35 Best Friend Puns That Are Perfect For Pics Of You & Your Butter Half

If I were to ask you to describe your best friend in just three words, it would likely be an extremely difficult task. You can't just sum up the PB to your J with a few words like that. That's why it's pretty much mission impossible to come up with the perfect caption for that fire best friend selfie you want to post on Instagram. When you're at a loss for words, the best course of action is to opt for something clever and punny. That's why you need some best friend puns to give you some inspiration for the perfect caption.

I know puns can be cheesy AF, but isn't that why we love them so much? Sure, you always find yourself rolling your eyes at first, but then you end up giggling non-stop. That laughter is pretty much what it's like when you're hanging with your BFF. She can say pretty much anything that'll have you laughing until your stomach hurts.

For your next Insta-worthy bestie pic, plug in any of these 35 best friend puns for a quick and hilarious caption that shows how much you cherish your friend-chip.

1. "We are best teas for life." — Unknown

2. "I love my best friend a waffle lot." — Unknown

3. "We spend a latte time together." — Unknown

4. "We are mint to be." — Unknown

5. "You're my main squeeze, and bring zest to my life." — Unknown

6. "Thank you so mochi for being my best friend." — Unknown

7. "I value our friend-chip." — Unknown

8. "My best friend is turtley awesome." — Unknown

9. "She's my otter half." — Unknown

10. "You're a koalaty friend." — Unknown

11. "We're like monkeys — we love hanging with each other." — Unknown

12. "Thanks for always pudding up with me." — Unknown

13. "You're a flantastic friend." — Unknown

14. "My BFF is kind of a big dill." — Unknown

15. "Having an egg-cellent time with my best friend." — Unknown

16. "I loaf my bestie." — Unknown

17. "We are the three egg-migos." — Unknown

18. "Beast friends forever." — Unknown

19. "I lava you lots." — Unknown

20. "Don't go bacon my heart. I couldn't if I fried." — Unknown

21. "I'll never leaf you." — Unknown

22. "Orange you glad we're friends?" — Unknown

23. "When we're not together, I miss my friend deerly." — Unknown

24. "I've got taste in buds." — Unknown

25. "You are my beary best friend." — Unknown

26. "Donut come between my friend and me." — Unknown

27. "You're owl I need." — Unknown

28. "You are my support bra." — Unknown

29. "I'd be muffin without you." — Unknown

30. "This is nacho average best friend." — Unknown

31. "You are cereal-sly the best." — Unknown

32. "Udon know how much you mean to me." — Unknown

33. "I can always bee myself around you." — Unknown

34. "We were mermaid to be friends forever." — Unknown

35. "A toast to my butter half." — Unknown