35 Captions For The Start Of Summer, Because You're Mermaid For The Sunny Season

Time is moving at an unreasonably slow pace, and you cannot wait for summer to be here already. Until then, you'll add the cutest swimsuits and sundresses to your online shopping cart, and daydream about the pool parties and beach days to come. When summer finally arrives, you'll need Instagram captions for the start of summer, because pictures with pool floats and sunglasses selfies are #necessary.

You know that new summer feeling all too well when it's like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You have the freedom to go on every outdoor adventure on your bucket list. The first day of summer break is like the first chapter of an epic novel. You have so many vacations and cool plans on the books. That feeling deserves to be captured for the 'Gram with a huge smile on your face. You could even show off your excitement with a jumping pic of you in the air with all of your friends at the beach, or peace signs and sunnies to showcase your summer mood.

When the time comes to post that special snap, you'll need just right the caption that conveys your feels. That's where these 35 summery quotes come in handy. Use any of them for your start of summer snaps, and get ready to kick off the season with a lot of Insta likes.

1. "Let the summer begin."

2. "It's always summer in my heart." — Yellowcard, "Always Summer"

3. "Summer lovin'." — Grease

4. "Aloha, beaches."

5. "Chapter one: new summer."

6. "Trust the magic of beginnings." — Meister Eckhart

7. "I'm all about this salty hair, summer life."

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8. "Dear summer, please don't ever leave me like that again."

9. "From here on out, you can reach me on my shellphone."

10. "This chapter of my life is called happiness."

11. "From this day on, you can find me underneath the palms."

12. "BRB, taking a nap in the sunshine."

13. "Bring on the good times and tan lines."

14. "And just like that... it's summer o'clock."

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15. "Working on our resting beach faces."

16. "Hello, bikini szn."

17. "Mermaid for the summer."

18. "*Needs vitamin sea.*"

19. "I can't wait to seas every day starting today."

20. "On this day, a mermaid was born."

21. "Make every mermaid hair flip count this summer and every summer."

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22. "Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery."

23. "Every summer has a story. Here's the start of mine."

24. "Way happier than a seagull with a French fry."

25. "Paradise found. [palm tree emoji] [sun emoji]"

26. "And so the adventure begins."

27. "It's time to start living that summer life."

28. "Time to break out the bikinis, sunnies, and flip flops."

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29. "Obligatory start of summer selfie."

30. "Vacation mode: on."

31. "Reunited, and it feels so good." — Peaches & Herb, "Reunited"

32. "Talk to the palm, because it's summertime."

33. "Out of office."

34. "Hello summer, I'm ready to flamingle."

35. "I've got sunshine on my mind."