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34 Captions To Use If You Postponed Your Wedding & Are Sharing The News

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This year was not the year anyone expected. With lockdowns and travel bans to keep people safe from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many couples have had to postpone their wedding plans for the time being. One way these couples are making their announcements is by posting on social media, but what are the right Instagram captions to use if you postponed your wedding?

Of course, it's disappointing to everyone, but your special day will be celebrated when the time is right. Your friends and family understand that safety should be the number one priority. So, you decided to postpone your wedding so you can say "I do" with everyone you love in attendance. That's why you're pushing your big day to some other date.

There are a few ways you can announce postponing your wedding. For example, consider posting something heartfelt to let everyone know that your fairytale is just getting a few more chapters before the happily ever after happens. Or, you can post just the right picture with a witty caption, letting everyone know it's been a heck of a year. After all, you've still got your great fiancé/finacée, wonderful family, and more time to plan to most epic wedding ever.

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1. "Love is patient, and so are we, so we're postponing our big day."

2. "It's like the world knew I needed an extension on my wedding project."

3. "We said, 'yes!' Corona said, 'no.' But don't worry, we'll say, 'I do' soon."

4. "Our fairytale is just getting a few more chapters added to it."

5. "Better late than never."

6. "Good things take time."

7. "Same place. Same time. New date."

8. "We can't say, 'I do' without all of you, so we're waiting."

9. "Happily ever after... soon."

10. "Let's try this again on a different date."

11. "Let the adventure begin another time."

12. "I want to zoom down the aisle, but I don't want to Zoom the whole wedding."

13. "They weren't kidding when they said, 'Love is patient.'"

14. "Whoops, let's do this again."

15. "Hindsight is 2020."

16. "We still do. We still will. But for now, it's back to Netflix and chill."

17. "New date, who dis?"

18. "Our marriage is worth the wait."

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19. "Popped some champagne because we have a new date."

20. "This just gives us more time to save up for a bigger cake."

21. "Surprise, we're not getting married just yet."

22. "A wedding so nice, we're planning it twice."

23. "We're gonna roll with it, and wait a bit."

24. "This just means more cake tasting is in our future."

25. "We've got big plans... they're just happening later."

26. "We said yes... to waiting."

27. "Change the date."

28. "Consider this our un-save the date."

29. "The cake's in tiers, but at least there's more for us."

30. "We're getting married in the new year."

31. "When we said lock down the date, we didn't mean like this."

32. "Our love story will still be told."

33. "Think of this like a season one cliffhanger. Our marriage will just be in season two."

34. "Oops! We're doing it again at a later date."