp knives, and the bubble-grip bottom helps stop them from sliding around on your board. Use them to help prevent cross-contamination, or even use them standalone in a pinch.

The Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

You know that one drawer that's filled with mismatched food storage containers? You can downsize your collection to this set of 14 lids. They're made from flexible, food-grade silicone that you can stretch to fit a variety of containers, and the seal is extra-tight to help keep your leftovers fresh.

A Pour-Over Coffee Maker That's Perfect For Cold Brew

Buying pre-made cold brew at the store can get expensive, whereas making your own with this pour-over coffee maker is significantly more affordable. It's made from BPA-free plastic — and all you have to do is add a filter and coffee, set it atop your mug, and start pouring.

This Food Chopper Made With A Mini Built-In Cutting Board

With silicone grips on the handle to give you added control, this food chopper is made with stainless steel blades that are rustproof as well as extra-sharp. The built-in cutting board lets you chop up ingredients directly over the stove, and it's particularly great for fruits and vegetables.

A Smart Light Switch That's Compatible With Alexa

Once you pair this smart light switch with Alexa or Google Home, you'll be able to control your lights using voice commands — all from the comfort of your couch. The downloadable app lets you control your lights from anywhere, really — and you can even set schedules so that they're on when you come home.

This Smart Table Lamp With 16 Million Colors To Pick From

With 16 million different LED colors to choose from, this smart lamp makes it easy to set any type of mood in your home. It's dimmable as well as flicker-free, and it also pairs with Alexa or Google Home so that you can control it using voice commands. You can also pair it with an app on your phone for remote access.

A Heavy-Duty Lock That Adds Security To Pretty Much Any Door

Able to withstand up to 800 pounds of force, this reinforcement lock adds another layer of security to any swing-in door, no matter how thick it is. It's tamper-resistant and can be installed with three screws. Choose from four finishes: bronze, brushed chrome, gold anodized, and satin nickel.

The Personal Fan That Delivers A Refreshing Mist

Cool down when the weather — or even your home office — is too hot with this personal fan. Unlike other fans, this one has a built-in spray bottle so that you can gently mist yourself as the blades spin. Plus, it's great for outdoor hikes in the summertime.

A Salad Spinner That Doubles As A Serving Bowl

Washing your salad greens before tossing them into a salad is never a bad idea, and this spinner makes it easy to dry them off afterwards. While other salad spinners are only made to rinse your produce, this one is made with a chic clear outer container so you can also use it as a serving bowl.

This Wine Opener That Can Uncork Up To 30 Bottles On 1 Charge

You won't be stuck constantly recharging this wine opener, as it's able to pop up to 30 bottles when the battery is full. Each order also comes with a foil cutter, and the charging base doubles as a chic stand. The champagne gold color gives it an elegant feel, and it runs at a near-silent level.

A Toaster With Extra-Long Bread Slots

You can easily toast up to four slices of bread in this toaster, and the extra-long slots are even big enough for two pieces of sourdough. The non-skid feet help prevent it from sliding around your counters, and the knob on the side lets you adjust how brown your toast comes out.

This Strap That Helps You Stretch Without Help From A Partner

Some deep stretches require help from a partner or trainer at the gym — but if no one is available, just use this strap. The loops let you pull and twist your body so that your muscles are ready for exercise, and there's zero elastic in it (so no need to worry about snapping).

A Pair Of Massage Balls That Help Soothe Aching Muscles

No matter whether your thighs, back, calves, chest, or even biceps are sore, these massage balls can help soothe away the pain. Similar in size to lacrosse balls, they're great for lower back pain as well as pinched nerves. Plus, each one is made from dense, high-grade rubber.

The Sliders That Let You Train Your Core In The Living Room

When you've finally grown tired of crunches, these sliders are a great way to change up your ab routine. While planking, slide your feet back and forth on the ground — left to right, forwards to backwards — no matter what direction you choose, you're sure to get your muscles fired up and working.

A Pair Of Exercise Dice To Switch Up Your Routine

Jumping jacks, squats, push-ups — you name a workout, and you can probably find it printed on this pair of exercise dice. They're great for group training, fitness classes, or even homeschooling. Plus, each order also comes with a mesh carrying bag.

This Sun Shade That Helps Keep Your Car Cool

Getting into a hot car on an even hotter summer day is not fun, so make sure to put this sun shade up the next time you park your car outside. It's made from high-density, reflective UV material that's tear-resistant — and it's an inexpensive way to help prevent cracks in your dashboard from too much sun.

An Electric Fly Swatter That Zaps Bugs

With 4,000 volts coursing through the metal mesh, this electrified fly swatter eliminates flying pests with a simple swish through the air. It's even rechargeable via USB, so you don't have to worry about batteries. Choose from black or white.

The Portable Air Conditioner That Doubles As A Humidifier

When your home or office is too hot, just use this portable air conditioner to cool it down. You can also use it as a humidifier if the air is too dry, and the large water tank allows it to run for up to 12 hours. Just plug it into any USB port, and you're ready to go.

A Set Of Fridge Bins That Are Completely BPA-Free

Not only are they BPA-free, but these refrigerator bins are also stackable to help you save space. Each set comes with two wide and two narrow drawers, one egg drawer, as well as one can dispenser. And because they're all made from transparent plastic, it's always easy to see what's inside without sliding them out.

This Collapsible Colander That Doubles As A Cutting Board

Low on storage space in your kitchen? This collapsible colander lays nearly flat so that it's easy to fit into tight cabinets. You can also use it as a cutting board, and the non-slip feet keep it stable while you slice and strain your food.